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17 October 2011

EU plan to spend billions on boosting broadband BBC News

The European Commission is set to propose investing almost €9.2bn in a massive rollout of super-fast broadband infrastructure and services across the European Union.

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15 October 2011

US investigates Google tax strategies The Guardian

US tax authorities are investigating the strategies used by Google to cut its tax bill by about $1bn a year by funnelling profits from the US and Europe to subsidiaries with low tax rates.

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14 October 2011

Berners-Lee hits out at regulation of the web V3

Inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned the coalition government to "be careful" if it is considering any future regulation of the web, restating his opposition to the Digital Economy Act.

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Berners-Lee: Wipo web-patent remark 'unimaginative' ZDNet

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has criticised an "uninformed" and "unimaginative" remark made by the head of Wipo, who suggested the web should have been patented to gain more initial investment.

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Australian consumer regulator appeals Google court ruling over misleading or deceptive conduct Computerworld

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed an appeal against a Federal Court decision that ruled in Google's favour over advertisements in the internet giant's search results.

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13 October 2011

ISPs' traffic management may breach data protection and privacy laws, EU watchdog says OUT-LAW News

New EU laws on net neutrality may be necessary to stop internet service providers (ISPs) infringing individuals' data protection and privacy rights, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has said.12 Oct 2011

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12 October 2011

Bashing Australia's National Broadband Network Once Again Rebuilding The Nation

A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has been used as the catalyst for a National Broadband Network (NBN) bashing leading to a rush of responses.

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11 October 2011

Australian broadband network cost to public 'makes Greece look thrifty' The Australian

The opposition has seized on a report that labels the National Broadband Network an example of "extreme government intervention", saying it made Greece look thrifty by comparison.

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09 October 2011

EU Wants to Push Telcos to Ditch Copper, Lay Fibre Broadband Europe

Large telecommunications companies must stop using copper-network pricing as a barrier to deploying fiber networks, or Europe will not meet its broadband targets, said the digital agenda commissioner on Monday.

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08 October 2011

Europe Approves Microsoft Purchase of Skype New York Times

The European Commission on Friday approved Microsoft's $8.5 billion purchase of Skype, saying it had no objections to a deal that would link the world's largest software maker with the leading Internet communications service.

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BT and TalkTalk to appeal UK's Digital Economy Act BBC News

BT and TalkTalk will launch a fresh challenge against the controversial Digital Economy Act.

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07 October 2011

Net neutrality not possible without ISP transparency, says EU telecoms regulators OUT-LAW News

Providing consumers with transparent information about the quality and restrictiveness of their internet service is "fundamental" if net neutrality it to be achieved, European telecoms regulators have said.

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06 October 2011

Canada Broadcast Regulator Says Study on Internet Programming Inconclusive Bloomberg

Netflix Inc. and other Internet providers of TV and movies won't face regulation in Canada after the country's broadcast regulator said it didn't find "clear evidence" that they hold an advantage over cable and satellite broadcasters.

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04 October 2011

EU's Kroes attacks Dutch net-neutrality rules ZDNet

Europe's digital agenda chief has criticised the Netherlands for legislating to protect net neutrality, saying it is too early for lawmakers to take sides on the issue.

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Internet policing is 'inevitable' Law Gazette

State-imposed control of the internet is 'inevitable' if the conflict between the right to privacy and a free press is ever to be resolved, lawyers and journalists suggested last week at a Law Society public debate.

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02 October 2011

Internet governance - A pangolin internet The Economist

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is supposed to be a poster child of the "multi-stakeholder" model (see article). It is not your tightly choreographed international meeting. No decisions are taken, all attendees have the same right to speak -- be they government officials or hacktivists.

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30 September 2011

Australia's National Broadband Network opens for business The Australian

Labor's $36 billion National Broadband Network is officially open for business.

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29 September 2011

EU will not join countries in signing ACTA this weekend OUT-LAW News

The European Commission will not sign a controversial new trade agreement on behalf of EU member countries this weekend, despite Japan organising a signing ceremony for key negotiators, a spokesperson for the European Commission has told

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28 September 2011

Europe plans charter to safeguard Internet users Reuters

The Council of Europe plans to establish an Internet user charter to guarantee the rights of consumers in an era of increasing government attempts to seize control of the Web, its deputy secretary general said on Tuesday.

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ACTA will be signed Saturday, US and Japan say Network World

A controversial trade agreement targeting counterfeiters and copyright infringers is scheduled to be signed this Saturday in Tokyo, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has announced.

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EC to test broadband performance across member states BBC News

The European Commission is launching a major new study of broadband performance across Europe.

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Telstra split 'won't fix monopoly' as rivals fear reform will fail The Australian

Optus and three major internet service providers have warned that plans to break up Telstra's fixed-line monopoly - the Gillard government's "holy grail of microeconomic reform" in the telecommunications sector - are doomed to fail unless they are radically overhauled.

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27 September 2011

New Zealand illegal download law fails Stuff

A new law introducing fines of up to $15,000 for people who illegally download movies and music from the internet has so far proven ineffective.

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26 September 2011

Spreading Freedom: Google And The War For The Web Huffington Post

You can't swing a dead cat video in Washington lately without hitting a lobbyist, consultant, attorney or adviser on retainer to Google or one of its tech rivals. Google, whose top executives have long been a bottomless cup of campaign coffee for Democrats, is finally entering its bipartisan phase, theatrically hiring Republican operatives and broadcasting the news through insider Washington publications, pumping air into a K Street tech bubble.

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Net neutrality rules are coming. Here's why they matter Christian Science Monitor

A new set of FCC rules would make net neutrality an enforceable reality, rather than just a set of principles. But Verizon and other providers think the FCC has overstepped its bounds.

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