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30 March 2014

Google: 80% of news organisations are targeted by state hackers The Guardian

More than four-fifths of the world's top media organisations, including the Guardian, have been the target of likely state sponsored hacking attacks, according to research from two Google security engineers.

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Google says government requests 'up 120%' in four years BBC News

Google has said the number of requests it has had from governments to share information about its users has gone up by 120% in the past four years.

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25 March 2014

Cybercrime could be 'next black swan event': Australian regulator Computerworld

Australian Securities and Investment Commission chairperson Greg Medcraft has used the ASIC Annual Forum to issue a warning about the potential for poor information security to destabilise financial markets.

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21 March 2014

NZ Supreme Court Denies Kim Dotcom Access to U.S. Evidence TorrentFreak

Kim Dotcom and his alleged Megaupload co-conspirators have been denied access to the evidence gathered by U.S. authorities against them. Megaupload's legal team argued that this information is essential to mount a solid defense, but the Supreme Court ruled that full disclosure is not required under New Zealand law.

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19 March 2014

Revealed: the UK MoD's secret cyberwarfare programme The Guardian

The Ministry of Defence is developing a secret, multimillion-pound research programme into the future of cyberwarfare, including how emerging technologies such as social media and psychological techniques can be harnessed by the military to influence people's beliefs.

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18 March 2014

Banks to be hit with Microsoft costs for running outdated ATMs Reuters

Banks around the world, consumed with meeting more stringent capital regulations, will miss a deadline to upgrade outdated software for ATMs and face additional costs to Microsoft to keep them secure.

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14 March 2014

Are Russia and Ukraine on the Verge of an All-Out Cyberwar? Mother Jones

For the past week, reports of physical violence have been rolling out of Ukraine: Russian troops storming a base in Crimea, officers beating journalists, and violent brawls at rallies. But as tensions escalate, another part of the conflict appears to be playing out in a cloudier realm: cyberspace.

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12 March 2014

Italian police investigate Skype use for 'porno blackmail' PC World

Italian police in Genoa have opened an investigation into the use of Skype to trap victims into online sexual indiscretions, which are recorded and used as a pretext for extortion.

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10 March 2014

Suspicion Falls on Russia as 'Snake' Cyberattacks Target Ukraine's Government New York Times

Since the first major protests in Kiev that triggered the current crisis with Moscow, American intelligence agencies have been on high alert for cyberattacks aimed at the new government in Ukraine. They were a bit late: the attacks started long before President Viktor F. Yanukovych was forced from office, and as might be expected, no one can quite pinpoint who is behind them, although some suspicion is falling on Russia.

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06 March 2014

DDoS cyber attacks get bigger, smarter, more damaging Reuters

Crashing websites and overwhelming data centres, a new generation of cyber attacks is costing millions and straining the structure of the Internet.

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05 March 2014

China cyber-gangs use 'vast underground network' BBC News

Chinese cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile users via a vast underground network of tools and services, according to a new report.

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Australian credentials 'almost certainly' part of 360m hacked accounts The Australian

Australians are "almost certainly" among owners of 360 million account/password combinations that are available for sale to cyber criminals, security experts warn.

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Ukraine hit by cyberattacks - head of Ukraine security service Reuters

Ukraine's telecommunications system has come under attack, with equipment installed in Russian-controlled Crimea used to interfere with the mobile phones of members of parliament, the head of Ukraine's SBU security service said on Tuesday.

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04 March 2014

Report Calls for Better Backstops to Protect Power Grid From Cyberattacks New York Times

Despite rising anxiety over the possibility of a cyberattack on the power grid, the industry and government are not set up well to counter the threat, according to a report produced by leading energy security experts. Companies are reluctant to share information with one other, a critical step in reducing vulnerability, because they are afraid of being accused of failing to comply with cybersecurity rules, committing antitrust violations or giving away proprietary information, the report found.

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28 February 2014

FTC: Identity theft is the plague of the US Network World

The Federal Trade Commission today issued its annual look at what consumers in the United States are complaining about the most.

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25 February 2014

Syria War Stirs New U.S. Debate on Cyberattacks New York Times

Not long after the uprising in Syria turned bloody, late in the spring of 2011, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency developed a battle plan that featured a sophisticated cyberattack on the Syrian military and President Bashar al-Assad's command structure.

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24 February 2014

Cyber-security: Law-abiding hackers are helping businesses to fight off the bad guys The Economist

Andrew Whitaker has made a career out of breaking into things. A "white hat" hacker in techie jargon, Mr Whitaker leads a team of security specialists at Knowledge Consulting Group who spend their days trying to worm their way into clients' computer systems to see how vulnerable they are to cyber-criminals, spies and other nefarious "black hats". The team's record is both impressive and alarming. Some of the firm's clients are utilities, and Mr Whitaker and his colleagues often target software that controls critical infrastructure, such as water and power supplies. "We're getting in pretty much every single time," he says.

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Energy Sector a Prime Target for Cyberattacks CSO

Any government that wants to set priorities for cybersecurity should probably put its energy infrastructure close to the top.

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22 February 2014

South Korea to develop Stuxnet-like cyberweapons BBC News

South Korea is to develop cyber-attack tools in an attempt to damage North Korean nuclear facilities.

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Security failings in home routers exposed BBC News

Serious security failings in home routers are getting more attention from both attackers and researchers.

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20 February 2014

Kim Dotcom to appeal against verdict that New Zealand raid was legal The Guardian

The Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who is fighting extradition from New Zealand to the US on internet piracy charges, has said he will appeal against a court ruling that a raid on his mansion was legal.

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19 February 2014

NZ's Dotcom raid legal, FBI taking evidence not Stuff

Police raids on Kim Dotcom's mansion in 2012 have been declared legal, but FBI removal of electronic information seized in the search was an unauthorised breach, the Court of Appeal has found.

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17 February 2014

Reporting From the Web's Underbelly New York Times

In the last year, Eastern European cybercriminals have stolen Brian Krebs's identity a half dozen times, brought down his website, included his name and some unpleasant epithets in their malware code, sent fecal matter and heroin to his doorstep, and called a SWAT team to his home just as his mother was arriving for dinner.

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14 February 2014

Linking to a website doesn't infringe copyright, Europe's Court of Justice says PC World

The owner of a website does not require authorization of the copyright holder to link to freely accessible copyright works on another site, even if Internet users get the impression that the work is appearing on the site that contains the link, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) said Thursday.

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Cyber-thieves 'grab video of victims' to steal bank cash BBC News

Cyber-thieves are increasingly grabbing video of how victims use their computer, to better steal from online bank accounts, a security firm reveals.

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