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21 April 2010

ICT research: EU invests €500 million in Future and Emerging Technologies to improve people's lives Europa

Developing intelligent artificial hands for hand amputees, neural devices to help people suffering from vertigo, dizziness and other vestibular disorders and the possibility to see how your brain responds while learning are a few examples of European research carried out in the area of future and emerging information and communication technologies (FET) that are being presented in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today. Twelve outstanding science projects funded under the European Commission's Future and Emerging Technologies programme will be showcased at the exhibition on "Science beyond Fiction: an Excursion into Future and Emerging Technologies". Europe is taking the lead in FET by proposing to invest around €500 million in exploratory research into high risk future Information and Communication Technologies.

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Telecoms ministers back European Digital Agenda V3

The European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda has welcomed an official ministerial declaration from EU telecoms ministers supporting the European Digital Agenda.

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Undersea telcoms cables face growing risks-report Reuters

Investors should urgently diversify the web of undersea cables that serve as the world's information and banking arteries to address soaring demand and piracy concerns and reduce the risk of catastrophic outages.

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20 April 2010

Google Urges Mix of Privacy Legislation, Self-Regulation in US Tech Daily Dose

Google Monday released comments it filed with the FTC last week on ways to enhance consumer privacy online as it finds its advertising practices and those of other online firms under increased scrutiny by privacy advocates.

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US broadband has no regulator, BitTorrent CEO says Computerworld

The Internet industry has to regulate itself by responding to consumer demands in the wake of the recent U.S. federal court ruling that the Federal Communications Commission didn't have authority to enforce its net neutrality rules, BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker said Monday.

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19 April 2010

Editorial: The FCC and the Internet New York Times

With the Internet fast becoming the most important communications channel, it is untenable for the United States not to have a regulator to ensure nondiscriminatory access, guarantee interconnectivity among rival networks and protect consumers from potential abuse.

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ACTA: Anti-counterfeiting treaty edges closer Stuff

Countries that sign up to the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will not be required to impose "three strikes" laws to disconnect persistent copyright infringers from the internet, trade negotiators said in a joint statement.

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16 April 2010

No return on Australia's NBN for 'up to 30 years' The Australian

The head of the $43 billion national broadband network has warned that the federal government will not make a financial return on its ambitious project for up to 30 years.

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15 April 2010

Cloud raises diplomatic issues, top Clinton aide says NextGov

Cloud computing is a double-edged sword in the fight for Internet freedom, a top State Department official said on Wednesday.

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Internet is 'not inherently neutral,' says EU's Kroes ZDNet

The European Commission will ask the public for their thoughts on net neutrality this spring, digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes has announced.

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Despite Ruling, F.C.C. Says It Will Move Forward on Expanding Broadband New York Times

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission told a Congressional panel on Wednesday that a recent court ruling that the agency lacked authority to regulate the Internet should not prevent it from carrying out its plan to broadly expand the country's high-speed Internet service.

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14 April 2010

European Union, France to consult on net neutrality Computerworld

The European Commission will launch a public consultation on the issue of network neutrality this quarter, Neelie Kroes, commissioner for the digital agenda, said Tuesday.

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Geist: Talks on secret anti-counterfeiting treaty spring a leak The Star

Negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement resume today in Wellington, New Zealand, with Canada, the United States, the European Union, and a handful of other countries launching the eighth round of talks.

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'Wellington Declaration' made on Acta Stuff

Critics of secretive international negotiations on the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) have handed their "Wellington Declaration" to New Zealand negotiators.

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Canada's CRTC warns against foreign control of telecoms The Star

Canada's federal regulator has come out strongly against foreign control of the country's telecom sector, saying doing so risks turning Canada's communications industry into a "branch plant."

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Can we trust America's telecom firms on net neutrality? Los Angeles Times

Here's an entry in my bizspeak-to-English dictionary: When executives in certain industries talk about needing to be rid of regulation so they can foster "better customer service," they're really talking about safeguarding their income.

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13 April 2010

New Survey Finds Opposition To FCC Net Regulation Tech Daily Dose

A new Rasmussen survey found a majority of people polled said they oppose the FCC regulating the Internet.

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NZ Govt urged to come clean over 'secretive' ACTA talks New Zealand Herald

Internet law experts and the Opposition are calling on the Government to come clean over the influence "secretive" international intellectual property negotiations are having on new internet copyright legislation.

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12 April 2010

Britain's political leaders sign up for online debate BBC News

The three main party leaders have agreed to take part in digital debates on websites Facebook and YouTube.

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Swedish law gives shelter to controversial Wikileaks site EurActiv

Sweden's stringent whistleblower laws are protecting the anonymity of sources that have been feeding the controversial Wikileaks website with sensitive government and corporate information, according to Swedish political sources.

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The legislative farce of the Digital Economy Act The Times

They say that there are two things you should never see made: laws and sausages. As a tiny group of MPs debated the Digital Economy Act this week, the stomachs of an online audience turned.

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11 April 2010

Google accused of YouTube 'free ride' Financial Times

Some of Europe's leading telecoms groups are squaring up for a fight with Google over what they claim is the free ride enjoyed by the technology company's YouTube video-sharing service.

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An Internet for Every American by Susan Crawford New York Times

Last week, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the legal authority to tell Comcast not to block certain uses of its Internet access services. This decision has become a rip-the-Band-Aid-off moment for the regulatory agency, forcing it to reconsider its effort to impose "network neutrality" by requiring that Internet access providers treat all content equally.

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09 April 2010

Editorial: Giving FCC authority to set policy on net neutrality Los Angeles Times

Congress should give the FCC specific authority over broadband to keep traffic flowing freely.

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Editorial: Dial-Up Law in a Broadband America New York Times

The Internet has given the government powerful 21st-century tools for invading people's privacy and monitoring their activities, but the main federal law governing online privacy is a 20th-century relic. Adopted in 1986, it has had trouble keeping up with technological advances and is now badly out of date.

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