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27 December 2014

Risks in Using Social Media to Spot Signs of Mental Distress New York Times

The Samaritans, a well-known suicide-prevention group in Britain, recently introduced a free web app that would alert users whenever someone they followed on Twitter posted worrisome phrases like "tired of being alone" or "hate myself."

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23 December 2014

iPads, tablets, smartphones disrupt good sleep, study finds Washington Post

Basking in the blue glow of iPads, smartphones and other electronic devices before bedtime could be messing up our sleep patterns more profoundly than we realize, and even affecting our long-term health, according to a new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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22 December 2014

Americans aren't getting married, and researchers think porn is part of the problem Washington Post

There could be an unlikely contributor to the decline of marriage in this country. And it's free pornography on the Internet.

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17 December 2014

Europe's Internet Use Surges New York Times

When it comes to surfing the web, Europeans -- just like their counterparts in the United States -- just can't get enough.

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16 December 2014

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular US web sites every year since 1996 Washington Post

Our goal is not to confuse or alarm you, but we must, as agents of the news media, speak the truth. And so we say, with all due solemnity, that if it were 16 years ago, you would right now be reading this article at

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The Internet of Things and the Connected Person Wired

One of the interesting things about the Internet of Things (IoT): It's not really about the things.

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11 December 2014

Instagram now bigger than Twitter BBC News

Instagram has told Newsbeat it has the potential to "change the world" as it announced it has overtaken Twitter with 300 million users.

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10 December 2014

'Mutant giant spider dog' tops YouTube chart BBC News

A Polish film maker's short horror film featuring his pet dog in a tarantula costume was the biggest "trending" video on YouTube in 2014, parent company Google has announced.

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07 December 2014

And your most searched on Bing in 2014 were... Bing Blog

As 2014 comes to a close, we're taking a look back at the people, moments, and events that shaped 2014. Trends in Bing searches give us a unique view into what mattered most to us throughout the year.

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04 December 2014

Tablet computers in '70% of Britiish schools' BBC News

Almost 70% of primary and secondary schools in the UK now use tablet computers, according to research.

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03 December 2014

Telstra sees health benefits in internet-enabled devices Brisbane Times

Smart watches, driverless cars and internet enabled fridges may grab headlines, but the internet of things has the potential to transform healthcare and save lives, Telstra chief scientist Hugh Bradlow says.

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02 December 2014

The Global Geography of Internet Addiction: In a new study, Brazilians were the most likely to report spending every waking hour on the web, with Nigerians and South Africans not far behind. The Atlantic

Thanks to its young population armed with smartphones, Brazil beat nine other Internet-connected countries for its citizens' frequency of web use, according to a new report from business consultancy A.T. Kearney.

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01 December 2014

Technology is making us blind: The dangerous complacency of the iPhone era Salon

The rise of smartphones and social media has ushered in a new age of techno-optimism. And that's a big problem

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29 November 2014

Shopping on a Phone In US Is Still Uncommon but Growing Fast New York Times

Throngs of people still camp out awaiting Black Friday doorbuster sales, but it is more for the sake of tradition and sport than for good deals. Those can just as easily be found online.

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25 November 2014

Cheap access to the Internet should be a human right: survey Computerworld

Affordable Internet access around the world should be a basic human right as it is essential for freedom of expression and economic opportunity, according to the results of a global survey released by the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

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3 Billion People Now Online, Denmark ranks in first place in global ICT Development Index: ITU International Telecommunication Union

Over three billion people are now online and information and communication technology (ICT) growth remains buoyant in just about every country worldwide, according to ITU's flagship annual Measuring the Information Society Report.

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24 November 2014

Google Experimenting With Removing Ads for a Fee New York Times

An oft-heard saying in Silicon Valley is that "information wants to be free." Google is running a test to see if users feel the same way.

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15 November 2014

Study reveals how Twitter grabs your attention The Guardian

Ever felt that you were a bit too obsessed with Twitter? The good news is, it's not you: it's your brain. A new study conducted for the social network examined the mental activity of 114 volunteers while they tweeted on phones, tablets and laptops, using a technique called steady-state topography.

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13 November 2014

Finding Success in the New IoT Ecosystem: Market to Reach $3.04 Trillion and 30 Billion Connected "Things" in 2020, IDC Says IDC

While most everyone agrees that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised for explosive growth and represents boundless opportunities - billions of connected things driving trillions in revenue - understanding where the revenue opportunities lie across different technology layers has remained elusive. A newly released IoT ecosystem forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) provides much needed clarity, defining the hardware, software, services, connectivity, and security that make up the evolving IoT ecosystem. The worldwide IoT market is forecast to grow from $1.3 trillion in 2013 to $3.04 trillion in 2020 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13%.

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12 November 2014

Welcome to Sweden - the most cash-free society on the planet The Guardian

Stockholm's street magazine vendors no longer need to ask if passers-by can spare some change anymore - they take cards instead.

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Forget the pollsters: Microsoft's Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy Network World

We think of Microsoft's Bing as a search engine, but there is a lot more to it than that. For example, I've found its translation service to be very good, more accurate than Google's, especially with Asian languages. The translations aren't perfect but they give me a better idea of what is being said than Google Translate.

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11 November 2014

Facebook Wins: More Than 500 Million Are Using Messenger Wall Street Journal

Facebook said Monday that more than 500 million people monthly are using Messenger, the standalone app that it ultimately forced people to download if they wanted to continue sending private messages to friends.

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07 November 2014

"The police of the Internet": Why the human costs of social media are greater than you think Salon

If you hop on to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram (or really any of the major social networking platforms), you're probably going to see a lot of pictures. You'll see what your friends just ate, what they looked like as toddlers, what their cat does when it's finally confronted with its reckless behavior -- stuff like that. One thing you probably won't see? The kind of horrifying images of humanity at its most twisted that used to be far more common on the Internet, back when it wasn't as much of a mainstream space.

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06 November 2014

Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web New York Times

Twenty years ago last month, a team of well-meaning designers, coders and magazine publishers inadvertently unleashed on an unsuspecting world one of the most misguided and destructive technologies of the Internet age: the web banner ad.

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05 November 2014

One wi-fi hotspot for every 150 people, says study BBC News

The UK has one wi-fi hotspot for every 11 people and worldwide there is one for every 150, new research from wi-fi provider iPass indicates.

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