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29 April 2008

Class war hits social networking sites: Facebook for toffs, MySpace for plebs, claims report vnunet

New research into social networking sites claims to have uncovered sharp online class divisions. The college educated turn more to Facebook, according to the report, while MySpace caters largely for those who leave school early.

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A Google Prototype for a Precision Image Search New York Times

Google researchers say they have a software technology intended to do for digital images on the Web what the company's original PageRank software did for searches of Web pages.

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27 April 2008

Europe leapfrogs US in broadband take-up vnunet

The number of European broadband users has topped the 100 million mark, according to the European Commission's latest study on broadband usage.

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26 April 2008

China Tops US for Internet Population Lead PC World

China has proclaimed itself the world's largest Internet market, with 221 million Internet users, state media reported Thursday.

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McKinsey: ignore Second Life at your peril The Times

Companies which do not embrace virtual worlds risk missing the next wave of the web's development, the consultancy said

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France to require apartments to come wired International Herald Tribune

The French government said Thursday that it planned to require builders to install fiber-optic cables in new apartment buildings to increase the introduction of fast broadband Internet.

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24 April 2008

Internet TV To Ditch PCs Forbes

Apple and Microsoft, with their AppleTVs and Media Centers, keep hoping that their personal computers will win a seat in the living room, but so far few consumers are inviting them in. Only 1.5 million broadband-connected households have a PC connected to their TV, according to a study conducted by Park Associates last year. "It might come down to the simple fact that consumers don't want to buy one more black box for the living room," says analyst Kurt Scherf.

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Yahoo's profit bolsters takeover defence The Guardian

First quarter results from Yahoo came in better than Wall Street expected last night, thanks in part to the internet company's international operations, but it is understood it will remain in talks with News Corp and AOL to see off the threat of a hostile takeover from Microsoft.

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In Afghanistan, insurgents attacking cellphone network Los Angeles Times

Afghans tend to be stoic in the face of poverty, hardship and seemingly endless warfare. But mess with their cellphones, and the response is one of undiluted outrage.

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Microsoft Reveals a Web-Based Software System New York Times

Microsoft is preparing to take its most ambitious step yet in transforming its personal computer business into one tied more closely to software running in remote data centers.

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Cloud Computing Gains Steam With New I.B.M. Gear New York Times

I.B.M. is entering the market for Internet-focused data centers with computer systems designed to reduce power consumption sharply and take up less floor space.

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23 April 2008

Web 2.0 is set for spending boom BBC

Web 2.0 is set to be embraced by Enterprise 2.0 as businesses prepare to spend nearly $5 billion by 2013 on social networking tools. Over half of the companies in North America and Europe see Web 2.0 as a priority for next year, a report says.

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Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? The Independent

Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious 'colony collapse' of bees

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22 April 2008

UK internet sales hit record £13bn in first quarter The Independent

Internet sales have hit an all-time high in the UK as price-conscious shoppers shun the high street in lieu of bargain-hunting online.

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More than 250 million Europeans regularly use Internet, says Commission's ICT Progress Report EUROPA

More than half of Europeans are now regular Internet users, 80% of them have broadband connections and 60% of public services in the EU are fully available online. Two thirds of schools and half of doctors make use of fast Internet connections, thanks to strong broadband growth in Europe. These are the findings of a Commission report on the results achieved so far with i2010, the EU's digital-led strategy for growth and jobs.

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How Google Has Screwed Up the MySpace Deal Wired

Lots of smart people are trying to figure out how to monetize social networks. It's no easy feat: Even if millions of people log on to Facebook twice a day, they aren't there to buy sneakers, they're there to connect with friends.

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Who Owns Sports Coverage? The role of Sports Bloggers New York Times

Tension over sports blogging is one of the strains between sports franchises, leagues and reporters to have emerged during the digital age. The dispute has grown lately between the press and organized sports over issues like how reporters cover teams, who owns the rights to photographs, audio and video that journalists gather at sports events, and whether someone who writes only blogs should be given access to the locker room.

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21 April 2008

The internet and politics: Semi-connected - British politics is missing out on the potential of new media The Economist

Even the least fogeyish of politicians have been flummoxed by the internet. Tony Blair, champion of all things modern, paid no end of lip service to the potential of new media as prime minister but was comically technophobic himself. Still, the internet plays a role in huge areas of British public life: party politics, punditry and government itself. But web aficionados lament a yawning gap with America, and with the most go-ahead corners of Europe.

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Bypassing Carriers for Mobile Content Business Week

Sales of ringtones and games through phone makers and the Web are way up, another sign service providers are losing their grip on the industry

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The iPhone in Europe: Lost in Translation Business Week

Apple's U.S. blockbuster isn't a hit across the Atlantic. How will it fare elsewhere?

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Struggling to Evade the Email Tsunami New York Times

Email has become the bane of some people's professional lives. Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, a blog covering new Internet companies, last month stared balefully at his inbox, with 2,433 unread e-mail messages, not counting 721 messages awaiting his attention in Facebook.

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19 April 2008

Danish PM jogs with Facebook fans BBC

Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has gone jogging with about 100 people he met through the social networking website Facebook.

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18 April 2008

Wired and wireless at the same high speed ZDNet

The next generation of optical networks needed to satisfy our appetite for bandwidth is currently under development. And researchers from Georgia Tech have built a new architecture which delivers super-broadband wired and wireless service simultaneously.

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US surfers watch 10 billion videos a month vnunet

US internet users viewed more than 10 billion online videos during February, representing a three per cent gain over January, according to new research. The latest comScore Video Metrix data shows that the number of videos accessed represented a 66 per cent increase compared with February 2007.

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Google tightens US web search stranglehold: More than 6.4 billion core searches in March vnunet

Americans conducted 10.8 billion web searches in March, a nine per cent increase compared with February, new monitoring data reveals. The latest comScore qSearch report found that Google Sites extended its share of core searches in March to 59.8 per cent, up from 59.2 per cent in February.

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