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08 May 2016

WSIS 2016: "On its own, internet access is not enough. Let's build greater social equality" (Association for Progressive Communications)

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process is considered a cornerstone of international norms and discourse on internet policy and governance. As the process marks its 11th anniversary, the 'ICT for development' community met in Geneva between 2-6 May to continue to work for a people-centric, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information.

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07 May 2016

Be careful where you click: Why fake social media sites are a bigger risk than phoney banks (ZDNet)

While it's financial institutions which potentially offer cybercriminals the biggest bounty for a successful phishing campaign, fake versions of online services such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are far more prevalent on the internet, security researchers from Microsoft have warned.

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06 May 2016

Foxtel, Village and ISPs yet to agree on the cost of blocking pirate sites in Australia (Computerworld)

TPG (including subsidiaries such as iiNet), Telstra, Optus and M2 have confirmed they don't intend to oppose Federal Court applications by Foxtel and Village Roadshow that seek to have the ISPs block their customers access a collection of piracy-linked websites.

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Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More. (New York Times)

Facebook reported dazzling first quarter results last week: Net income nearly tripled to $1.5 billion, and monthly active users hit a record 1.65 billion. But it's a much smaller number that leapt out at me.

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05 May 2016

Second Round of New gTLD Applications Not Likely Till At Least 2020

There will be another round of applications for new gTLDs if all goes as planned, but it won't be until at least 2020.

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Brazil lawmakers propose bill to shield WhatsApp (Reuters)

A Brazilian congressional commission on Wednesday recommended a bill that forbids authorities from blocking popular messaging applications, just two days after a judicial order left 100 million Brazilians without Facebook Inc's WhatsApp.

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Big data breaches found at major email services - expert (Reuters)

Hundreds of millions of hacked usernames and passwords for email accounts and other websites are being traded in Russia's criminal underworld, a security expert told Reuters.

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04 May 2016

Chinese Investors Own Over Half New gTLD Domains

Chinese domain name investors have registered over half (54%) of all domains registered across all new gTLDs according to research published by Sedo.

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Brazilian Judge Lifts Suspension of WhatsApp (New York Times)

A judge lifted the nationwide suspension of WhatsApp in Brazil on Tuesday, allowing the popular messaging service owned by Facebook to get up and running again.

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03 May 2016

Brand Protection Online Gets A Whole Lot Easier With Brandshield

Brand protection online is an important issue facing brands these days. One aspect that gets a lot of attention is managing domain names and monitoring typosquatting. But this is only part of the problem. Monitoring websites is an even greater problem.

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WhatsApp Brazil: Judge blocks access to messaging service (BBC News)

A judge in Brazil has blocked access to messaging service WhatsApp for 72 hours, the latest suspension to hit the hugely popular application.

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Internet Australia backs calls to end geoblocking as video-on-demand use increases (The Guardian)

The peak body for internet users has thrown its weight behind calls to end geoblocking, as increasing use of legal video-on-demand services is revealed by new figures.

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02 May 2016

Google and Microsoft have made a pact to protect surveillance capitalism (The Guardian)

Microsoft and Google, two of the world's greatest monopolies, have been bitter rivals for nearly 20 years. But suddenly, in late April, they announced a startling accord. The companies have withdrawn all regulatory complaints against one another, globally. Rather than fighting their battles in public courts and commissions, they have agreed to privately negotiate.

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How You’re Making Facebook a Money Machine (New York Times)

What you do when waiting for the bus or avoiding work goes a long way to explaining a tectonic shift in business and media.

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30 April 2016

Mobile phone roaming charges cut within EU (BBC News)

UK consumers using their mobile phones in Europe will see reductions in their bills from Saturday. Further caps are coming into effect on roaming - or connection - charges within all 28 countries of the European Union.

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Google faces first EU fine in 2016 with no deal on cards (Reuters)

Google is likely to face its first European Union antitrust sanction this year, with little prospect of it settling a test case with the bloc's regulator over its shopping service, people familiar with the matter said.

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29 April 2016

Geoblocking: Australian consumers not breaching copyright by circumventing with VPN, says Govt agency (ABC News)

Australian consumers should be able to legally circumvent geoblocking restrictions that prevent them from using foreign online streaming services like US Netflix, according to the Productivity Commission.

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Facebook says government requests for data continue to rise (Reuters)

Facebook Inc said on Thursday that government requests for account data increased by 13 percent in the second half of 2015, with the United States and India topping the list.

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28 April 2016

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf: We need to make room on the Net for all the machines (Yahoo!)

The Internet is unlike many other major human inventions in one way: Most of the people who helped create it are still around. So if you have a chance to hear one of them talk, you should take it.

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Getty Images files antitrust complaint against Google (The Guardian)

Photo agency Getty Images has filed a formal complaint with the European commission against Google over its alleged abuse of the company's search dominance.

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27 April 2016

All Indian mobile phones 'must have panic button' (BBC News)

India's telecommunications ministry has said all mobile phones sold in the country from 2017 must include a panic button.

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Revenge porn: the industry profiting from online abuse (The Guardian)

Six years ago, Rebekah Wells Googled her name to see what turned up. The results horrified her: nude photos of herself taken by her ex-boyfriend, along with her name and address, on commercial porn sites such as ImageFlea, ImageEarn and PinkMeth.

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Islamic State group now targetted by cyber attacks from US military (ABC News)

The US military is now conducting cyber attacks on the Islamic State group, a general has confirmed, as the Pentagon looks to accelerate the fight against the jihadists.

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26 April 2016 Announces Launch Timetable For Short .AT Domains

The Austrian registry,, is set to launch around 5,000 one and two character domains commencing with a Sunrise period from 29 August.

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US Government plans unhackable alternative to WhatsApp (Daily Telegraph)

The US Government is planning to build an alternative to WhatsApp and iMessage that is practically unhackable.

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