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29 September 2014

EU to accuse Apple of taking illegal tax aid from Ireland, reports say (The Guardian)

The European Union will accuse Apple of taking illegal aid from the Irish state through sweetheart tax deals over two decades, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

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The Google Formula for Success (New York Times)

Can Google's winning ways be applied to all kinds of businesses? The authors of "How Google Works," Eric Schmidt, Google's former chief executive, and Jonathan Rosenberg, a former senior product manager at Google, firmly believe that they can.

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28 September 2014

The Unrepentant Bootlegger (New York Times)

Hana Beshara was a founder of NinjaVideo, one of the most popular online sites for illegal TV and movie downloads. To the online community, she was its queen. To the government, she was simply a thief.

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They used to say 'print or digital'. But do we need to choose? (The Observer)

Something significant happened under cover of pinkness while we were busy agonising over Scotland and Ed Miliband's dodgy memory. The Financial Times emerged redesigned: new type, new column widths, new colour graphics. What's significant about that, you say? Papers have fiddled and fettled throughout history. But this time the changes meant so much more. They cost many thousands of pounds, hard cash and hard choices - and they challenged the whole current orthodoxy of print life and death.

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Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy (The Observer)

The inventor of the world wide web has warned that the freedom of the internet is under threat by governments and corporations interested in controlling the web.

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27 September 2014

Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A. (New York Times)

Devoted customers of Apple products these days worry about whether the new iPhone 6 will bend in their jean pockets. The National Security Agency and the nation's law enforcement agencies have a different concern: that the smartphone is the first of a post-Snowden generation of equipment that will disrupt their investigative abilities.

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Russia requires Facebook, Twitter and Google to register as social networks or be blocked (Computerworld)

Russia's communications regulator has ordered Facebook, Twitter and Google to join a register of social networks or face being blocked in Russia, according to a report in the newspaper Izvestia.

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26 September 2014

Web attacks build on Shellshock bug (BBC News)

A series of attacks on websites and servers using the serious Shellshock bug has been spotted.

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Google hits back at News Corp's claims that it is a platform for piracy (The Guardian)

Google has hit back at the claim by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp that it is a platform for piracy, arguing that it does more than "almost any other company" to fight illegal online activity.

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Australian security laws pass Senate amid fears over 'draconian' limits to press freedom (The Guardian)

The Australian Senate has passed the biggest changes to the powers of the nation's intelligence agencies in 35 years, despite concerns over "draconian" provisions limiting press freedom.

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Apple Most Frequent Phishing Target in the World: APWG Report

The new Global Phishing Survey released by APWG Thursday at the association's annual research conference shows that Apple is the most phished brand in the world, accounting for 17 percent of all phishing reports sampled and analysed from the first half of 2014.

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EU privacy watchdogs give Google guidelines to change privacy practices (Reuters)

European data privacy regulators on Thursday handed Google a package of guidelines to help it bring the way it collects and stores user data in line with EU law after six regulators opened investigations into the internet giant.

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Driving while texting with Google Glass as distracting as phone - study (Reuters)

The first scientific study of driving while texting with Google Glass found that the hands-free eyewear is no safer to use on the road than a smartphone.

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Yahoo Faces Moment of Decision, Again (New York Times)

Yahoo, more than any other investor, should have benefited from the public market debut last week of Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant.

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25 September 2014

Bash software bug could be bigger threat than Heartbleed, experts warn (The Guardian)

A newly discovered security bug in a widely used piece of Linux software, known as Bash, could pose a bigger threat to computer users than the Heartbleed bug that surfaced in April, cyber experts have warned.

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Exposing Hidden Bias at Google (New York Times)

Google, like many tech companies, is a man's world. Started by a pair of men, its executive team is overwhelmingly male, and its work force is dominated by men. Over all, seven out of 10 people who work at Google are male.

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EU considers delaying end of mobile roaming charges - draft (Reuters)

The elimination of roaming fees for using mobile phones in other EU countries could be delayed in what would be a win for big European telecoms operators at the expense of consumers, according to a draft EU proposal.

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Google warned by EU to make changes or face fine (BBC News)

Google will face formal charges if it fails to come up with a suitable plan to give equal prominence to rival search engines, the EU has warned.

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EU's Almunia says may probe Google's non-search services (Reuters)

Google Inc, the target of an EU antitrust investigation into its internet search engine, may face further scrutiny over its other services following several complaints, Europe's antitrust chief said on Tuesday.

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24 September 2014

New EU antitrust head not swayed by anti-Americanism, bullies (Reuters)

Margrethe Vestager says that neither "loud people" in business and government nor "anti-Americanism" will sway her rulings on antitrust cases when she becomes the European Union's new competition commissioner.

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23 September 2014

US regulator raises alarm for 'Armageddon-type' cyber attack (The Guardian)

After a year of prominent hackings of millions of US credit and debit cards, one of the top regulators regulators of the American financial system has said that the prospect of an "Armageddon-type cyber event" is one of the most significant issues he plans to address in the next year.

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Death, drones and driverless cars: how Google wants to control our lives (The Guardian)

Google seems to be reaching out of the internet and into every corner of the world. So what exactly does it want - and can it really be good for us?

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22 September 2014

Concerns Small Number Of New gTLDs Hit By Phishers

There are reports that new gTLDs are already a boon for phishers with a report in Infosecurity Magazine saying "it's s a worrying trend that shows fresh addressing to be a boon for phishers and spammers -- at least at first."

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Verisign Wants You To Know Your .COM Is Still Waiting

With hundreds of new gTLDs now available and your desired shorter domain easy to find in one of these gTLDs, Verisign wants registrants to know they can still get a good .com domain. Albeit with a bit of effort and imagination.

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Russia Plans For Being Disconnected From Internet, Bring .RU Under Government Control

The Russian government is preparing an action plan should they be disconnected by the west according to news reports following the deteriorating relations the country is facing with the west. A report in The Guardian suggests the plans could be ready early next year, with the plans brought forward with the aim of reducing Russia's dependency on American technology and digital infrastructure, amid fears that its communications are vulnerable to US spying.

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