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15 July 2010

Britain's House of Lords set sights on Digital Economy Act review ZDNet

The Digital Economy Act could be reviewed by the House of Lords next year, if peers are given the right to scrutinise legislation after it has been passed into law.

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14 July 2010

China's plan to use internet for propaganda Sydney Morning Herald

The Chinese Communist Party has detailed its ambitious but secretive strategy for transforming the internet into a force for keeping it in power and projecting ''soft power'' abroad.

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12 July 2010

Iceland aims to become a legal safe haven for journalists The Guardian

Umbrellas don't work in Iceland. When rain sweeps the small, volcanic island, which lies just beneath the Arctic Circle, the water assaults you from all directions. Icelanders equip themselves with hoods and waterproof clothing, shunning the accessories that keep people dry in tamer climates.

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Australia's 22-year-old Privacy Act gets internet-era update The Australian

Businesses will risk stiff fines for invading Australians' privacy, as the 22-year-old Privacy Act steps into the internet era.

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Canadian Court: Internet providers aren't broadcasters by Michael Geist The Star

Last year, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission released its new media decision, which addressed the prospect of increased CRTC regulation of Internet activities.

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10 July 2010

Google says China licence renewed by government BBC News

The Chinese government has renewed Google's licence to operate in China, the internet giant has said, ending a long-running stand-off between the two.

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09 July 2010

EU highlights difficulty of establishing online antitrust ZDNet

The EU competition commissioner has highlighted the difficulty of gauging anti-competitive practices online, almost five months after antitrust allegations were made against Google.

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EU court backs states' right to ban online gambling Reuters

Europe's top court reaffirmed on Thursday the right of EU countries to ban online gambling, the latest setback to attempts by the multi-billion-euro Internet betting industry to break domestic monopolies.

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08 July 2010

BT and TalkTalk challenge Britain's Digital Economy Act BBC News

BT and TalkTalk are seeking a judicial review of the controversial Digital Economy Act, BBC News has learned.

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07 July 2010

Tougher Australian online piracy rules unlikely The Australian

The federal government is unlikely to impose tougher online piracy laws on internet providers.

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US Regulators Prepare to Dig Into Google-ITA Deal New York Times

Last week, Google announced a deal to acquire ITA, a Boston-area company that makes flight information software. The move will give Google a large foothold in the online travel search market, and control over a critical data source used by many of its competitors, including, and Microsoft's Bing.

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06 July 2010

Greece Backs Away From Online Ad Tax New York Times

Though it faces budget shortfalls and holes in its pension system, Greece has withdrawn a proposed levy on Internet advertising that aimed to finance the retirement of journalists working in online media.

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01 July 2010

French Competition Regulator Slams Google Adwords PC World

Google must restore the Adwords account of Navx within five days and allow the company to place ads again, the French competition authority ruled Wednesday, finding that Google had discriminated against Navx. It also gave Google four months to clarify certain aspects of its Adwords policies, which it said lacked transparency and objectivity.

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Digital Agenda: European Commission launches consultation on net neutrality European Commission

European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, announced in April 2010 her intention to launch this consultation in order to take forward Europe's net neutrality debate (see SPEECH/10/153). The consultation will feed into a Commission report on net neutrality, which should be presented by the end of this year. All interested parties - service and content providers, consumers, businesses and researchers - are invited to respond to the consultation by 30 September 2010. An open and neutral internet underpins many of the targets set out in the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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30 June 2010

Malaysia's broadband access most expensive in APAC ZDNet

Malaysia telecom operators paid the most for their Ethernet broadband lines in the Asia-Pacific region while their peers in Hong Kong enjoyed the lowest access bills, according to a recent study by the Asia-Pacific Carriers' Coalition (APCC).

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29 June 2010

Obama pledges to increase US internet capacity Financial Times

Barack Obama on Monday pledged to speed up the availability of high-speed internet across the US by nearly doubling the availability of airwaves during the next 10 years.

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25 June 2010

British ISPs face scrutiny on traffic management Financial Times

Regulators are poised to order internet service providers to supply more information to consumers about whether they throttle web traffic at peak usage.

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EU Panel Rejects Opt-Out For Online Behavioral Advertising Tech Daily Dose

The European Union's data protection authorities released an opinion Thursday declaring that online advertisers who seek to target ads at consumers by tracking their surfing habits must obtain consumer consent before engaging in such practices.

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24 June 2010

BBC licence fee to pay for Britain's superfast broadband Financial Times

A portion of the BBC licence fee is set to be used to help pay for the construction of high-speed broadband networks in rural areas.

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Apple's Success Brings Scrutiny, and Rivals' Envy New York Times

... But as one success follows another, the company finds itself in a bewildering position. As the tech industry's perennial underdog, Apple was frequently scorned and dismissed by larger and more successful competitors like Microsoft or Dell. Now, with growing frequency, the company is seen by competitors and other industry players as a bully.

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Time to Regulate Google? by Bruce Levinson CircleID

Should Google's provision of information services be regulated? Yes, if the decision is based on Google's own standards for determining whether to regulate tele-information companies.

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British government drops broadband tax BBC News

Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed that the 50p a month landline tax ear-marked for next-generation broadband will be scrapped.

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22 June 2010

NZ govt ministry questions legal status of online auctions Computerworld

The status of on-line "auction" sites such as TradeMe in the light of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the legislation governing traditional live auctions is once again being questioned.

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Australian government elusive on web history collection The Australian

The federal government has refused to make clear whether it will force ISPs to record the websites accessed by their customers.

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21 June 2010

US copyright push to end the free ride The Australian

Toughening copyright law to allow news outlets to stop stories being used free by "parasitic" internet search engines is on the cards.

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