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08 September 2008

CNNIC Releases the Research Report on the Consumption Behaviors of Chinese Netizens on the Olympic Media in 2008 CNNIC

The report shows: third-tier cities may become the main front for changing the competition pattern of the Olympic media

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06 September 2008

Internet traffic growth slowing, but still grows 53% in 2007 Network World

Despite prognostications that the Internet is about to collapse from the weight of traffic growth -- especially video -- international Internet traffic grew 53% between mid-2007 and mid-2008, down from 61% the preceding year, according to a market research firm. For the second consecutive year, total international Internet capacity grew faster than total Internet traffic, leading to lower utilization levels on many Internet backbones, according to market tracker TeleGeography.

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05 September 2008

Broadband subscribers rise in OECD countries OECD Observer

The number of broadband subscribers in the OECD rose to 235 million by December 2007, up 18% from 200 million subscribers in December 2006.This growth increased broadband penetration rates to 20 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, up from 16.9 in December 2006.

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Asia leads mobile growth, but lags on Internet Reuters

Asia will continue to deliver strong growth in the mobile phone market due to sustained demand from China and India, the world's two biggest markets of such services, industry officials said.

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What is Google up to with Android - and what's Chrome? The Guardian

... It's impossible to see the arrival of a browser from Google as anything but a push into the last internet space that it doesn't yet have a foot in - and hence as an elbow in the ribs to Microsoft, which is releasing Internet Explorer 8, as well as Firefox and Mozilla. Existing browsers date back to the 1990s, it says - a subtle dig. Does the future have a chrome finish?

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Getting up close and very personal in virtual worlds The Guardian

Virtual sex has taken a step forward via software, but it throws up some discussion about real-world fidelity and how we behave online

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04 September 2008

Facebook Ads Target You Where It Hurts Washington Post

Social networking site's ads are targeted to your interests -- and your psychological soft spots.

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Serious Potential in Google's Browser New York Times

Does the world really need another Web browser? Google thinks so. Chrome, its new browser, was developed in secrecy and released to the world Tuesday. The Windows version is available for download now; the Mac and Linux versions will take a little longer.

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Google turns up heat on Microsoft with Chrome's global debut The Times

Google has declared war on Microsoft with the launch across the world last night of its new web browser. As the first internet users tried out the free Chrome browser, analysts predicted a new front line in the battle to dominate the way in which users access and interact with the web.

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03 September 2008

Nearly half of Britons suffer "discomgoogolation" Reuters

Feeling stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet? Don't worry, you're not alone and now there's a word for it: "discomgoogolation".

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02 September 2008

Google takes on Microsoft with browser The Times

Google will today launch its own web browser called Google Chrome in another expansion by the search giant into the building blocks of the internet.

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Google gets cozy with an uneasy friend: advertisers International Herald Tribune

Advertisers are grappling with the idea of Google, which spent many of its early years avoiding -- and infuriating -- advertising agencies, is now shifting to embrace them.

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Microsoft's Sneak Attack On Google Forbes

Forget about that $44 billion takeover bid for Yahoo. Microsoft's latest assault on Google is slier.

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In Russia, Internet is the outlet International Herald Tribune

When higher-ups at NTV pulled a television report on the demolition of Moscow's historic buildings, they likely did not imagine that the star reporter and his topic would get more attention than if the film had aired.

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01 September 2008

Is Something Rotten at Apple? Slate

Email problems, flaky iPhones, and broken Macs. What's Steve Jobs to do?

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30 August 2008

Home broadband gives British kids better GCSE/school results Silicon

Having web access at home can make the difference between a pupil getting grade A at GCSE and grade D.

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Microsoft tries to offer something different - get ahead of competition International Herald Tribune

Internet Explorer 8, now available in beta, is the company's bid to move ahead of Firefox and Apple's Safari in performance, features and user experience.

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Aussie telcos hit with record complaints Computerworld

Complaints against telecommunications providers are skyrocketing with no end in sight, according to the industry ombudsman.

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WiMax's Invisible Power Forbes

You can't see them, but the fastest-ever mobile broadband connections are headed your way.

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29 August 2008

Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google's advertising The Times

Microsoft's latest internet browser includes a piece of software that allows internet users to hide the audit trail of websites they have visited.

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Online advertising about to overtake radio in slow ad market The Guardian

Europe's biggest media buyer yesterday reduced its forecasts for the global advertising market for this year and 2009 as a result of a slowdown in the US, Britain, Spain and China.

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The truth about Windows Vista exposed at last The Guardian

Koroush Ghazi of TweakGuides has written an entertaining guide, Vista Annoyances Resolved, showing some of the problems people have had with Windows Vista, and how to resolve them.

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28 August 2008

Google may let users comment on, rearrange search results Computerworld

Google Inc. is considering allowing users of its search engine to tinker with query results by re-ranking them and commenting on them.

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Tech-savvy Obama outmaneuvering the media International Herald Tribune

... The presidential campaign of Barack Obama has all but christened a new era by seizing the medium itself. The network pageantry has been replaced by the network effect - a huge pipe directly to his supporters, no intermediation involved. The press, it seems, just gets in the way.

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uk: Apple misled iPhone users over internet capability The Independent

The iPhone, the latest must-have gadget from Apple, fails to give users complete access to the internet, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules today.

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