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12 November 2010

Australian telcos 'wrong', wiretap laws are fine: govt ZDNet

A top bureaucrat from the Federal Attorney-General's Department said that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone were "wrong, wrong, wrong" in thinking that new requirements for telecommunications interception were onerous.

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11 November 2010

Future of British Digital Economy Act 'in limbo' until next year, say lawyers The Guardian

The Digital Economy Act, which has divided creative industries since its first inception, has hit what may turn into a considerable stumbling block.

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UK ISPs get Digital Economy Act judicial review BBC News

TalkTalk and BT have been granted judicial review of the Digital Economy Act by the High Court.

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10 November 2010

Europe Takes Up Debate on Universal Internet Access New York Times

The global debate over how access to the Internet should be determined and paid for has attracted free speech advocates, telephone network operators and big online businesses like Google and Facebook.

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07 November 2010

'Net pioneers: Open Internet should be separate Network World

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should allow for an open Internet separate from specialized services that may prioritize IP traffic, a group of Internet and technology pioneers have recommended.

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06 November 2010

Europe to get copyright overhaul ZDNet

The European Commission will soon make legislative proposals to reform copyright law, digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes said on Friday.

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05 November 2010

UK copyright laws to be reviewed, announces prime minister BBC News

Britain's intellectual property laws are to be reviewed to "make them fit for the internet age," prime minister David Cameron has announced.

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02 November 2010

Google Sues US Government Over Contract Exclusion Reuters

Google has sued the federal government for excluding its products from being considered for a five-year contract worth about $59 million to upgrade the Department of the Interior's e-mail system.

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APEC eyes high-speed broadband networks by 2020 The Age

Asian and Pacific countries agreed on Sunday to help establish next-generation high-speed broadband networks in their region by 2020, overcoming the "digital divide" between rich and poor nations.

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Canadian government reintroduces ISP intercept bill CBC

The federal Conservatives have reintroduced legislation that would allow police and intelligence officials to intercept online communications and get personal information from ISPs about their subscribers without first obtaining a warrant.

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UK minister proposes privacy mediation service and good-privacy kitemark OUT-LAW News

A UK Government minister has proposed the creation of a mediation service for people who think their right to privacy has been violated on the internet. The mediation could result in the removal of material, Ed Vaizey said.

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01 November 2010

Broadband in America: Verizon has paid dearly to build a fast network. Now it needs customers The Economist

Verizon can get shirty about the word "fibre". America's second-biggest telecoms operator successfully complained to the Better Business Bureau that competitors had touted "fibre-optic fast" to consumers, even though their broadband networks did not run fibre all the way to the home, as Verizon does. This is not just a techies' argument. By an order of magnitude, an all-fibre network is the fastest way to move information from one place to another on the internet and Verizon has the largest such network in America. The difficult bit is making money from it.

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28 October 2010

UK watchdog to meet Home Office about plans to track email and phone use The Guardian

The information commissioner is to meet the Home Office to clarify his concerns over the potential privacy risks involved in a revived Whitehall project to track the email, internet and mobile phone use of everyone in Britain.

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UK Government outlines superfast broadband ambitions OUT-LAW News

The Government wants the UK to have the most extensive superfast broadband internet access network in Europe by 2015. The commitment is part of the Government's just-published infrastructure plan.

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27 October 2010

Amazon's Sales Tax Reviewed by Texas Wall Street Journal Inc. said it received an assessment of $269 million for uncollected sales tax from the state of Texas.

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22 October 2010

'Surveillance state' fear as British government revives tracking plan The Guardian

A £2bn plan to allow the police and security services to track the email, text, internet and mobile phone details of everyone in Britain is to be revived, the Home Office has confirmed.

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EU rules against levies on content copyright Financial Times

Changes to Europe's much-criticised system of copyright levies - surcharges on products that copy music, books, films and other protected content - are finally in sight after a ruling in the European Union's highest court.

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21 October 2010

Plan to store Britons' phone and internet data revived The Guardian

The government is to revive a plan to store every email, webpage visit and phone call made in the UK, a move that goes against a pledge made by the Liberal Democrats ahead of the election.

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Australian govt threatens to use law to force people on NBN if states revolt Sydney Morning Herald

Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says he will wield federal law as a weapon to force people on to the national broadband network (NBN) if the states and territories don't make connections mandatory.

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17 October 2010

US studying Australian Internet security program The Age

The US government is reviewing an Australian program that will allow internet service providers to alert customers if their computers are taken over by hackers and could limit online access if people don't fix the problem.

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14 October 2010

NZ Government to review 'wild west' internet Stuff

Justice Minister Simon Power has ordered a review into the "wild west" of the internet, he announced today.

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11 October 2010

European Antritrust Deal With Microsoft Barely Affects Browser Market New York Times

When Europe settled an antitrust case over Web browsers with Microsoft in December 2009, it hoped to dislodge the world's biggest software maker from its dominant position in that market by requiring it to offer rivals' products.

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08 October 2010

New Version of ACTA Copyright Pact Gets Mixed Reviews PC World

A near-final version of the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) released this week won praise from organizations representing copyright holders and some sighs of relief from groups that had opposed proposals in earlier drafts.

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06 October 2010

US Administration Cracking Down On Internet Piracy Tech Daily Dose

Curbing Internet piracy is a big priority for the administration, U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel said on Tuesday.

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02 October 2010

US Senator working on a privacy 'do-not-track' bill NextGov

The chairman of the Senate Commerce Consumer Protection Subcommittee is working on a bill aimed at giving consumers more control over whether their activities will be tracked on the Internet.

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