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06 March 2006

Singaporeans really at home on the Web AsiaMedia

The Internet has become a way of life in Singapore, with nine out of 10 people preferring to use e-mail to communicate with each other than resort to different means

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tw: Local Internet penetration increasing AsiaMedia

Taiwan's Internet penetration rate stood at 65.07 percent last month, with the number of Internet users increasing by 1,476 compared with the figure six months earlier, according to the results of a survey released recently by the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC).

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uk: 'Fewer young people' watching TV BBC

Fewer young people are watching television, according to a report by the media watchdog Ofcom.

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01 March 2006

30 Million Blogs And Counting ... Washington Post

There's been some recent chatter about whether we're entering the twilight of the blogs, even though it feels like we're only in the late morning. Noon, at the latest.

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25 February 2006

nz: Kiwis second largest web users TVNZ

A new survey shows New Zealanders are the second-largest users of the internet in the world. ... The biggest uptake was in Malta, where 78.1% access the web. New Zealand was followed by Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, then Australia, the United States, Canada and Norway.

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uk: Broadband growth speeds forward BBC

Broadband accounts for 64% of all net connections in the UK, according to official figures.

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20 February 2006

us: Surfing for Fun (Pew Internet & American Life Project) Pew Internet & American Life Project

About 40 million Americans were browsing the web just for fun or to pass the time on a typical day in December 2005.

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Worldwide Internet Users Top 1 Billion in 2005 Computer Industry Almanac

The worldwide number of Internet users surpassed 1 billion in 2005 -- up from only 45M in 1995 and 420M in 2000.

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29 January 2006

Active Home Web Use by Country, December 2005

The Internet audience increased at a rate of less than one percent in December, with growth in eight of the 11 countries tracked by Nielsen//NetRatings. The rate of growth appears to be slowing.

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Cellphone sex a success in Europe; will it play in U.S.? usatoday

It may never be quite that easy. But cellphone pornography is a fast-growing business that analysts expect will generate about $2 billion in global revenue by 2009.

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