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19 June 2015

Dallas Buyers Club: plan to ask suspected Australian pirates to reveal incomes The Guardian

Almost 5,000 Australians accused of illegally downloading the movie Dallas Buyers Club would be asked to reveal their incomes under a Hollywood producer's plan to seek compensation for piracy.

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18 June 2015

Netflix VPN Problem? Leave Consumers Alone, Aussie Minister Says TorrentFreak

As Australia's site blocking Bill took a step closer to becoming law yesterday, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull made it extra clear that VPN use won't be a problem under the legislation. Ordering "the big boys" to sort out the VPN issue between themselves, Turnbull told rightsholders to leave consumers alone.

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15 June 2015

Days numbered for illegal Australian downloaders as crackdown is given tick of approval

Do you sneakily download or stream TV shows, movies or songs without paying?

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07 June 2015

Going for a song: the hidden history of music piracy by Stephen Witt The Observer

I am a member of the pirate generation. When I arrived at college in 1997, I had never heard of an MP3. By the end of my first term, I had filled my 2GB hard drive with hundreds of bootlegged songs. By graduation, I had six 20GB drives, all full. By 2005, when I moved to New York, I had collected 1,500GB of music, nearly 15,000 albums worth. It took an hour just to cue up my library, and if you ordered the songs alphabetically by artist, you'd have to listen for a year and a half to get from Abba to ZZ Top.

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05 June 2015

Pirate Bay Block Doesn't Boost Sales, Research Shows TorrentFreak

New research from Carnegie Mellon University shows that the UK Pirate Bay blockade had no affect on legal consumption. Instead, visitors switched to alternative sites, Pirate Bay mirrors, or started using VPNs. However, the same research also reveals that blocking several major pirate sites at once does boost the use of paid legal services such as Netflix.

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04 June 2015

Google Takes MPAA to Court Over Secret Censorship Plans TorrentFreak

Hoping to find out more about the secret Internet censorship plans Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood was pushing, Google is now taking the MPAA to court. After several subpoenas remained largely unanswered, the search giant is now asking a New York federal court to ensure that the MPAA other parties hand over the requested information.

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Russia Orders ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay TorrentFreak

Following a European trend, the Russian telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor has ordered local ISPs to block access to The Pirate Bay. Without a separate court order, two domain names of the popular torrent site have been added to the national blocklist.

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03 June 2015

Google demands movie studios comply with subpoenas Reuters

Google Inc has asked a federal judge to require three major movie studios to comply with subpoenas it believes may help show they conspired with Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood as he investigated the Internet search company.

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Hollywood: Piracy Poses A Great Cybersecurity Threat TorrentFreak

The MPAA is advising the U.S. Government's Internet Policy Task Force to help combat piracy, which they say poses a great cybersecurity threat. According to Hollywood, cyber criminals use pirated content as bait, to exploit citizens through malware and other scams.

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25 May 2015

YouTube's 1st decade shows sharing free content pays off New Zealand Herald

YouTube's legacy extends beyond its pioneering role in the Internet's video revolution.

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16 May 2015

Shutting Down Pirate Sites is Ineffective, European Commission Finds TorrentFreak

Shutting down pirate websites such as The Pirate Bay is high on the agenda of the entertainment industries. However, according to research published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, these raids are relatively ineffective and potentially counterproductive.

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08 May 2015

Dallas Buyers Club court case ruling could deter ISPs from fighting similar cases in future, lawyers say ABC News

Copyright lawyers are warning that the latest ruling in the Dallas Buyers Club judgement could have a "chilling effect" on future cases.

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07 May 2015

iiNet infringers a step closer to Dallas Buyers Club notices Australian Financial Review

iiNet users who illegally downloaded Hollywood blockbuster Dallas Buyers Club are a step closer to receiving a letter for infringing copyright.

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06 May 2015

With Boxing Match, Video Piracy Battle Enters Latest Round: Mobile Apps New York Times

The method used by thousands of people to watch unauthorized broadcasts of Saturday night's big boxing match might have been new, but to longtime media executives, who have led one battle against piracy after another, it was the same old story.

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04 May 2015

Legal movie downloads on the rise as Netflix eyes Spain launch El Pais

In 2009, Adam Sandler comedy Funny People made more money than the entire European streaming market put together. While that one movie grossed €65 million, 17 European nations' online movie services made just €59 million that year, according to the most recent report from the European Audiovisual Observatory. By 2013, however, things had changed radically, with earnings up almost ten-fold to €588 million, the report said.

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MPAA Funds Pro-Copyright Scholars to Influence Politics TorrentFreak

While entertainment companies and authorities believe they are necessary to stem the tide of online infringement, many current anti-piracy strategies are putting Internet users at risk. Domain suspensions, seizures, plus search engine down-rankings are all playing a part in creating a less-safe online environment.

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01 May 2015

Hollywood: piracy sites must shut within 24 hours The Guardian

Hollywood's chief lobbying body has reportedly ordered piracy sites across the globe to shut down immediately or face legal action.

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Russia beefs up anti-piracy laws BBC News

Russia is beefing up the law it uses to tackle online piracy.

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News Corp, Foxtel want Google to block piracy websites WA Today

Rights holders are pushing to broaden the scope of the federal government's proposed website-blocking regime to include more websites and to also allow them to ask search engines such as Google and Yahoo, in addition to internet service providers (ISPs), to block them.

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29 April 2015

Australia's Foxtel wants to force search engines to block pirate sites Computerworld

Foxtel wants to expand a proposed law that will force Internet service providers to block subscriber access to pirate websites.

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28 April 2015

KickAssTorrents down: biggest file-sharing site moves to .cr domain after takedowns The Independent

The world's biggest file-sharing site KickAssTorrents has moved to a new Costa Rican domain, as it jumps around the world in an attempt to outrun copyright holders.

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21 April 2015

IAB: One-Third of Connected TV Owners Stream Video Every Day Wall Street Journal

The idea that all media will be digital is starting to gain momentum in the TV world. Case in point: the Interactive Advertising Bureau is set to release a comprehensive report on digital video consumption that finds that one-third of Americans now own connected TVs, and one-third of those folks claim to stream video to their TVs on a daily basis.

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RIAA, back on anti-piracy warpath, sues song-linking site MP3skull Ars Technica

There's a new public enemy #1 for US record labels when it comes to online piracy: a website called "MP3skull."

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20 April 2015

New Zealand ISPs may be sued for letting users bypass geoblocks The Guardian

New Zealand internet service providers that give users the ability to bypass geoblocks to access overseas digital content have been threatened with legal action by four of the country's major media broadcasters.

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16 April 2015

Global Online Music Sales Slightly Surpass CDs and LPs New York Times

The global market for recorded music fell slightly in 2014 to $14.97 billion, down 0.4 percent from the year before, as sales of online music matched those of CDs and other physical formats for the first time, according to an annual industry report released on Tuesday.

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