17 February 2017

Zuckerberg: my Facebook manifesto to re-boot globalisation BBC News

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed deep-seated concerns that the tide is turning against globalisation.

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06 November 2016

How LinkedIn Drove a Wedge Between Microsoft and Salesforce New York Times

This is a story of love lost after a fight over social media. Today, Microsoft and Salesforce are archrivals that recently battled each other to buy the social network LinkedIn -- hungry for its troves of highly personalized data about businesspeople. When Microsoft won, Salesforce threw cold water on the acquisition by saying it would violate European antimonopoly laws.

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24 October 2016

Google and Facebook contribute zero economic value. That’s a big problem for trade. Washington Post

How much value do free online services contribute to the U.S. economy? Ask any user of Google, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, and the answer would most likely be, "A lot." But according to every statistic created by the U.S. government, the answer is actually zero.

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28 September 2016

When is Google's birthday? Surely Google knows. You do know, right, Google? The Guardian

What's that Google? It's your 18th birthday today? Happy birthday Google! You're now old enough to drink in Britain. Though the existence of Google Plus suggests you've been quietly breaking that law for a while now.

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06 June 2016

Telcos: The untapped promise of big data McKinsey Quarterly

Now that subscribers constantly connect to their networks through voice, text, and other smartphone interactions, telecom companies have access to huge quantities of data. Yet relatively few of those that have adopted big data architectures and analytics technologies have pushed aggressively enough to profit from them significantly, our research suggests. Interestingly enough, however, a small group has achieved outsized benefits from such investments, in a performance pattern that resembles a "power curve" distribution.

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31 May 2016

How clean and green is our digital world? ABC News

Today's technology looks so slick and clean as it brings magic to your screen. But behind the scenes, our data comes at a cost, says Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

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29 May 2016

Microsoft, Facebook to build transatlantic subsea cable Reuters

Microsoft Corp and Facebook Inc have agreed to jointly build a subsea cable across the Atlantic Ocean to meet growing demand for high-speed cloud and online services.

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28 February 2016

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team New York Times

Like most 25-year-olds, Julia Rozovsky wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life. She had worked at a consulting firm, but it wasn't a good match. Then she became a researcher for two professors at Harvard, which was interesting but lonely. Maybe a big corporation would be a better fit. Or perhaps a fast-growing start-up. All she knew for certain was that she wanted to find a job that was more social. ''I wanted to be part of a community, part of something people were building together,'' she told me. She thought about various opportunities -- Internet companies, a Ph.D. program -- but nothing seemed exactly right. So in 2009, she chose the path that allowed her to put off making a decision: She applied to business schools and was accepted by the Yale School of Management.

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02 February 2016

Google overtakes Apple as world's most valuable listed company The Guardian

Google has become the world's most valuable listed company after announcing that its global revenues rose 13% to $75bn (£52bn) last year, and the group's tax rate fell to just 17%.

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23 January 2016

How Larry Page's Obsessions Became Google’s Business New York Times

Three years ago, Charles Chase, an engineer who manages Lockheed Martin's nuclear fusion program, was sitting on a white leather couch at Google's Solve for X conference when a man he had never met knelt down to talk to him.

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France Plans a New Keyboard to Shift Control to Typists New York Times

Bad spelling? Incorrect grammar? It's all in the keyboard. French is a difficult language to write, but writing correctly is "nearly impossible" with existing French keyboards, and the government has decided to do something about it.

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20 January 2016

Why Google Quit China—and Why It's Heading Back The Atlantic

When Google shut down its Chinese search engine in 2010, it gave up access to an enormous market. There are more than twice as many people on the Internet in China as there are residents in the U.S., and the number of Chinese Internet users is growing at a rate that far surpasses that of any other country. Google has plans to return to China in the near future, but why did it turn away from the country for so long?

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18 January 2016

Game that rewards players for killing Indigenous Australians pulled from app stores The Guardian

A mobile game that purportedly rewarded players for bludgeoning Indigenous Australians to death has been removed from both Apple and Google app stores following public outcry.

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09 December 2015

Bitcoin's Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius Wired

Even as his face towered 10 feet above the crowd at the Bitcoin Investor's Conference in Las Vegas, Craig Steven Wright was, to most of the audience of crypto and finance geeks, a nobody.

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28 September 2015

The node pole: inside Facebook's Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle The Guardian

From the outside, it looks like an enormous grey warehouse. Inside, there is a hint of the movie Bladerunner: long cavernous corridors, spinning computer servers with flashing blue lights and the hum of giant fans. There is also a long perimeter fence. Is its job to thwart corporate spies? No - it keeps out the moose.

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27 September 2015

Microsoft Leads Movement to Offset Emissions With Internal Carbon Tax New York Times

When Microsoft business unit managers calculate their profits or losses each quarter, they consider more than just sales and expenses. They also factor in the price of carbon.

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02 September 2015

Google unveils new logo at turning point in company's history The Guardian

First they changed their name, now they've changed their logo. Google introduced a new sans-serif and slightly toned-down four-colour logo on Tuesday in the biggest redesign since 1999.

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18 August 2015

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace New York Times

On Monday mornings, fresh recruits line up for an orientation intended to catapult them into Amazon's singular way of working.

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17 August 2015

Spelling it out: Google's new corporate structure will provide more clarity for investors The Economist

These days it seems as if there is almost no area of technology that Google can resist dipping its toes into. Among other things it is working on driverless cars, delivery drones, glucose-detecting contact lenses for diabetics, devices for the "smart home" and research into extending human lifespans. The corporate reorganisation it announced this week is an acknowledgment of what Google has become: a sprawling conglomerate, albeit with one predominant, profit-generating division in the form of its original internet business.

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14 August 2015

Even in the New Alphabet, Google Keeps Its Capital G New York Times

G is for Google, as the company's chief executive, Larry Page, put it this week in a blog post introducing Alphabet, Google's new corporate name.

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13 August 2015

Inside Alphabet: why Google rebranded itself and what happens next The Guardian

Every month a hundred billion searches run through Google - a repository of the world's curiosity, hopes, dreams and fears. Google has been a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2006, it is valued at $445bn and last year had revenues of $66bn. But as its billionaire founders have made clear, none of this is enough.

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20 July 2015

Windows 10 Signifies Microsoft's Shift in Strategy New York Times

Next week, when Microsoft releases Windows 10, the latest version of the company's operating system, the software will offer a mix of the familiar and new to the people who run earlier versions of it on more than 1.5 billion computers and other devices.

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04 July 2015

Should Google Always Tell the Truth? The Atlantic

What is Google's responsibility to its searchers? In a Thursday panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Ashkan Soltani, the Federal Trade Commission's chief technologist, offered a hypothetical that captured why that question is so difficult to answer.

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03 July 2015

The Next Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Who You Might Think New York Times

Many people think they know what the founder of a tech start-up looks like: a 20-something man who spent his childhood playing on computers in his basement and who later dropped out of college to become a billionaire entrepreneur.

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23 June 2015

The Internet That Was (and Still Could Be): As corporations like Facebook gain control over more and more online activities, the web's core values are at stake. The Atlantic

It is not enough for the Internet to succeed. It must succeed inevitably.

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