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09 September 2014

BBC: ISPs Should Assume Heavy VPN Users are Pirates TorrentFreak

In a submission to the Australian Government on the issue of online piracy, the BBC indicates that ISPs should be obliged to monitor their customers' activities. Service providers should become suspicious that customers could be pirating if they use VPN-style services and consume a lot of bandwidth, the BBC says.

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08 September 2014

Time to hit downloaders hard, Australian musicians say Australian Financial Review

The non-profit organisation that collects and distributes song-writing royalties to over 80,000 musicians throughout Australia and New Zealand has called for stiff penalties for consumers of pirated material online and refuted claims that better availability of content will solve Australia's piracy problems.

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06 September 2014

Google, Facebook & Microsoft Reject Anti-Piracy Proposals TorrentFreak

Global tech firms including Google, Facebook & Microsoft have rejected calls for a graduated response to online piracy in Australia. Slamming bogus piracy stats and describing copyright as a "moral hazard" that can stifle innovation, the group says that offering easy access to content at a fair price is the only solution.

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03 September 2014

Australian ISPs could block pirate sites, NZ industry concerned by fans still pirating The Australian

Telecommunications industry body Communications Alliance has flagged that the industry might be open to the idea of blocking access to websites containing or linking to infringing material, as long as appropriate safeguards are implemented.

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01 September 2014

The Next-Generation Copyright Monopoly Wars Will Be Much Worse TorrentFreak

We've been manufacturing without a license in our homes for 30 years now. It's about to go physical. Maybe that will wake legislators up to the bigger picture. If not, we're in for something much worse.

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31 August 2014

Australian telcos back internet piracy crackdown The Age

The country's biggest telecommunications companies are willing to block their customers from accessing overseas websites hosting pirated movies and music despite concerns harmless sites could also get caught by the filter.

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25 August 2014

What Is Pandora Doing Right? The music streaming service has more female employees than many of its peers in tech. The Atlantic

Another week, another addition to Silicon Valley's diversity data parade. All summer long, leading tech companies have been trumpeting slash apologizing for the numbers that show how few women and people of color most of them employ.

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21 August 2014

Google Asked to Remove 1 Million Pirate Links Per Day TorrentFreak

For the first time ever Google is now processing an average of one million removal requests per day. The new record follows an upward trend with copyright holders reporting more and more allegedly infringing search results in an effort to deter piracy.

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15 August 2014

Why BitTorrent is selling itself like potato chips Washington Post

BitTorrent -- perhaps best known in the tech world for providing the Internet plumbing for Pirate Bay, a notorious site frequently used to illegally share copyrighted material -- is now making a play for the mainstream.

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05 August 2014

Australian government at loggerheads over illegal downloads The Guardian

Public differences have emerged between the cabinet ministers jointly responsible for cracking down on illegal downloading, as pressure grows for content providers to first allow easier, faster and more affordable legal access to movies and television shows.

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04 August 2014

Australian crackdown on net piracy Australian Financial Review

The chief executives of Australia's biggest media companies will be invited to make their case for measures to clamp down on internet piracy at a forum which the government expects to host later this month, led by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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01 August 2014

No silver bullet to curb online piracy Business Spectator

Film companies, content distributors, internet service providers and consumer advocates have until the first day of September to make their voices heard on the knotty issue of online piracy, but it's not difficult to guess what they are going to say.

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31 July 2014

Illegal downloading is simply theft: Australian communications minister ABC News

Australians are among the world's most prolific downloader's of illegal videos and music and the Government looks likely to ask internet service providers to do more to crack down on piracy.

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30 July 2014

Block The Pirate Bay Within 3 Days, Austrian ISPs Told TorrentFreak

Austrian ISPs have been told they have just days to block not only The Pirate Bay but also Movie4K, one of the world's most famous streaming sites. The blockades, which were demanded by Hollywood-backed anti-piracy outfit VAP, are supported by recent decisions from both the Supreme Court in Austria and the European Court of Justice.

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29 July 2014

London police placing anti-piracy warning ads on illegal sites BBC News

The City of London police has started placing banner advertisements on websites believed to be offering pirated content illegally.

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21 July 2014

It's not just David Byrne and Radiohead: Spotify, Pandora and how streaming music kills jazz and classical Salon

After years in which tech-company hype has drowned out most other voices, the frustration of musicians with the digital music world has begun to get a hearing. We know now that many rockers don't like it. Less discussed so far is the trouble jazz and classical musicians -- and their fans -- have with music streaming, which is being hailed as the "savior" of the music business.

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19 July 2014

UK anti-piracy campaign set to begin BBC News

People in the UK who persistently pirate music and movies will soon start getting emails warning them that their actions are illegal.

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Spain lifts blocks on file-sharing websites BBC News

A Spanish court has ordered blocks on six file-sharing sites to be lifted.

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18 July 2014

Pirate Bay Traffic Doubles Despite ISP Blockades TorrentFreak

In recent years the entertainment industries have pushed hard to get The Pirate Bay blocked in various countries. Despite these efforts the notorious torrent site has managed to double its visitors. The United States remains the most popular traffic source while roughly 9% of all users access the site through a proxy.

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16 July 2014

File-Sharing Doesn't Hurt Box Office Revenue, Research Finds TorrentFreak

New research by economist Koleman Strumpf shows that there is no significant effect of movie piracy on box office revenues. This conclusion is based on data from 150 blockbuster movies that were released over a period of six years, using the popular Hollywood exchange as an indication for the revenue impact.

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Google Processes Millions of Useless DMCA Notices TorrentFreak

The world's biggest copyright holders send Google millions of DMCA notices each week, many of them sent by the most notable anti-piracy companies around. But for reasons best known to themselves, hundreds of thousands being processed by Google are completely useless and a waste of time and money.

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15 July 2014

BitTorrent to Try a Paywall and Crowdfunding New York Times

This might be the latest twist on crowdfunding -- or the web equivalent of seeking a ransom.

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14 July 2014

News Corp Wants to Hold ISPs Responsible For Piracy TorrentFreak

With its significant entertainment business interests, media giant News Corp has been making its feelings known in the ongoing piracy debate. After targeting Google last month the company says it wants the government to tighten up the law in order to hold Australian ISPs responsible for the actions of their pirating subscribers.

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When Guided by Google, Legal Music is Quicker Than Piracy TorrentFreak

Google is often admonished by music companies for not making pirate music harder to find, but does it deserve that criticism? Tests carried out by TorrentFreak on the Billboard Top 10 reveal that in the majority of cases finding authorized content is quicker and easier than finding pirate downloads.

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Suing File-Sharers Doesn’t Work, US Lawyers Warn TorrentFreak

The American Bar Association has released a detailed white paper advising the Government on how to tackle online piracy. The lawyers recommend several SOPA-like anti-piracy measures including injunctions against companies hosting pirate sites. At the same time, however, they advise against suing file-sharers as that would be ineffective or even counterproductive.

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