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06 November 2014

Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web New York Times

Twenty years ago last month, a team of well-meaning designers, coders and magazine publishers inadvertently unleashed on an unsuspecting world one of the most misguided and destructive technologies of the Internet age: the web banner ad.

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05 November 2014

One wi-fi hotspot for every 150 people, says study BBC News

The UK has one wi-fi hotspot for every 11 people and worldwide there is one for every 150, new research from wi-fi provider iPass indicates.

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02 November 2014

In the digital age, Fleet Street's new mantra is better together The Observer

Think harmony, reconciliation and love right along Fleet Street. Reach for a late entry form in the Vladimir Putin Peace Prize stakes. Hold very tight as the editor of the Daily Mail pleads for press unity at a time of financial and political threat. But register, too, that Paul Dacre, little and infrequently glimpsed on public platforms, often has something seminal to say when he breaks cover.

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01 November 2014

Google Updates Flu Trends to Improve Accuracy Bloomberg

Google Inc. is updating the software model it uses to estimate the spread of the flu to improve its accuracy, so that public health officials can quickly respond to outbreaks.

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"I get really affected by bestiality": Meet the moderators who watch horrific videos so you don't have to Salon

When you scroll through Facebook or Twitter, you expect to see photos of friends' recent vacations, well-wishing birthday posts and Buzzfeed articles about porcupines eating pumpkins. What you don't expect are graphic images of child pornography or videos of people having their heads cut off. Though many of us don't know it, a vast labor force of content moderators, largely based overseas, works day and night to keep our social media feeds free of this sort of offensive material.

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28 October 2014

Usage Stalls For Twitter; Shares Drop New York Times

Dick Costolo, Twitter's chief executive, has been sprucing up the social network this year. So far, however, the renovations don't seem to be flashy enough to bring in many newcomers or persuade the veterans to return more frequently.

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27 October 2014

Let grandmas teach you a thing or two - about Facebook Washington Post

There were many reactions Verizon Wireless salesman Joseph Ramireza expected to hear when he introduced an iPhone to his oldest client this year. It would have been perfectly normal for the elderly Minnesota man to show confusion, maybe curiosity, possibly indifference. Instead, the 85-year-old said this:

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How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism New York Times

Many of the people who read this article will do so because Greg Marra, 26, a Facebook engineer, calculated that it was the kind of thing they might enjoy.

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26 October 2014

Silencing extreme views, even if they are those of internet trolls, is wrong The Observer

Internet trolls are among the worst specimens the human race can offer. But they are not a reason to nod through another restriction on personal freedom

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25 October 2014

Tim Berners-Lee: hateful people on the web are 'staggering' The Guardian

Tim Berners-Lee has expressed sadness that the web has mirrored the dark side of humanity, as well as enabling its "wonderful side" to flourish.

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The Queen sends her first tweet Reuters

The Queen made her first foray into the world of social media on Friday when she sent out her inaugural message on Twitter.

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23 October 2014

Internet addiction: Hobart doctor warns of associated health risks ABC News

Internet addiction might not make headlines like gambling, alcohol or other drugs, but according to a Hobart doctor it may point to underlying health issues.

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Pew survey shows women bear brunt of online harassment Computerworld

As much as the Internet provides a place to connect, it's also a haven for trolls, bullies, cyberthieves and wackos. Recent incidents targeting women, including GamerGate and the iCloud nude photo leak, have brought some of the issues to the fore.

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17 October 2014

Analysts Ask What's Next for Google New York Times

Google is still pulling in money hand over fist, but Wall Street is hungry for the company's next act.

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15 October 2014

Google Glass user treated for internet addiction caused by the device The Guardian

Scientists have treated a man they believe to be the first patient with internet addiction disorder brought on by overuse of Google Glass.

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Clinton Laments Tech-Induced 'Limited Attention Spans' Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton has been working hard to court Silicon Valley, but like many people, she's troubled by our harried, hyper-connected world.

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14 October 2014

Google: Amazon is biggest search rival BBC News

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said the firm's biggest rival in online search is e-commerce giant Amazon.

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13 October 2014

Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web New York Times

It turns out that the Internet does not have infinite capacity. At least not for political ads.

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10 October 2014

Faster internet expected to shake up health and education by 2025 The Guardian

A new report published by the Pew Research Center and Elon University aims to predict how the advent of gigabit-speed internet connections will affect our lives by 2025.

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Online shopping sees 30% rise between midnight and 6am, British study says The Guardian

Britons are so addicted to shopping that many are glued to their smartphones when most of their neighbours are asleep - buying games consoles, Lego and pillows.

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The Unsafety Net: How Social Media Turned Against Women The Atlantic

Under the banner of free speech, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been host to rape videos and revenge porn -- which makes female users feel anything but free.

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09 October 2014

Estonians Embrace Life in a Digital World New York Times

The centuries-old city center here looks quaintly antique, with well-worn cobbled streets lined by medieval buildings at nearly every turn.

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08 October 2014

Google wants to turn urbanites into beta testers of a 'Physical Web' Washington Post

Google is hard at work attempting to build what it is calling the Physical Web -- a connected network of physical objects accessible through the Web browser. What's striking is that Google's vision is an intensely urban one, suggesting that city dwellers will be at the vanguard of the development of the long-promised Internet of Things.

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More Australians paying for faster internet, but we're still lagging behind in upload speeds The Guardian

Australians are increasingly opting to pay for faster internet connections although an analysis of global internet speeds suggests the country is still lagging behind other countries.

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Google Faces Uphill Fight in Mobile Messaging CIO

Losing out to Facebook in a bidding war for mobile messaging market leader WhatsApp earlier this year no doubt stung Google.

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