16 August 2014

Google wraps its trans-Pacific fiber cables in Kevlar to prevent against shark attacks Network World

Google wraps its underwater fiber cables in Kevlar material, at least in part to protect against shark attacks, an official with the company said recently.

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14 August 2014

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story Wired

The message arrives on my "clean machine," a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. "Change in plans," my contact says. "Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you."

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Google, Asian firms laying Trans-Pacific underwater Internet cable ABC News

Google is partnering with five Asian telecom firms to build a $300 million underwater cable across the Pacific Ocean in a bid to meet surging internet use.

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08 August 2014

Building a better web: the internet need not be doomed The Guardian

While Charles Leadbeater's report worries about whether the internet is living up to its potential, both his Better Web report and its funders strike notes of optimism, pointing to progress being made by social enterprises and charities online.

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07 August 2014

New Buying Strategy as Facebook and Google Transform Into Web Conglomerates New York Times

Facebook, Google and other Internet titans have been busy transforming themselves into web conglomerates, making fortunes for the venture capital industry. But is it good for everyone else?

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23 July 2014

Colbert Blasts Amazon, While Taking Amazon's Ad Dollars Wall Street Journal

Television satirist Stephen Colbert over the past few weeks has pointed the finger - sometimes literally - at Amazon.com, blaming the retailer for unfairly dragging Hachette authors into its e-book pricing spat with the publishing house by limiting pre-orders or delaying delivery on many titles.

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19 July 2014

Google's Quarterly Results Show Its Continuing Struggle With Mobile Advertising New York Times

In the court of Internet advertising, sometimes it's hard to be the king.

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07 July 2014

Principles Are No Match for Europe's Love of U.S. Web Titans New York Times

On weekends, Guillaume Rosquin browses the shelves of local bookstores in Lyon, France. He enjoys peppering the staff with questions about what he should be reading next. But his visits, he says, are also a protest against the growing power of Amazon. He is bothered by the way the American online retailer treats its warehouse employees.

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Why 2014 could be the year we lose the Internet Salon

Net neutrality is dying, Uber is waging a war on regulations, and Amazon grows stronger by the day

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04 July 2014

Researchers asked 1,400 experts to describe the biggest threats to the Web. Here's what they said. Washington Post

What are the biggest threats to the Internet in the next 20 years? According to experts canvassed by Pew, the biggest threats aren't a rise in hacking attacks or new waves of Internet crime. They're government and big online corporations.

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27 June 2014

Amazon accused of 'bullying' smaller UK publishers BBC News

Amazon is facing a battle with UK publishers as it seeks to secure more advantageous terms in its latest round of contract negotiations.

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Google's Brand Is Not What It Once Was The Atlantic

Maybe it is the Snowden revelations. Maybe it is Google Glass. Maybe it is the creeping realization that Google is a megacorporation, and not just some quirky guys who help you find webpages.

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Google's Grand Plans: A Conversation With Larry Page and Sundar Pichai New York Times

Shortly after Google's keynote presentation at the company's developer conference on Wednesday, I was ushered into a green room backstage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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F.C.C. Issues Snapshot of U.S. Internet Service New York Times

The number of homes in the United States that subscribe to Internet service has grown at a 15 percent annual rate over the last decade, to 85 million. But as much as 30 percent of households do not have a connection faster than dial-up speed, according to government figures released this week.

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26 June 2014

Watching Google's Many Arms New York Times

One way to think of Google is as an extremely helpful, all-knowing, hyper-intelligent executive assistant. Already, it can remind you about your flight, open up your boarding pass when you get to the airport and offer you driving directions to your hotel when you land.

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Google, Microsoft and Others Delve Deeper Into Cloud Storage for Businesses New York Times

File cabinets -- the digital kind -- may be the technology industry's next big battleground.

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Submarine cable company SubPartners urges Tasmania to get connected [includes maps of underwater internet cables connecting Australia and world] ABC News

The company building part of a huge underwater digital cable network that will come within 170 kilometres of Tasmania has warned the State Government costs will go up the longer it delays investing in the project.

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24 June 2014

How Australia connected to the internet 25 years ago The Conversation

It is a quarter-century since Australia first connected to the internet, but this technological breakthrough had a long gestation. What is now a global phenomenon was once the property of an exclusive community.

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22 June 2014

Google considering investment in new subsea cable Reuters

Google Inc is considering an investment in a new cable across the Pacific Ocean, the Wall Street Journal reported citing people familiar with the matter.

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How far can Amazon go? It has upended industries and changed the way the world shops. But it should beware of abusing its power The Economist

When Jeff Bezos left his job in finance and moved to Seattle 20 years ago to start a new firm, he rented a house with a garage, as that was where the likes of Apple and HP had been born. Although he started selling books, he called the firm Amazon because a giant river reflected the scale of his ambitions. This week the world's leading e-commerce company unveiled its first smartphone, which Amazon treats less as a communication device than an ingenious shopping platform and a way of gathering data about people in order to make even more accurate product recommendations.

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17 June 2014

Microsoft Unveils Machine Learning for the Masses New York Times

Microsoft has a new strategy to win cloud business: A supposedly comprehensive predictive analysis service -- and all you have to do is store your data in Azure, the Microsoft cloud.

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11 June 2014

Small business is missing the mobile, social, cloud revolution by Jim Minifie, Productivity Growth Program Director at Grattan Institute The Conversation

Most companies that live and breathe the online revolution are not tech startups, but smart smaller firms that use online tools to run their core business better: to cut costs, reach customers and suppliers, innovate and get more control. Many others, however, are falling behind, according to a new Grattan Institute discussion paper.

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08 June 2014

A new piece of technology makes it possible to use a browser for video calls The Economist

It has been possible for a while to use a web browser on a computer or mobile device for a video chat, but this has required downloading a plug-in with additional software. For some people that is too bothersome or tricky to install, and others have worried about introducing unfamiliar software to their devices. Now a new standard makes it possible to make video calls through a web browser without any shenanigans.

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06 June 2014

Amazon Boycott Gets a Helping Hand From Stephen Colbert New York Times

Stephen Colbert went after Amazon Wednesday night, literally giving the retailer the finger on his Comedy Central show. Twice.

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03 June 2014

Amazon's scorched-earth campaign: Why the Internet giant started a war Salon

Here's what monopoly power means: If you're Amazon, you can ignore the public relations hits that come with blistering front-page stories in the New York Times and stinging opinion pieces, and continue blithely about your business.

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