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02 February 2014

Lawyers for Lavabit founder: judges may dismiss civil liberties concerns The Observer

Civil rights lawyers expressed concern this week that judges reviewing the contempt of court case brought against Lavabit, an email service that was used by the National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, were dismissing privacy concerns raised by the case as a "red herring" that had been "blown out of proportion".

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25 January 2014

FBI warns retailers to prepare for more cyber-attacks The Guardian

The FBI has warned US retailers to prepare for further cyber-attacks after discovering about 20 hacking cases in the past year that involved the same kind of malicious software used against Target Corp in the holiday shopping season.

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'Revenge porn' website former owner Hunter Moore arrested BBC News

US authorities have arrested two men in California for hacking email accounts and stealing nude photos to post on a so-called "revenge porn" website.

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Is your fridge sending spam? Not so fast CNET

The security world lit up with news of the first instance of an Internet-connected appliance participating in a botnet. Our fears of Skynet made real had come to pass: not only was your fridge keeping your half-eaten tin of Spam cold, it was sending your e-mail account fresh digital spam at the same time.

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German court orders Google to block Max Mosley sex party pics Computerworld

A German court has ordered Google to block its search results in Germany linking to photos of former Formula One chief Max Mosley at a sex party.

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24 January 2014

Computer security: Spam in the fridge - When the internet of things misbehaves The Economist

"The internet of things" is one of the buzziest bits of jargon around in consumer electronics. The idea is to put computers in all kinds of products -- televisions, washing machines, thermostats, refrigerators -- that have not, traditionally, been computerised, and then connect those products to the internet.

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23 January 2014

U.S. Court: Bloggers Are Journalists The Atlantic

One of the great questions of our time came closer to resolution last week, when a federal court ruled that bloggers are journalists -- at least when it comes to their First Amendment rights.

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Analysts blame faults in 'Great firewall' for China web outage Financial Times

A high-level malfunction in China's internet architecture put as many as two-thirds of the country's domain websites out of action for several hours this week, hackers and analysts said, though a report on government media blamed the outages on a large-scale cyber attack.

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18 January 2014

Connected TVs, fridge help launch global cyberattack CNN

It's bad enough that we have to fear identity thieves who are trying to scam us with malicious messages sent from PCs.

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08 January 2014

2013 was the year of cybersecurity Washington Post

Cybersecurity came up so many times in 2013 that it was easy to miss how quickly and completely it became a central feature of how we think about U.S. foreign policy and national security. Partly, this was an inevitable result of technology becoming more pervasive. And partly it was just an extension of things that had begun in earlier years, such as the U.S. use of cyberattacks on the Iranian nuclear program, which started in 2010.

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06 January 2014

Wanted: More Vigilance on Data Security Wall Street Journal

Your data is out there, and people are coming for it. If you're lucky, the villains will only get the most harmless stuff. Perhaps they'll filch just your phone number from Snapchat, a number you thought would be kept confidential because the messaging company makes a show of its commitment to your privacy. You believed it would actually take steps to keep its promise (so did I). In fact, Snapchat was lax, and now your selfie-stained number is out there, dangling in the wind.

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04 January 2014

Snapchat reacts to hacking group releasing millions of phone numbers The Guardian

The creators of Snapchat have responded to the release of millions of users' details, exposed when hackers published a partially redacted database matching usernames to phone numbers, but have stopped short of issuing an apology.

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02 January 2014

Skype social media platforms hacked by 'Syrian Electronic Army' BBC News

The social media platforms of Skype have been hacked by a group claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army.

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01 January 2014

Hackers reveal 4.6m mobile numbers after Snapchat claims it has safeguards The Guardian

An anonymous group of hackers has dumped a vast database of what appeared to be 4.6 million Snapchat users' mobile numbers and users names, just days after Snapchat claimed it had safeguards in place to fix a security vulnerability that could divulge users' personal information.

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30 December 2013

BBC server taken over by Russian hacker at Christmas The Guardian

A Russian hacker secretly took over a computer server at the BBC before Christmas and tried to sell access to it to other hackers, according to reports.

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16 December 2013

20,000 porn-watchers' addresses mistakenly released in German court: lawyer NBC

About 20,000 people who watched pornography on a U.S.-based website have had their names and addresses mistakenly released by a court and are now being ordered to pay fines, a lawyer said Friday.

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13 December 2013

Porn users targeted by German law firm over copyright BBC News

Thousands of Germans are reported to have been sent letters asking them to pay a fee for porn they are alleged to have streamed illegally online.

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Bots now 'account for 61% of web traffic' BBC News

If you are visiting this page the chances are that you are not a human, at least according to research.

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07 December 2013

Inside the Effort to Kill a Web Fraud 'Botnet' - Working With Law Enforcement, Team Cuts Off Servers for Zombie Computers Wall Street Journal

For months, investigators at Microsoft Corp. hunkered down in front of their computer monitors, patiently stalking the shadowy figures behind what the company says is a major Web ad-fraud machine.

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06 December 2013

How to find out if your password has been stolen ZDNet

The announcement yesterday's of the discovery of a botnet command and control database of user credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, ADP and others is just the latest in a trend going back several years. You can't trust Internet services to protect your passwords; you have to protect them yourself.

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Microsoft disrupts web fraud botnet ZeroAccess ZeroAccess, BBC News

ZeroAccess, one of the world's largest botnets - a network of computers infected with malware to trigger online fraud - has been disrupted by Microsoft and law enforcement agencies.

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In the Murky World of Bitcoin, Fraud Is Quicker Than the Law New York Times

The call went out on Twitter: "For insane profits come and join the pump." It was an invitation to a penny stock-style pump-and-dump scheme -- only this one involved Bitcoin, the soaring, slightly scary virtual currency that has beckoned and bewildered people around the world.

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05 December 2013

Pony Botnet Controller Holds 2 Million Stolen–and Weak–Credentials Threat Post

So what's worse: Finding two million passwords harvested by a botnet, or learning that most of the stolen passwords are terribly weak?

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04 December 2013

Germany may arm police with 'Nazi Shazam' phone app The Guardian

German authorities are considering equipping police with a smartphone app that would instantly recognise illegal neo-Nazi songs.

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Online drugs marketplace shut down after £3.5m bitcoin hack The Guardian

Sheep Marketplace, a darknet shopping site, has shut down following a catastrophic theft of 5,400 bitcoins, currently valued at over £3.5m.

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