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22 January 2015

Facebook Dominates Social Sharing While Twitter Sees a Decline ClickZ

ShareThis's new report shows that Facebook overtook Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit in terms of sharing activity during the fourth quarter of last year, garnering a whopping 81 percent of shares.

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21 January 2015

Facebook clamps down on fake news stories Reuters

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it has taken steps to clamp down on "hoaxes" and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire on its 1.35-billion member online social network.

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Facebook hiring spree hints at ambitions in virtual reality and beyond Reuters

Virtual reality goggles, drones and data centers are all driving a hiring spree at Facebook Inc that is set to swell its ranks as much as 14 percent in the near term, according to a review of job listings on the company's website.

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Facebook report says it adds more than $200 billion to global economy Reuters

With 1.35 billion users of its Internet social network, Facebook Inc would rank as the world's second-most populous nation if it were a country.

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16 January 2015

Why porn is exploding in the Middle East: Data reveal six of the top eight porn-searching countries are Muslim states Salon

The world is a big place, and cultural gaps are vast. But there are a few things that connect people across borders. Some people argue food is the best glue while others say it's education. But there's a new contestant: online porn.

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15 January 2015

Your computer knows you better than your friends do, say researchers The Guardian

A computer can be a better judge of character than an individual's parents or close friends, research has shown.

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12 January 2015

Americans Use More Online Social Networks New York Times

Teenagers may be spending more time on messaging services like Snapchat, but American adults are still increasing their use of social networks, according to a new survey released Friday by the Pew Research Center.

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Australia's internet lags behind despite NBN WA Today

Australian internet speeds are lagging behind the rest of the world despite the national broadband network rollout and the scheduled launch of US streaming service Netflix looming large.

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11 January 2015

If the price of giving everyone internet access is total domination by Facebook, it's not worth it The Observer

Some years ago, I had a conversation with a senior minister in which he revealed that he thought the web was the internet. While I was still reeling from the shock of finding a powerful figure labouring under such a staggering misconception, I ran into Sir Tim Berners-Lee at a Royal Society symposium. Over coffee, I told him about my conversation with the minister. "It's actually much worse than that," he said, ruefully. "Hundreds of millions of people now think that Facebook is the internet."

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07 January 2015

Facebook's WhatsApp tallies 700M monthly active users CNET

WhatsApp, one of the the world's most popular messaging services, is still rising in popularity.

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06 January 2015

The Trouble With Sweeping Questions About the Internet The Atlantic

Pundits and scholars too often phrase queries that miss the point: The transformative power of any technology relies first on underlying human forces.

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03 January 2015

Twitter and Facebook 'allowing Islamophobia to flourish' as anti-Muslim comments proliferate The Independent

Twitter and Facebook are refusing to take down hundreds of inflammatory Islamophobic postings from across their sites despite being alerted to the content by anti-racism groups, an investigation by The Independent has established.

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01 January 2015

When Internet addiction is actually a good thing Washington Post

A new study from researchers at the University of Hong Kong claims that 420 million people are addicted to the Internet, about 6 percent of the world's population. That 6 percent number may not sound high but it is - it's actually more than three times the rates of pathological gambling observed in even the most gambling-obsessed nations around the world. Taken at face value, this study supports the notion that the rapid rate of technological adoption around the world is being taken way out of control, and that we're awash in gadgets, phones and digital devices.

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28 December 2014

A heart-warming twist in the tale of the books industry The Observer

The most fascinating and, in many ways, cheering story of 2014 is almost wholly counterintuitive: the survival of the printed book. Turning pages back from digital grave shock! Legacy longform wins fight for life! Robert McCrum told part of the tale a couple of weeks back as he chronicled Waterstones' battle into renewed profit. But you - the reader - seem to be writing new chapters month by month and Christmas by Christmas.

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27 December 2014

Risks in Using Social Media to Spot Signs of Mental Distress New York Times

The Samaritans, a well-known suicide-prevention group in Britain, recently introduced a free web app that would alert users whenever someone they followed on Twitter posted worrisome phrases like "tired of being alone" or "hate myself."

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23 December 2014

iPads, tablets, smartphones disrupt good sleep, study finds Washington Post

Basking in the blue glow of iPads, smartphones and other electronic devices before bedtime could be messing up our sleep patterns more profoundly than we realize, and even affecting our long-term health, according to a new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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22 December 2014

Americans aren't getting married, and researchers think porn is part of the problem Washington Post

There could be an unlikely contributor to the decline of marriage in this country. And it's free pornography on the Internet.

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17 December 2014

Europe's Internet Use Surges New York Times

When it comes to surfing the web, Europeans -- just like their counterparts in the United States -- just can't get enough.

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16 December 2014

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular US web sites every year since 1996 Washington Post

Our goal is not to confuse or alarm you, but we must, as agents of the news media, speak the truth. And so we say, with all due solemnity, that if it were 16 years ago, you would right now be reading this article at

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The Internet of Things and the Connected Person Wired

One of the interesting things about the Internet of Things (IoT): It's not really about the things.

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11 December 2014

Instagram now bigger than Twitter BBC News

Instagram has told Newsbeat it has the potential to "change the world" as it announced it has overtaken Twitter with 300 million users.

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10 December 2014

'Mutant giant spider dog' tops YouTube chart BBC News

A Polish film maker's short horror film featuring his pet dog in a tarantula costume was the biggest "trending" video on YouTube in 2014, parent company Google has announced.

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07 December 2014

And your most searched on Bing in 2014 were... Bing Blog

As 2014 comes to a close, we're taking a look back at the people, moments, and events that shaped 2014. Trends in Bing searches give us a unique view into what mattered most to us throughout the year.

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04 December 2014

Tablet computers in '70% of Britiish schools' BBC News

Almost 70% of primary and secondary schools in the UK now use tablet computers, according to research.

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03 December 2014

Telstra sees health benefits in internet-enabled devices Brisbane Times

Smart watches, driverless cars and internet enabled fridges may grab headlines, but the internet of things has the potential to transform healthcare and save lives, Telstra chief scientist Hugh Bradlow says.

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