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09 January 2009

US security braced for 'cybergeddon' The Age

[AFP] Cyber attacks pose the greatest threat to the US after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction - and they are increasingly hard to prevent, FBI experts said Tuesday.

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Social networks link terrorists Network World

[IDG] A new breed of terrorists are using online forums to recruit people who align themselves with the mission of Al Qaeda, creating global networks of would-be terrorists who pose a growing threat, a senior cyberterrorist researcher warned this week.

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Report: Phishing A Low-Paying, Low-Skills Job Dark Reading

Most experts agree that phishing has become more automated, sophisticated, and widespread. But that doesn't mean all phishers make big bucks, according to a recently published report.

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Aussie pair in $4m Nigerian scam Sydney Morning Herald

Two Queenslanders have been charged over recruiting people to a Nigerian scam which netted the fraudsters more than $4.3 million.

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07 January 2009

Despite Economy, Security Spending To Increase In 2009 Dark Reading

Despite a troubled economy, both large and small enterprises are poised to spend a higher percentage of their IT budgets on security in 2009, a major research firm said today.

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British Police 'encouraged' to hack more BBC

The Home Office has signed up to an EU strategy against cybercrime that "encourages" police across Europe to remotely access personal computers.

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06 January 2009

Twitter and Facebook hit by phishing attacks The Observer

Twitter users have become used to giving their Twitter passwords to other sites, and now they've been hit with a phishing attack

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05 January 2009

British police set to step up warrantless hacking of home PCs Sunday Times

The Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people's personal computers without a warrant.

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04 January 2009

Cyber ID theft concern as 'space faking' soars Sun Herald

The growing trend of online "space faking", where users masquerade as other people, has reignited concerns about the safety and security of social networking sites.

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Facebook Is No Friend of New York Times is a start-up based in Brazil that aims to be the portal through which people access all of their favorite social networking sites. Facebook would prefer that its members access it directly, thank you very much.

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02 January 2009

With Gaza conflict, cyberattacks come too Computerworld

[IDG] The conflict raging in Gaza between Israel and Palestine has spilled over to the Internet.

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Chinese Court Convicts 11 in Microsoft Piracy Case New York Times

A court in southern China convicted 11 people on Wednesday of violating national copyright laws and participating in a sophisticated counterfeiting ring that for years manufactured and distributed pirated Microsoft software throughout the world.

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01 January 2009

Researchers devise undetectable phishing attack InfoWorld

[IDG] With the help of about 200 Sony Playstations, an international team of security researchers have devised a way to undermine the algorithms used to protect secure Web sites and launch a nearly undetectable phishing attack.

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Hi-tech crime to boom as downturn blooms BBC

With the economic downturn affecting every corner of the globe, it is perhaps no surprise that it is likely to affect hi-tech criminals over the next 12 months.

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30 December 2008

Get-Rich Offers Swell on Facebook Washington Post

On Facebook, a target-rich environment of the young and potentially real estate-less, D.C. resident Omari West can't help but notice all the advertisements spinning the economy's nose dive into can't-miss opportunities.

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27 December 2008

US Lawsuit Against NYTCo Threatens Widespread Internet Linking Practices E-Commerce Times

If successful, a lawsuit against the New York Times Co. brought by Gatehouse, a chain of local newspapers, could radically change the way information is distributed on the Internet. The suit challenges the widespread practice of reproducing samples of text with links to original published content on other sites.

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Editorial: More Privacy Online New York Times

Yahoo has announced that it will no longer hold some personally identifiable search information for more than 90 days. The company is hoping that the new policy will give it a competitive advantage with users who care about privacy. It also is an encouraging development for the cause of Internet privacy.

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23 December 2008

Phorm is out to alter world of online advertising The Times

In its short life, Phorm has managed to create more controversy than should be possible for a company worth £40 million. Kent Ertugul, its founder, modestly promises to revolutionise online advertising through software that monitors where people surf.

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22 December 2008

Japanese protest against Google Street View The Age

[AFP] A group of Japanese journalists, professors and lawyers demanded Friday that the US Internet search giant Google scrap its "Street View" service in Japan, saying it violates people's privacy.

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21 December 2008

Chinese court fines Web user in 'cyber-violence' case International Herald Tribune

In the first case involving cyberviolence and a "human flesh search engine" in China, a court has fined a Web site and an Internet user for posting personal and intimate details about an unfaithful husband, his mistress and a spurned wife who committed suicide.

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20 December 2008

As phishing evolves, criminals switch to malware PC World

[IDG] The scammers began to see serious problems with their phishing scams sometime around April.

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19 December 2008

Cybercrime: The 2009 megathreat Computerworld

... The selection of cybercrime as the megatrend most likely to be a high or very high risk in the next 12 to 24 months can be partly based on the fact that 92% of respondents to our study reported that their companies have experienced a cyberattack.

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German Journalists Worry 'Big Brother Law' Will Kill Press Freedom Der Spiegel

A new law working its way toward passage in Germany has journalists worried. Certain provisions, they say, could eliminate the ability for reporters to protect their sources. Still, the measure is likely to go into effect early next year.

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18 December 2008

Yahoo Limits Retention of Personal Data BBC

Search engine Yahoo is to cut the time it stores personal data from 13 months to three.

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Hasbro drops lawsuit against firm behind Facebook game The Guardian

Games giant Hasbro has dropped its lawsuit against the developers of the hit Facebook game Scrabulous after they made changes that distanced their applications from the original and trademarked Scrabble game.

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