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26 August 2008

Olympics set the stage for emerging Web tech fight-Microsoft Reuters

As the world's best athletes compete in Beijing, the summer Olympic games are setting the stage for a battle between Microsoft Corp and Adobe Systems Inc over the Internet's next big competition.

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China, India to Lead in Broadband Connections PC World

India and China are to overtake Western Europe to become the region with the largest number of broadband connections, says analyst and consulting firm Ovum.

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Calling Venus, Calling Mars: Differences in Men's and Women's Use of Mobile Phones Forbes

It's easy enough to spot a girly cellphone--just look for bright finishes in shades of pink, purple and red. But is it possible to use a phone like a girl? Research says yes.

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25 August 2008

Poor earning virtual gaming gold BBC

Nearly 500,000 people in developing nations earn a wage making virtual goods in online games to sell to players, a study has found.

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Caution: Driver May Be Surfing the Web-Chrysler Adds Wi-Fi & Internet to Cars New York Times

Anything that keeps tykes pacified on long car trips, like video systems in rear seats, is a boon to automotive safety. Today, Chrysler is poised to offer in its 2009 models a new entertainment option for the children: Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity. The problem is that the entire car becomes a hotspot. The signals won't be confined to the Nintendos in the rear seat; front-seat occupants will be able to stay online, too.

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24 August 2008

Cracking China's Social Network Market Forbes

With the biggest and fastest-growing online population on the planet, China is the holy grail for social networking sites. No surprise, then, that U.S.giants such as MySpace and Facebook are eager to reel in some of China's 250 million Netizens.

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Widget Channel: Yahoo promises to bring wonders of the web to TV The Guardian

A new project announced by internet giant Yahoo is promising to bring the wonders of the web to television, allowing viewers to customise their TV screens with a swathe of internet services including eBay listings, weather, financial news and Twitter updates.

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23 August 2008

Porn not the most popular online search for Australians

Despite the old truism, pornography is not the most popular thing on the internet, according to Google's new search analysis tool. More Australians use the web to find games than adult content, even in Queensland where searches for "porn" and "sex" are the most popular.

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22 August 2008

Internet Explorer, Firefox to get 'privacy mode' BBC

Microsoft is planning a "privacy mode" for the next release of its Internet Explorer web browser.

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Few lives left for Second Life-Companies abandon virtual world The Age

The companies that rushed to set up bases within the cult virtual world of Second Life appear to have wasted their time as many have shut down and others are "ghost towns", an Australian researcher has found.

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Tech giants near agreement on human rights code OUT-LAW News

Some of the biggest technology and internet companies in the world have agreed a set of standards to protect human rights online that they hope the whole IT industry will adopt. The move could affect companies' privacy policies worldwide.

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Intel Moves to Free Gadgets of Their Recharging Cords New York Times

Intel has made progress in a technology that could lead to the wireless recharging of gadgets and the end of the power-cord spaghetti behind electronic devices.

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Virtual Worlds Get Real About Punishment Washington Post

Virtual worlds have often been called the digital equivalent of the Wild West, where animated alter egos can live in a fantasy frontier. But in some of these universes, a sheriff has come to town.

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Convicts log on as US updates jail-mail system New Zealand Herald

When Melvin Garcia was sent to prison almost a decade ago for racketeering, he had never used a computer. Now he sends 50 emails a month from a federal prison in West Virginia, punctuating notes with emoticons.

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Greenpeace Raises Alarm Over Rising E-Waste in Africa Vanguard

As e-waste continue to pose health problem to the international communities, especially the third world countries, Greenpeace has called on the world's electronics companies to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products, saying toxic waste from wealthy nations' gadgets ends up being dumped in poor countries despite laws prohibiting it.

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21 August 2008

EBay changes aim for fewer critics and more sellers The Guardian

EBay will unveil sweeping changes today to encourage more fixed-price sellers as part of a wider attempt to transform the business from global car boot sale to worldwide shopping mall.

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20 August 2008

Internet becomes Iraq's new matchmaker Sydney Morning Herald

Young Iraqis in Baghdad are surfing the internet to search for partners to tie the knot as violence and sectarian tensions take their toll on more traditional forms of socialising.

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19 August 2008

Google, 10 years in: big, friendly giant or a greedy Goliath? The Observer

Every day, all over the world, millions of us use Google. Founded 10 years ago by two students, it is now so powerful that it threatens to swallow up all other media while global leaders queue for its blessing. But just as we seek knowledge from Google, so Google gleans secrets from us. Has the cool baby grown up into a sinister corporate threat to privacy?

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18 August 2008

LinkedIn warns social networkers about dangers of 'frolleagues' The Guardian

Business networking website LinkedIn has published a series of guidelines to help prevent users damaging their careers by mixing professional contacts and friends online.

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VCs Hope to See Wi-Fi Everywhere: Beyond computers, Wi-Fi-enabled televisions, set-top boxes, and cars are entering the market BusinessWeek

Many people are familiar with the coffee shop's Wi-Fi, while others even know how to set up a simple home network. Pretty much everyone, however, knows that Wi-Fi is what makes it all possible. That ubiquity is what many venture firms are counting on as they invest in a group of startups putting Wi-Fi into cameras, televisions, and even keyboards and mice.

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British Internet TV: watch this space The Observer

The British internet TV market could generate revenues of £1.78bn by 2011, according to research carried out by technology company Alcatel-Lucent.

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16 August 2008

Facebook grabs top spot from MySpace New Zealand Herald

Facebook has overtaken MySpace in terms of the amount of users who have signed up to its services, making it the biggest social networking site worldwide.

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15 August 2008

How the British watch now: tune in, log on, call up The Guardian

The traditional picture of the British family spending its evenings slumped in front of the TV has changed dramatically, according to a new report from the watchdog Ofcom, published today. The box is still on, but the people on the sofa are talking on the phone, texting furiously or surfing the internet - increasingly using a laptop with a mobile broadband connection - while they keep one eye on the screen.

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14 August 2008

Study shows U.S. broadband speeds continue to lag CNet

The average download and upload speeds for broadband services across the U.S. have remained relatively unchanged over the past year as the U.S. continues to lag behind other countries in terms of broadband speeds, according to a report published by the Communications Workers of America labor union.

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Facebook dominates worldwide social networking, study finds Computerworld

Facebook Inc. has grown 153% during the past year, propelled by the soaring growth of new in virtually every market outside North America, according to a report on social networking released Tuesday by ComScore Inc.

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