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20 December 2014

Obama Vows U.S. Response to North Korea Cyberattack on Sony New York Times

President Obama on Friday said that the United States "will respond proportionally" against North Korea for its cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, and criticized the studio for giving in to intimidation and pulling the satirical movie that provoked the attacks.

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Hackers are going after the Internet's very infrastructure. Here's why that matters. Washington Post

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit group that acts as something of the air traffic-controller of the global Internet has announced that it was the victim of a hacking attack last month. That's raising concerns because, while little-known to most Internet users, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- better known as ICANN -- quietly helps to keep the Internet up and running.

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19 December 2014

Sony hack: White House views attack as security issue BBC News

A cyber attack on Sony Pictures that forced the cancellation of a major film release is being seen as a serious national security matter, the US says.

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U.S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible New York Times

A White House official said on Thursday that the administration was considering a "proportional response" against those who hacked into Sony Pictures computers, a retaliation that could thrust the United States into a direct confrontation with North Korea.

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The Lesson of the Sony Hack: We Should All Jump to the 'Erasable Internet' New York Times

This month's news provides yet another occasion for a friendly public-service reminder to anyone who uses a digital device to say anything to anyone, ever. Don't do it. Don't email, don't text, don't update, don't send photos.

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18 December 2014

U.S. Said to Find North Korea Ordered Cyberattack on Sony New York Times

American officials have concluded that North Korea was "centrally involved" in the hacking of Sony Pictures computers, even as the studio canceled the release of a far-fetched comedy about the assassination of the North's leader that is believed to have led to the cyberattack.

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16 December 2014

'Bot fraud' set to cost advertisers $6.3bn globally, study says Out-Law

Almost a quarter of video ad impressions are viewed by "fake consumers" created by cyber crime networks and more than half of third-party sourced traffic is fraudulent, according to a new study.

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10 December 2014

Internet firms push to be left out of EU cybersecurity law Reuters

Internet companies like Cisco and Google are seeking to be excluded from a new EU cybersecurity law that would force them to adopt tough security measures and report serious security breaches to national authorities.

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09 December 2014

US Supreme Court Hears Cases on Internet Shopping and Railroads New York Times

In a pair of Supreme Court arguments on Monday, about Internet shopping and railroads, the justices seemed unusually concerned that their answers to the technical issues before them could have vast ripple effects.

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06 December 2014

Only a cyber 'arms control’ treaty can keep online criminals and terrorists at bay The Guardian

Software experts around the world will have been putting in overtime on their security this week after a major cyber attack was launched on Sony Pictures. North Korea, accused of organising the hacking, denied involvement, but the attack came only days after it was revealed that an advanced, malicious virus - Regin malware - had been spying on governments, businesses, research institutes and individuals for the past six years.

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04 December 2014

Sony Pictures and F.B.I. Widen Inquiry Into Hackers' Attack New York Times

Sony Pictures Entertainment and the F.B.I. on Wednesday were seeking more information about an attack that crippled Sony's computer systems -- including whether North Korea, or perhaps a former employee, was responsible.

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02 December 2014

FBI urges United States companies to beware malicious software attacks The Guardian

The FBI has warned US businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch destructive attacks in the United States, following a devastating cyber attack last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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Kim Dotcom sees off US attempt to have him remanded in custody The Guardian

Kim Dotcom has successfully fought off an attempt by the US government to have him remanded in custody after a New Zealand court ruled he had not broken bail conditions and posed no flight risk.

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Taxi-app firm Uber hit by legal challenges and bans BBC News

Taxi-app firm Uber has clashed with Indian authorities over the way customers pay fares.

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01 December 2014

Star Witness in Apple Lawsuit Is Steve Jobs New York Times

Three years after his death, Steve Jobs is very much a presence in courtrooms across the country. And that's not necessarily good news for Apple.

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29 November 2014

Airport raids tackle cyberthieves over ticket fraud BBC News

Cyberthieves who used stolen credit cards to buy airline tickets have been targeted in a series of raids.

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27 November 2014

Kim Dotcom declares he is 'broke' because of legal fight BBC News

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the seized file-sharing site Megaupload, has declared himself "broke".

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26 November 2014

Why it's dangerous to blame internet firms for Lee Rigby's murder The Guardian

The claim by parliament's intelligence and security committee that an unnamed internet company should entirely shoulder the blame for failing to prevent the terrorist murder of soldier Lee Rigby is as outrageous as it is wrong-headed. It really is a case of shooting the messenger.

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25 November 2014

Google reaches out-of-court settlement in UK defamation case Reuters

Google Inc said on Monday it had reached a settlement with a British businessman over defamatory postings in its search results describing him as a pedophile, a murderer and a money-launderer.

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Intel and McAfee plan to kill PC passwords with new biometric authentication PC World

Forget typing in passwords, Intel wants you to use your body to log into email and online bank accounts.

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'Regin' malware comes from western intelligence agency, say experts The Guardian

Regin is the latest malicious software to be uncovered by security researchers, though its purpose is unknown, as are its operators. But experts have told the Guardian it was likely spawned in the labs of a western intelligence agency.

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24 November 2014

Google case over online abuse to begin in England's High Court BBC News

The case of a UK businessman who wants Google to stop malicious web postings about him appearing in its search results is set to begin.

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Largest ever NATO cyber defence exercise gets underway NATO

NATO launched its largest ever multinational cyber defence exercise, "Cyber Coalition 2014" on Tuesday (18 November). The three-day training event will test the Alliance's ability to defend its networks from the various challenges that exist when operating in the contested cyber domain.

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21 November 2014

Driverless cars could face threat from hackers trying to cause road chaos The Guardian

Driverless cars will need to be protected from hackers who could take control of vehicles to cause chaos on the roads, cyber security and transport experts have warned.

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UK moves to shut down Russian hackers streaming live British webcam footage The Guardian

The UK is to take international action to close down a Russian website that is streaming images from British webcams including baby monitors, bedroom cameras and gym CCTV.

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