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18 April 2006

Interpol: Give us the tools to fight cybercrime ZDnet

Interpol has called on politicians to help law enforcement officers bring cybercriminals to justice by making it easier for evidence to be transferred between countries.

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Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Issues Internet Hate Decision Michael Geist

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has issued a noteworthy Internet hate decision that focuses on the applicability of the Human Rights Act to Internet hate materials. The Tribunal ordered fines against several individuals for their role in maintaining several hate websites and newsletters. The lengthy decision is worth reading for at least three reasons.

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12 March 2006

ar: Internet child pornographer gets diplomatic immunity? Blog

The Argentine newspaper Clarin reported that following a request from Interpol Department of the German Police, the Argentine Federal Police with a warrant issued by the District Court No 48 tried to search premises from where child pornography video were offered via Internet.

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01 March 2006

au: International task force cracks down on child pornography ABC

Investigators of child pornography in Australia realised a long time ago that they were fighting a battle not limited to Australian shores. As part of the latest international effort to crack down on internet child pornography, the Innocent Images International Task Force is investigating child pornography and pursuing sexual predators in more than 40 countries.

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More than 100 arrested worldwide in child pornography sting INQ7

More than 100 people have been arrested in 19 countries in a Spanish-led crackdown on users of Internet pedophilia websites, Spain's interior ministry said

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12 February 2006

uk: Lords restrict terror website censorship plans The Register

The House of Lords has restricted Government plans to allow the police to order the take down of suspected terrorism-related web content by requiring that the authorities obtain the permission of a judge first.

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Internet jihad: tackling terror on the Web Christian Science Monitor

A British citizen faces US charges for running a militant site hosted in Connecticut. ... Charged with running websites hosted in the US that promoted and supported Islamic militancy, Mr. Ahmad is still in British custody. He has appealed the extradition order and Britain's High Court will hear the case on Feb. 20. The proceedings will test the ability of Western governments to put on trial Islamic radicals who use the Internet as a key recruiting and organizational tool.

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au/ng: Nigerian scammers fleece Australians SMH

Police are staggered by the amount of money Australians are losing to Nigerian investment scammers.

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29 January 2006

nz: Scam internet sites shut down tvnz

Fraudulent internet websites exposed by One News have been shut down and Auckland's fraud squad has begun investigations.

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