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16 April 2008

Asian Businesses Get Ready for Data Explosion Business Week

Ron Goh, EMC's president for South Asia, told ZDNet Asia Friday that large enterprises in the region, particularly from industries such as finance, telecommunications and healthcare are "very aware" of the data explosion phenomenon and are taking steps to address the issue.

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Australian high-speed cable stretches 9000km to US Australian IT

The Telstra and Alcatel-Lucent 9000km submarine cable between Australia and the US that landed here last week will have to survive shark attacks and deliver 160,000 concurrent high-definition television channels to local homes.

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15 April 2008

In every measure, Obama clobbers Clinton online Salon

We've long known that Barack Obama is the Web's favorite presidential candidate -- now that Ron Paul is gone, the race isn't even close. But in a blog post today the Web-analysis firm Compete put out the full measure of Obama's dominance over rival Hillary Clinton.

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Mobility: Nomads at last - how wireless is changing the way we work, live and love The Economist

Wireless communication is changing the way people work, live, love and relate to places -- and each other, says Andreas Kluth: At the Nomad Café in Oakland, California, Tia Katrina Canlas, a law student at the nearby university in Berkeley, places her double Americano next to her mobile phone and iPod, opens her MacBook laptop computer and logs on to the café's wireless internet connection to study for her class on the legal treatment of sexual orientation. She is a regular here but doesn't usually bring cash, so her credit-card statement reads "Nomad, Nomad, Nomad, Nomad". That says it all, she thinks. Permanently connected, she communicates by text, photo, video or voice throughout the day with her friends and family, and does her "work stuff" at the same time. She roams around town, but often alights at oases that cater to nomads.

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Updated Web Browsers: Which One Works Best? PC World

Apple's Safari, Mozilla's Firefox 3, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 duke it out to be the program you use most on your PC. Which one does PC World rate the highest... read on!

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13 April 2008

Myspace tries to reach a bigger screen International Herald Tribune

Positioning a social network as a breeding ground for a television series, MySpace has signed a deal with a British-based production company, ShineReveille International, to distribute its video content outside the United States.

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Australian eBay members cry foul Australian IT

... New payment arrangements imposed by the online auction house will see costs dramatically rise for Australians selling goods; as the local market is a testbed for the planned worldwide policy. Buyers will no longer be able to use direct deposits - a popular payment method - personal cheques or money orders to purchase items on the website from June 17.

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Why inflight telephony spells cacophony The Independent

Harmony: that is what the European Commission professed to promulgate this week. The decision on "harmonised conditions of spectrum use for the operations of mobile communication services on aircraft" promises to enhance "quality of life". But Brussels' announcement of the freedom to roam, telephonically, at 30,000 feet spells only discord.

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Israel army in Facebook clampdown BBC

Israeli defence chiefs have moved to tighten internet social networking rules after photographs appeared showing sensitive military subjects. A review of Facebook pages belonging to Israeli troops found that some had posted detailed pictures of air bases, operations rooms and submarines.

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12 April 2008

IBM races to make hi-tech memory BBC

Handheld gadgets storing thousands of hours of film footage could soon be a reality thanks to IBM scientists. Researchers for the computer giant are working on a technology known as racetrack memory which uses tiny magnetic boundaries to store data.

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Mobile broadband on the rise among Irish businesses - report Digital Media Europe

55 per cent of large corporate firms in Ireland use mobile broadband using data cards and modems, says a report by Irish regulator ComReg. ComReg also found that 16 per cent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had adopted mobile broadband via laptops, while 24 per cent had accessed the internet over mobile handsets (up from 15 per cent in 2006).

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Nine in 10 UK web users watch video; Explosion of Online Video Watching Worldwide The Guardian

Almost nine out of 10 UK web users watched video online in December, according to comScore, whose data revealed the dominance of YouTube.

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11 April 2008

Aust internet lagging behind the world: Telstra ABC

Telstra says Australia is still falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to internet speeds, despite the completion of its new broadband project.

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China's 3G Failure Business Week

China Mobile will start selling heavily subsidized TD-SCDMA phones in eight cities from April 1. Officially it's a trial, because 3G licenses have not yet been issued. In reality it marks the commercial launch of 3G in China.

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eBay Australia to accept cash and PayPal only Sydney Morning Herald

New security changes to auction website eBay Australia will affect the way buyers purchase goods, and funnel more funds into its coffers.

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Kiwis still paying up for phone services Stuff

New Zealanders are still paying high prices for both mobile and fixed-line phone services by international standards, the Commerce Commission says. Releasing its 2007 telecommunications market monitoring report today the commission said, however, there were signs of increasing competition with most average retail prices falling.

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Google and Yahoo to share web ads BBC

Yahoo and Google, the world's two biggest search engines, have announced a two week experiment that will see them share advertising space.

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10 April 2008

The Battle for Mobile TV Standard Dominance E-Commerce Times

The European Union, as a bloc, may be backing Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVB-H) as its preferred mobile TV technology, but whether European consumers embrace that platform remains to be seen.

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New player joins online Scrabble battle The Guardian

The online battle for the hearts of Scrabble players has intensified after RealNetworks, one of the official rights holders of the game, rolled out an authorised version on Facebook to rival the popular Scrabulous application.

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09 April 2008

Japanese phone company testing scent downloads CNN

Japanese cell phone users will test a new service that allows them to download fragrances, major telecommunications company NTT Communications Corp. said Monday.

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UK online ad spend set to topple TV The Independent

Online advertising spending in the UK shot up by 38 per cent to £2.8bn last year, and is on track to knock TV off the number one spot by the end of next year, according to figures published today.

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08 April 2008

Net is playground for parents as well as children The Guardian

Parents are far more likely to use the internet regularly than adults without children, according to research published today, and what they are doing online varies with the age of their offspring. The research, carried out in a dozen countries by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), reinforces the view that people with children stay at home more than other adults, but also shows that for parents the internet is a source of information and entertainment. Also includes the EIAA news release.

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Will Microsoft Deliver Windows 7 Next Year? PC World

Microsoft hints that the next version of its Windows operating system will arrive in 2009. Microsoft has dropped two strong hints in the past two days that the next version of its Windows operating system will arrive in 2009, shaving up to a year off previous expectations.

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Yahoo Promises to 'Amp' Up Ad Platform New York Times

Yahoo Inc. believes it's poised to revolutionize online advertising after years of being outmaneuvered by rival Google Inc. But the slumping Internet pioneer might not get the chance to show off the latest improvements to its online advertising platform unless it can convince increasingly impatient investors that the new approach will produce a bigger payoff than Microsoft Corp.'s unsolicited offer to buy the Sunnyvale-based company for more than $40 billion.

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Cloudy Judgment: Web-based applications are all well and good, but there's still no beating the desktop computer. Slate

I had just finished a Photoshop how-to for Wired when the software's maker announced a new free online version, Photoshop Express. Great, I thought: Instead of telling readers to spend 100 bucks, I can point them to the free, no-installation-required version. After a few minutes of noodling, though, it was clear that Photoshop Express couldn't perform the basic vacation-shot-enhancement tricks I'd written up. Neither can Picnik or Phixr, two other popular Web-based photo editors. As of yet, no Web-based photo manipulation tool is even as sophisticated as Photoshop Elements 5, the previous PC edition. Buy a copy on eBay for $40 -- you'll thank me the next time your Web connection conks out.

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