20 February 2006

Vint Cerf condemns two-tier internet The Register

Vint Cerf told Congress yesterday that ideas proposed by telecoms companies for a two-tier internet were fatally flawed and, if necessary, legislation should be passed to make it impossible.

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12 February 2006

How to Build an Internet Governance Forum By Milton Mueller Circle ID

Public consultations on the new "Internet Governance Forum" being created by the United Nations will be held in Geneva February 16-17. The Internet Governance Project has released a new discussion paper explaining how the Forum could work. The Forum must be as open as possible and give all stakeholders equal participation rights. Its deliberations must be wide-ranging and resist politically motivated barriers to discussion. And its products must feed into other, more authoritative Internet governance forums.

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Opinion: ICANN, the ITU, WSIS, and Internet Governance by Geoff Huston, APNIC (03/2005) Cisco research paper

This opinion piece looks at the various range of views about ICANN and its rationale and role over its brief history. Of course, no look at Internet Governance would be complete without also looking at the role of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), as well as the broader background to this topic. It is a large topic and it has already been the catalyst for numerous articles.

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Who Control's the Internet Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A discussion on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National Late Night Live programme on who control's the internet, and the way forward. The guests agree that ICANN's control is the "least worst option" for the time being. They also discuss Google and China, with Becky Hogge commenting she is sympathetic to Google acquiescing to China's demands although she wouldn't want to have a couple of tea with the people there! Guests are Becky Hogge, Managing Editor of Open Democracy which is an online magazine of global politics and democracy and Kenneth Neil Cukier who covers techonology and regulatory issues for The Economist.

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29 January 2006

EU lawmakers propose internet charter

European lawmakers have proposed establishing a charter setting out international rules on running the Internet. MEPs say the plans are designed to push for international governance of the web following a UN summit on the issue in Tunisia in November.

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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2006 to agree on telecommunication development priori press

The first world development conference following the landmark World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is due to open in six weeks in Doha, Qatar. The purpose of the conference is to focus on development priorities in telecommunications and agree on the programmes, projects and initiatives to implement them. It will take into account the WSIS Geneva Plan of Action and Tunis Agenda, which aim at bridging the digital divide. A key objective is to promote international cooperation, regional initiatives and partnerships that can sustain and strengthen telecommunication infrastructure and institutions in developing countries. The Doha Action Plan will set out ways to implement these goals over the next four years.

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The Official Website of the 1st Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum Internet Governance Forum

Here, you will find useful information about the Forum, the state of preparations, as well as important documentation related to Internet Governance issues.

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