10 October 2006

Google buys YouTube for US$1.65bn The Guardian

Internet search giant snaps up popular online video site.

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08 October 2006

Lazy employees cost businesses dear over PC usage ZDNet

Workers who leave their PCs on overnight are causing spiralling electricity bills and extended greenhouse damage to the environment

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Newspapers grapple with an unbundled world The Times

Publishers have been slow to realise how fundamentally their world has been changed by the internet.

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Internet 'diminishes influence of states' says Google chief The Times

The power and influence of governments is diminishing because of the rise of the internet, the head of Google told the Conservative Party conference. Eric Schmidt, the chairman and chief executive of the internet company, said that the internet was not necessarily a force for good, pointing out the rise of hate groups that have proliferated on the web.

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07 October 2006

Google 'in talks to buy YouTube' BBC

The BBC reports Google is reported to be in talks to buy popular video-sharing website YouTube for US$1.6bn.

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18 April 2006

Tolls may slow Web traffic Christian Science Monitor

The possibility of a two-tiered Internet threatens today's notion of free travel on the information superhighway.

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06 March 2006

Groups campaign against 'premium' e-mail International Herald Tribune

A coalition of nonprofit and public interest groups in the United States is beginning a campaign to protest plans by America Online and Yahoo, which each offer e-mail services, to charge high-volume senders of e-mail fees to guarantee preferred delivery of their messages.

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25 February 2006

Libraries begin uncertain new chapter Guardian

With internet companies such as Google becoming more involved in digitising content, what role does the public library have in today's web-driven society?

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12 February 2006

Timeline: a history of free speech The Guardian

Starting at 399BC: Socrates speaks to jury at his trial: 'If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind... I should say to you, "Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you."'

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