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25 September 2008

Authorities look for answers after Finnish mass shooting ABC News

A deadly shooting at a Finnish school has raised questions about tougher policing of the internet, and whether the thrill of posting threatening videos encourages other potential killers.

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Google's phone software launched BBC

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones takes a look at Android, the new mobile phone platform launched by Google.

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24 September 2008

The mobile Internet you'll be using in 10 years Computerworld

The US military's new space based communications network opens a glimpse at the sort of data rates and network that you might be using on mobile devices within the next decade.

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With Google Phone, HTC Comes Out of the Shadows New York Times

When executives from Google and T-Mobile converge on a stage in New York Tuesday to unveil the first mobile phone powered by Google's software, the event will be a coming-out party of sorts for another, far more obscure, but no less ambitious company -- HTC.

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Nokia tops latest Greener Electronics Guide Greenpeace

Company scores plummeted in the previous edition of Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, when new criteria on climate change were introduced. However, leading brands like Nokia and Samsung are now making significant progress in greening their electronics products, with improved environmental policies responding not only to these new energy criteria, but also to the more stringent chemical and e-waste criteria.

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23 September 2008

Google in Shift on 'Abortion' as Keyword New York Times

After a lawsuit from a Christian anti-abortion group, Google is allowing religious organizations to take out ads using the keyword "abortion," a rare case of the search giant admitting it was wrong.

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Gartner: Social networking here to stay ZDNet

Social networking applications may have got a bad rap in enterprises due to security scares, but according to a Gartner analyst, companies should begin building for these in the workplace because they are here to stay.

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Some 'Cyberloafing' is OK, Study Says PC World

Employees feel that 'cyberloafing' - the non-work related use of their workplace computer -- is acceptable and helps them work better.

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Google makes handset debut with rival to iPhone The Guardian

Google will make its long-awaited debut in the mobile phone handset market tomorrow when it launches in New York, with its first network partner T-Mobile, the first device that runs its Android operating system.

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22 September 2008

Why the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Is Nothing to Fear New York Times

Google controls about 70 percent of the search advertising market. Doesn't that give it a monopolist's ability to set prices as high as it wishes? It does not.

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Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold' Independent on Sunday

Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears that today's youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life

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21 September 2008

As Text Messages Fly, Danger Lurks: Dangers of SMS New York Times

... But even as industry calculations show that Americans are now using mobile phones to send or receive more text messages than phone calls, those messages are coming under increasing fire because of the danger they can pose by distracting users. Though there are no official casualty statistics, there is much anecdotal evidence that the number of fatal accidents stemming from texting while driving, crossing the street or engaging in other activities is on the rise.

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20 September 2008

US environmental agency doing little to curb e-waste exports, report says The Guardian

Those old computers Americans discard often end up in developing countries, bridging the so-called digital divide - when they work. But there's a dark side to computer exports in which children are threatened by open-air burning of hazardous metals and the "acid baths" used to recover bits of gold, a report from the US government accountability office report said yesterday.

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Asia Pacific world's hottest telco market Computerworld

Research firm Gartner is predicting that the Asia Pacific telecommunications market will topple North America as the largest, most lucrative telecommunications market for 2008.

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Facebook reflects struggle over Islam's role Los Angeles Times

In the Middle East, the devout and the secular are duking it out online. But does one side hear the other?

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19 September 2008

Web boom in English-obsessed Korea Reuters

Armed with the world's fastest Internet and an even stronger desire to learn English, South Koreans are using the latest Web resources to master a language that is the economic and emotional focus of their education.

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The Dangers of Texting The Age

... The ratio communis, a key region of the brain, was malfunctioning. Instead of fluorescing on brain scans, it flickered, grey and dull. What science was trying to work out was the link between this dead zone and gadgets. When we chat on the mobile phone, text furiously, browse the BlackBerry, or commune with our car's GPS, the lights go out.

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We Are What We Google - What Online Search Records Tell Forbes

Bill Tancer, head of research at online analysis firm Hitwise, is the curator of 10 million users' Web browsing records--the complete history of every click and every search term--pulled from the logs of ISPs around the world who have either sold the data to Hitwise or traded it for free analysis. Pooled together and scrubbed of its identifying features like names and phone numbers, Tancer says the logs show more than just how people use the Internet. In Click, his fast-selling book released earlier this month, he argues that the ISP's massive data dump can tell us what consumers want, predict the economic future and maybe even offer insight into human nature.

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IBM Gets Serious About Social Networking With New Research Center E-Commerce Times

IBM is elevating social networking to another level with the establishment of a research center dedicated specifically to developing Web 2.0 collaborative software tools. Other members of the private sector and academics from across the globe are joining in the effort.

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Harvard professor sees answers to nagging Web-youth issues CNET

John Palfrey says the Web isn't bad for kids and offers possible solutions to such problems as preventing teens from illegally file sharing and being exposed to porn.

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Google's Schmidt: Full steam ahead Yahoo ad deal CNET

Despite increasing scrutiny from regulators, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt showed no signs of being deterred in from its plan to put into effect its search-ad deal with Yahoo less than a month from now.

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18 September 2008

Google shows Android running on a phone in Europe Computerworld

Google Android logoGoogle showed its Android OS running on a mobile phone for the first time in Europe on Tuesday in a cautious screening ahead of its imminent launch.

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us: Survey: Nearly every kid a video gamer Sydney Morning Herald

A new survey finds that nearly all young Americans play video games, showing just how ingrained the technology has become in youth culture.

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Report: T-Mobile to Announce Google Phone Sept. 23 PC World

T-Mobile USA will become the first company in the world to announce a mobile phone based on Google's Android OS at a New York press conference Sept. 23, the New York Times reports, citing T-Mobile.

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17 September 2008

Porn less popular as Web users become social Reuters

Social networking sites are the hottest attraction on the Internet, dethroning pornography and highlighting a major change in how people communicate, according to a web guru.

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