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10 March 2009

NSW Police to get hacking powers ZDNet

The New South Wales Government has unveiled plans to give state police the power to hack into computers remotely, with owners potentially remaining in the dark about the searches for up to three years.

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L'Oréal begins UK lawsuit against eBay over sale of fake cosmetics The Times

L'Oréal, the French cosmetics giant, today accused eBay of putting consumers at risk by failing to stem the sale of fake products on its site.

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08 March 2009

When Everyone’s a Friend, Is Anything Private? New York Times

Facebook has a chief privacy officer, but I doubt that the position will exist 10 years from now. That's not because Facebook is hell-bent on stripping away privacy protections, but because the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites has promoted the sharing of all things personal, dissolving the line that separates the private from the public.

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07 March 2009

European Push for More Online Rights to Privacy PC World

[IDG] Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will push for a re-think of the balance between the need for security and the right to privacy on the Internet, not just in Europe but around the world, they agreed during a debate at the Parliament on Thursday.

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NZ plugged into secret internet Stuff

A leaked American study into military actions in Afghanistan reveals New Zealand is quietly plugged into the world's most secret internet allowing access to the Pentagon's battle plans at strategic and tactical level.

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Why Web Site Security Matters to Us All Washington Post

For the past several months, some of the sharpest minds in the security community have teamed up to block cyber criminals from wresting control over what may be one of the largest armies of hacked computers ever built. While those efforts are ongoing and so far appear effective, all of that work could be undone thanks to the lax security of a single Web site.

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Craigslist sued for being 'single largest source of prostitution in US' The Times

Craigslist, the world's most popular online classified advertisements site, is being sued by an Illinois sheriff who alleges that the site is a clearing house for prostitution.

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05 March 2009

Cybercrime: From (& To) Russia, With Love Washington Post

Would authorities in Russia and Eastern Europe be more willing to pursue cyber crooks if they were forced to confront how deeply those groups have penetrated key government and private computer networks in those regions?

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au: Microsoft, AFP partner for online safety program PC World

The Australian Federal Police and Microsoft have brought the ThinkUKnow education program to Australia. The program, which originated in the UK, is aimed at educating parents and teachers about how to keep kids away from online predators and other threats.

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04 March 2009

Germany warns of 'catastrophic' state of Web security The Age

[AFP] German authorities on Tuesday warned against the "catastrophic" state of security on the Internet, with growing armies of viruses, worms and Trojan horses unleashed by ever savvier criminals.

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Belgian court fines Yahoo over fraud non-cooperation The Age

[AFP] A Belgian court on Monday fined Internet search engine Yahoo! 55,000 euros (69,300 US dollars) for failing to hand over personal details of users suspected of committing fraud.

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03 March 2009

Psion hits back at Intel in 'netbook' row The Times

The personal organiser manufacturer is seeking millions in damages from chip giant over its use of the word "netbook"

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"Koobface" Worm Resurfaces on Facebook, MySpace Washington Post

Security experts are warning users of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking communities to be on guard against a new strain of the "Koobface" worm, which spreads by tricking users into responding to a message apparently sent from one of their friends.

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02 March 2009

EU agency backtracks on Skype crime claims ZDNet

Eurojust, an EU agency that co-ordinates judicial co-operation across member states, has significally altered a statement in which it said criminals were using Skype to avoid detection by the authorities.

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Liberty groups unite to defend UK rights The Observer

The government and the courts are collaborating in slicing away freedoms and pushing Britain to the brink of becoming a "database" police state, a series of sold-out conferences in eight British cities heard yesterday.

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27 February 2009

Obama proposes big increase in cybersecurity spending at DHS NextGov

President Obama proposed a 21 percent increase in the Homeland Security Department's fiscal 2010 cybersecurity budget, but how the funds would be distributed remains unclear, according to the administration's proposal released on Thursday.

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26 February 2009

UK fight against terror 'spells end of privacy' The Guardian

Privacy rights of innocent people will have to be sacrificed to give the security services access to a sweeping range of personal data, one of the architects of the government's national security strategy has warned.

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25 February 2009

US judge questions law giving telecoms immunity San Francisco Chronicle

A federal judge in San Francisco is raising questions about the constitutionality of a law designed to dismiss suits against telecommunications companies accused of cooperating with government wiretapping.

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EU group aims to eavesdrop on Skype calls ars technica

The EU's judicial coordination group says criminals are increasingly turning to encrypted VoIP tools like Skype to evade surveillance -- and is launching an effort to ensure that European law enforcement can listen in.

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24 February 2009

Blunkett warns over 'Big Brother' Britain The Independent

David Blunkett, who introduced the idea of identity cards when Home Secretary, will issue a stark warning to the Government tomorrow that it is in danger of abusing its power by taking Britain towards a "Big Brother" state.

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Victim of Italian Bullying Video Drops Google Case PC World

The boy at the center of a trial of Google executives for alleged violations of Italy's privacy law withdrew from the case Wednesday, his lawyer said.

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Dell applies to have the term 'netbook' released from Psion ownership OUT-LAW News

Dell is trying to have a trade mark owned by rival Psion cancelled because it believes the term 'netbook' is now a generic name for small, cheap computers. Psion applied to register the term as a trade mark in 1996.

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23 February 2009

Kaminsky Calls For DNSSEC Adoption Dark Reading

The much-debated protocol to help secure the Domain Name System received a big boost today when DNS security guru Dan Kaminsky said the industry must adopt the DNSSEC protocol.

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22 February 2009

Lawyer says Queensland police can tap email, Facebook Courier Mail

Fears have been raised about police abusing new phone-tapping powers to snoop on social networking sites such as Facebook and private emails.

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International drugs body calls for global action as internet dealing rises to 'alarming' levels The Guardian

The internet is playing an increasing and "alarming" role in the trafficking of both illegal and unauthorised prescription drugs, according to the body that monitors the trafficking and use of narcotics.

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