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02 December 2014

Kim Dotcom sees off US attempt to have him remanded in custody The Guardian

Kim Dotcom has successfully fought off an attempt by the US government to have him remanded in custody after a New Zealand court ruled he had not broken bail conditions and posed no flight risk.

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Taxi-app firm Uber hit by legal challenges and bans BBC News

Taxi-app firm Uber has clashed with Indian authorities over the way customers pay fares.

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01 December 2014

Star Witness in Apple Lawsuit Is Steve Jobs New York Times

Three years after his death, Steve Jobs is very much a presence in courtrooms across the country. And that's not necessarily good news for Apple.

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29 November 2014

Airport raids tackle cyberthieves over ticket fraud BBC News

Cyberthieves who used stolen credit cards to buy airline tickets have been targeted in a series of raids.

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27 November 2014

Kim Dotcom declares he is 'broke' because of legal fight BBC News

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the seized file-sharing site Megaupload, has declared himself "broke".

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26 November 2014

Why it's dangerous to blame internet firms for Lee Rigby's murder The Guardian

The claim by parliament's intelligence and security committee that an unnamed internet company should entirely shoulder the blame for failing to prevent the terrorist murder of soldier Lee Rigby is as outrageous as it is wrong-headed. It really is a case of shooting the messenger.

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25 November 2014

Google reaches out-of-court settlement in UK defamation case Reuters

Google Inc said on Monday it had reached a settlement with a British businessman over defamatory postings in its search results describing him as a pedophile, a murderer and a money-launderer.

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Intel and McAfee plan to kill PC passwords with new biometric authentication PC World

Forget typing in passwords, Intel wants you to use your body to log into email and online bank accounts.

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'Regin' malware comes from western intelligence agency, say experts The Guardian

Regin is the latest malicious software to be uncovered by security researchers, though its purpose is unknown, as are its operators. But experts have told the Guardian it was likely spawned in the labs of a western intelligence agency.

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24 November 2014

Google case over online abuse to begin in England's High Court BBC News

The case of a UK businessman who wants Google to stop malicious web postings about him appearing in its search results is set to begin.

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Largest ever NATO cyber defence exercise gets underway NATO

NATO launched its largest ever multinational cyber defence exercise, "Cyber Coalition 2014" on Tuesday (18 November). The three-day training event will test the Alliance's ability to defend its networks from the various challenges that exist when operating in the contested cyber domain.

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21 November 2014

Driverless cars could face threat from hackers trying to cause road chaos The Guardian

Driverless cars will need to be protected from hackers who could take control of vehicles to cause chaos on the roads, cyber security and transport experts have warned.

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UK moves to shut down Russian hackers streaming live British webcam footage The Guardian

The UK is to take international action to close down a Russian website that is streaming images from British webcams including baby monitors, bedroom cameras and gym CCTV.

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15 November 2014

Downing Street presses ISPs over 'jihad reporting' button BBC News

The UK's major internet service providers (ISPs) are to introduce new measures to tackle online extremism, Downing Street has said.

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14 November 2014

How US Congress can shut the door to cyberthreats Washington Post

Six years ago, the federal government's classified computer networks were infiltrated by a tiny bit of malware. A massive operation known as Buckshot Yankee was carried out to clean the networks of the intruder, and the event helped spur the creation of U.S. Cyber Command, which is now growing rapidly. The government has put cyberthreats at the top of its national security threat matrix.

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Google's French arm faces daily €1,000 fines over links to defamatory article The Guardian

Google's French subsidiary has been ordered to pay daily fines of €1,000 unless links to a defamatory article are removed from the parent company's entire global network.

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13 November 2014

Operation Onymous may have exposed flaws in Tor, developers reveal The Guardian

The Tor project, which oversees the development of the anonymous browser, has expressed concern over an intergovernmental operation that took down 27 hosts offering "hidden services", or websites only accessible through the Tor network.

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11 November 2014

In Wake of Takedown Tor Looking for Answers Threat Post

Officials at the Tor Project are continuing to look for answers following the takedown late last week of hundreds of Tor hidden services, including the popular black market website Silk Road 2.0.

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Hackers used luxury hotel Wi-Fi to steal business executive's data, researchers say The Guardian

Business executives visiting luxury hotels in Asia have been infected with malware delivered over public Wi-Fi networks, Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab has discovered.

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Dark net experts trade theories on 'de-cloaking' after raids BBC News

The hidden web community has started trying to find out how services and identities were compromised after police raids led to 17 arrests.

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Dark net raids were 'overblown' by police, says Tor Project BBC News

The impact of raids on so-called "dark net" websites has been "way overblown" by police, according to the group responsible for the Tor browser.

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10 November 2014

New data analysis centre in Adelaide to tackle terrorism and crime risks ABC News

A new national data research centre in Adelaide will help tackle terrorism and online crime risks by supporting the work of defence and national security agencies.

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08 November 2014

Huge raid to shut down 400-plus dark net sites [updated] BBC News

Silk Road 2.0 and 400 other sites operating on the Tor network - a part of the internet unreachable via traditional search engines - have been shut down.

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05 November 2014

Six types of killer use Facebook to commit crimes, says study The Guardian

Researchers at Birmingham City University have identified six types of killer who use Facebook to commit crimes, in the first-ever study on how the social networking site can affect criminal behaviour.

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31 October 2014

Nato frontline in life-or-death war on cyber-terrorists The Guardian

It's been a busy week in the skies above Europe's periphery, as Nato has repeatedly scrambled jets to track "unusual" sorties by Russian bombers.

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