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14 May 2009

Pay-Per-Click Web Advertisers Combat Costly Fraud New York Times

Given the state of the automobile industry and the economy, it is understandably a rough time to run a company called, a subsidiary of

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us: Prosecution: Dead Girl's Parents Must Be Heard at Cyberbullying Sentencing Wired

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles are urging a U.S. district judge to allow the parents of a deceased girl to speak at the sentencing hearing of Lori Drew on Monday.

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Credit card code to combat internet fraud BBC News

A credit card with a built-in display is being tested by Visa with the aim of reducing online fraud.

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13 May 2009

Tracking Cyberspies Through the Web Wilderness New York Times

For old-fashioned detectives, the problem was always acquiring information. For the cybersleuth, hunting evidence in the data tangle of the Internet, the problem is different.

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As Hacking Hits Home, China Strengthens Cyber Laws PC World

A year ago, when a Time Magazine reporter told Tan Dailin that he'd been identified as someone who may have hacked the Pentagon, he gasped and asked, "Will the FBI send special agents out to arrest me?" The answer, it turns out, was, "No, the Chinese government will."

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11 May 2009

US Army Cadets Trade the Trenches for Firewalls New York Times

The Army forces were under attack. Communications were down, and the chain of command was broken. Pacing a makeshift bunker whose entrance was camouflaged with netting, the young man in battle fatigues barked at his comrades: "They are flooding the e-mail server. Block it. I'll take the heat for it."

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Cyber criminals' methods revealed by University of California study The Times

The scale of the threat posed by cyber-criminals has been revealed after researchers took over a network of computers for ten days, gaining unrestricted access to thousands of bank and credit card accounts.

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10 May 2009

Google heading for global trademark storm The Times

The internet search engine giant Google has announced that it will extend to 194 countries a scheme that allows companies to use their rivals' trademarks for online advertising. Google will no longer consider requests from brand owners to take down "Sponsored Links" that use their trademarks to sell rival or even counterfeit goods.

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09 May 2009

Women more affected by ID fraud, US study finds CNET

Women are more affected by identity fraud then men are, according to a new survey that also found that it takes women longer to restore their identities but they also tend to change their behavior afterward.

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08 May 2009

US Cyber-Command May Help Protect Civilian Networks Washington Post

The Pentagon is considering whether to create a new cyber-command that would oversee government efforts to protect the military's computer networks and would also assist in protecting the civilian government networks, the head of the National Security Agency said yesterday.

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U.S. Cyber Infrastructure Vulnerable to Attacks Wall Street Journal

The government is struggling to keep pace with the growing number of attacks on its computer networks, potentially leaving key military and civilian systems vulnerable to overseas hackers, senior U.S. officials said Tuesday, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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McAfee: New botnets dwarf Conficker threat CNET

The Conficker worm, which has set off many a recent security alarm bell, may just be a small fry, compared to the growing number of botnets, viruses, and worms infecting cyberspace.

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06 May 2009

Craigslist on PR offensive over sex industry links The Guardian

Craigslist is trying to head off a growing revolt across America by meeting with senior officials concerned about the site's relationship with the sex industry.

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Libraries Ask Judge to Monitor Google Books Settlement New York Times

Three groups representing libraries, including the American Library Association, the largest such group in the United States, have asked a federal judge to exercise "vigorous oversight" over a class-action settlement between Google, authors and publishers.

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05 May 2009

UK accused of stalling in fight against cybercrime Reuters

Europe's top human rights body questioned Britain's commitment to fighting cybercrime and terrorism on Tuesday, asking why it had failed for more than four years to ratify key agreements.

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Should the White House Be a Place for Friends? New York Times

Last week, President Obama extended his use of social media sites, a trademark feature of his campaign, into the White House, setting up on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. The president, of course, has had an official blog, and he has been posting White House video on YouTube and other video sites.

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Australia to invest in cyber warfare capabilities ARN

Australia will develop greater cyber warfare capabilities as part of a $70 billion strategy announced in a Federal Government whitepaper at the weekend.

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Internet home to growing number of fraudsters The Times

A rise in pyramid and Ponzi fraud schemes in Britain and the United States is being spurred by the power of the internet, consumer and business groups fear, with old-fashioned cons repackaged as marketing enterprises backed by advertisements on Google, videos on YouTube and enticing websites. It is, they say, a fraud for the digital age.

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03 May 2009

Experts Chart Spike in Cyber Sieges Washington Post

Cyber attacks with enough firepower to knock entire countries off the Internet have spiked in recent months, raising fresh concerns within the security community about weaknesses in the Internet infrastructure that help create such weapons of mass disruption.

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Cybersecurity Review Sets White House Turf Battle Wall Street Journal

President Barack Obama's cybersecurity review has ignited turf battles inside the White House, with economic adviser Lawrence Summers weighing in to prevent what he sees as a potential threat to economic growth, according to people familiar with the deliberations.

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02 May 2009

Facebook hit by phishing attack The Guardian

A scam that tries to steal people's Facebook password details - using a website that mimics Facebook's login page - is spreading rapidly through the social networking site.

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01 May 2009

Panel Warns U.S. on Cyberwar Plans New York Times

The United States has no clear military policy about how the nation might respond to a cyberattack on its communications, financial or power networks, a panel of scientists and policy advisers warned Wednesday, and the country needs to clarify both its offensive capabilities and how it would respond to such attacks.

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29 April 2009

New US cybersecurity bill for electric grid readied Computerworld

Amid growing concern over the vulnerability of the U.S. electric grid to cyberattacks, two lawmakers are preparing to introduce new legislation aimed at bolstering the industry's responsiveness to such threats.

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US Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal New York Times

The Justice Department has begun an inquiry into the antitrust implications of Google's settlement with authors and publishers over its Google Book Search service, two people briefed on the matter said Tuesday.

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28 April 2009

U.S. Plans Attack and Defense in Cyberspace New York Times

When American forces in Iraq wanted to lure members of Al Qaeda into a trap, they hacked into one of the group's computers and altered information that drove them into American gun sights.

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