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02 February 2011

UK government to rethink Digital Economy Act's web blocks BBC News

The UK government has announced that it is to look again at plans to block websites that infringe copyright.

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31 January 2011

FCC Backs Net Neutrality Against Recent Lawsuits Court House News

The Federal Communications Commission filed motions on Friday to dismiss what it calls "premature" lawsuits from Verizon and, more recently, MetroPCS over net neutrality.

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29 January 2011

Homeland Security moves full-speed-ahead on Einstein cybersecurity tool NextGov

The Homeland Security Department will finish by 2012 installing a somewhat controversial system, called Einstein 2, that monitors traffic on federal computer networks for potential intrusions, and will start the next phase of the application, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said during an address on the state of the agency.

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27 January 2011

European ISPs are the new secret police, says report Computerworld

More and more European Union member states are delegating online policing to private companies and Internet service providers, according to a report released Wednesday.

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US Senator proposes mobile-privacy legislation CNET

Federal law needs to be updated to halt the common police practice of tracking the whereabouts of Americans' mobile devices without a search warrant, a Democratic senator said today.

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US DOJ pressed for details on Internet tracking plan CNET

Members of Congress chided the U.S. Department of Justice today for suggesting a new law requiring Internet companies to keep records of user activity, but not disclosing details on how it should be crafted to aid criminal investigations.

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26 January 2011

US DOJ seeks mandatory data retention requirement for ISPs Computerworld

The U.S. Department of Justice and an organization representing police chiefs from around the country renewed calls on Tuesday for legislation mandating ISPs to retain certain customer usage data for up to two years.

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25 January 2011

Republicans pushing for US ISPs to record user data CNET

The House Republicans' first major technology initiative is about to be unveiled: a push to force Internet companies to keep track of what their users are doing.

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24 January 2011

Internet visionary and Google web evangelist Vint Cerf praises Australia's broadband network The Australian

A founder of the internet has heaped praise on the National Broadband Network but warned it will be difficult to predict its economic benefits.

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21 January 2011

Verizon files court appeal to stop FCC's net neutrality rules Los Angeles Times

Verizon Communications went to federal court Thursday to try to stop the Federal Communications Commission's new rules to guarantee open Internet access.

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20 January 2011

UK culture secretary considers online TV crackdown The Guardian

The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, plans to look at cracking down on rules covering online television, he said after addressing media industry executives at the Oxford Media Convention today.

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Regulating Google's results? Law prof calls "search neutrality" incoherent ars technica

"Neutrality" -- if it's good enough for the core of the Internet, isn't it good enough for the edge? The biggest Internet providers say it is, and they would love to have the government slap a few neutrality rules on Google, just to see how the advertising giant likes the taste of the regulatory bridle.

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BBC director general warns over 'two-speed' internet The Guardian

The BBC director general, Mark Thompson, has warned broadband providers not to introduce charges for delivering the corporation's programmes to homes via the internet.

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Australia's broadband billions to keep rolling following floods The Age

The federal government is standing firm on building the multibillion-dollar national broadband network, which is due in flood-ravaged Toowoomba and some Brisbane suburbs in the second quarter of this year.

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19 January 2011

European telco groups set up smartphone panel Financial Times

European telecoms groups have launched a fresh broadside against Apple and Google by setting up an expert panel to monitor the development of mobile phone operating systems.

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Venezuela, Cuba outfox U.S. with fibre optic cable Reuters

Venezuela will connect Cuba to a high-speed fibre optic cable next month undermining U.S. sanctions prohibiting Cuba's access to nearby underwater lines, the head of the project said on Tuesday.

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17 January 2011

Google to fight Spanish demands to remove 'libelous' links The Guardian

Google will this week challenge a Spanish demand to remove links to articles in newspapers, including El País, and official gazettes, in which the subjects of those articles have complained they are potentially defamatory.

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15 January 2011

EU's 120 questions on Google Financial Times

If Googlers were in any doubt of the seriousness of the European Union's investigation into the search engine's business practices, the detailed questionnaire sent to advertising agencies this week should set them straight.

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14 January 2011

Google's $700 Million Purchase of ITA Software May Be Challenged by U.S. Bloomberg

The U.S. Justice Department is preparing for a possible antitrust lawsuit to stop Google Inc.'s $700 million acquisition of ITA Software Inc., according to people familiar with the situation.

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Europe Inquiry Focuses on Google Business Practice New York Times

European antitrust investigators are asking advertisers whether Google suggested they increase spending with the company in return for improved visibility in its Web search results. The investigators are also examining whether Google stymied companies who had tried to move their business elsewhere.

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12 January 2011

Australia's National Broadband Network tangled up in red tape The Australian

Not since the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme has Australia undertaken a project of the magnitude of the National Broadband Network.

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11 January 2011

Brussels Wants 7-Year Limit on Works Digitized by Google New York Times

Companies like Google that digitize artworks and books from public bodies should allow other companies and institutions to commercialize those materials after seven years, three experts advising the European Commission said Monday.

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10 January 2011

Copyright comes a cropper in the digital age The Observer

The big stage hit in America last year was a novel, "the most remarkable achievement in theatre this decade", according to the New York Times. Gatz was a word-for-word presentation of F Scott Fitzgerald's jazz age masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, by an experimental group, the Elevator Repair Service.

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09 January 2011

Opinion: Murdoch the monopolist? Not in a digital future The Observer

The debate over whether Rupert Murdoch should be allowed total control of Sky is far too simplistic in an age where Google, Apple - or some techies from California - can achieve greater dominance in a globalised media

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07 January 2011

UK's 'laughing stock' libel laws to be reformed, says Nick Clegg The Guardian

Nick Clegg will tomorrow set out the most ambitious plans yet to relax Britain's libel laws, saying he will back a raft of reforms including a statutory public interest defence.

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