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16 July 2008

uk: BT to launch super-fast broadband The Guardian

BT today announced plans to spend £1.5bn building a super-fast broadband network across the UK over the next four years.

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15 July 2008

Search Engine Optimisation for Small Business BusinessWeek

The experience of one woman, Jill Caren, in getting top rankings for her small business with Google is outlined in this BusinessWeek article. The American woman runs a small business called "Expressions Photo Design, and, her Web site, regularly lands among the first listings for anyone Googling 'unique photo gifts,' the keywords she thinks potential customers are using in searches."

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In-car entertainment steps up a gear with wi-fi internet access The Sunday Times

Turn key, log on, drive off. Car manufacturers are racing to be the first to introduce in-car internet technology that will allow passengers to surf the web and download their favourite videos and music while on the move.

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14 July 2008

ITU responds to industry call to accelerate work on cleaner and greener environment ITU

Responding to an industry call, ITU has set up a new group to work on standards related to the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on climate change. The new group will focus in particular on the reduction of ICT emissions and how ICTs can assist in cutting emissions in other industry sectors such as energy, transportation and buildings.

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13 July 2008

When the Phone Goes With You, Everyone Else Can Tag Along Washington Post

... Consumers for years have been able to carry portable electronic devices that can pinpoint where they are on a map or a mountain trail. But yesterday's launch of the iPhone 3G signals the growing sophistication of an industry -- demonstrating the power of marrying precise location technology with the reach of the Internet on mobile devices.

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12 July 2008

Switch on a chip to boost internet speed ABC

A new ultrafast optical switch on a chip could help speed up the internet in Australia by more than 6,000 per cent, say researchers.

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Gartner Says Business Potential of Social Networking Web Sites Remains Largely Untapped BBC

Businesses are missing out on the huge potential that social networks present, a leading information technology company has warned. Researchers for Gartner found that huge opportunities for improving the management of large firms exist.

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11 July 2008

Women 'using web for abortions' where abortion restricted BBC

Some women in countries where abortion is restricted are using the internet to buy medication enabling them to abort a pregnancy at home, the BBC has learned.

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10 July 2008

Report: Mobile Internet use has reached "critical mass" ars technica

Use of the Internet from mobile devices has reached a critical mass and can now support more mobile marketing efforts, says Nielsen Mobile. Surprisingly, the US leads the pack in terms of how many mobile subscribers surf the web from their devices too.

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How the Google generation thinks differently The Times

Digital-age kids process information differently from parents. Our writer admits misjudging how her son was learning

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09 July 2008

Whichever screen, people are watching International Herald Tribune

Somehow, despite more distractions than ever, we're finding even more time to plant ourselves in front of screens.

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Press the panic button - newspapers and the effect of the internet The Guardian

Major newspaper publishers are reporting significant falls in ad revenue and the internet is gobbling up classified. So can print media bounce back from this downturn?

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05 July 2008

US tax payback spent on porn vnunet

President Bush's economic stimulus plan, which involved sending out checks of up to $1,200 to every taxpayer, has provided a boom to the online porn industry, according to market research.

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04 July 2008

eBay still 'forcing' Australian sellers to use PayPal The Age

eBay is surreptitiously strong-arming its users into embracing PayPal despite publicly announcing it has shelved plans to block other payment methods.

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The Google Ogle Defense: A Search for America's Psyche Washington Post

Question: Do you think your Google habits -- your random, untethered wisps of thoughts manifested as search terms like "unexplained hives" and "Kate Beckinsale single?" -- can be bundled together to paint an accurate representation of your morality?

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EBay drops Australian PayPal requirement Australian IT

eBay has dropped its bid to use Australia as a guinea pig to trial a new policy where all other modes of payment are barred except its own transaction gateway, PayPal.

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Internet viewed as new channel to Chinese democracy

After Chinese President Hu Jintao's online chat with Internet users, 52.4 percent citizens think the Internet in China will become a livelier forum for debate, and can develop into a form of social participation.

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Taking steps toward mobile cash International Herald Tribune

... The transaction was made possible by mobile payment - a form of cashless consumption that uses a technology called near-field communication, which sends encoded payment data over distances of less than 10 centimeters.

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Environment: Climate risk from flat-screen TVs The Guardian

The rising demand for flat-screen televisions could have a greater impact on global warming than the world's largest coal-fired power stations, a leading environmental scientist warned yesterday.

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03 July 2008

The world's most wired countries Forbes

Sweden may be better known for cars and couches than computers, but when it comes to access to broadband and cellular networks, it's tops. The Scandinavian country leads the world in "technological readiness," according to the World Economic Forum.

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Firefox sets new record, cracks 19% market share Computerworld

Mozilla Corp. used the launch of Firefox 3.0 last month to boost its browser market share to over 19%, an Internet measurement company said today.

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Google in brouhaha with anti-Obama bloggers Computerworld

Google Inc. has found itself immersed in a blogger brouhaha after its Blogger subsidiary shut down the postings of several political bloggers opposing the election of Sen. Barack Obama for president.

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40% of surfers don't bother with browser security ars technica

A new collaborative study between Google, IBM, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology suggests that users are slower to move between product updates than they should be -- especially those using Internet Explorer. The researchers believe that browsers could learn from the food industry, of all things.

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02 July 2008

Bhutan MPs in computer game ban BBC

Parliament in Bhutan has banned its members from bringing laptops to work - to stop them playing computer games.

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Asia Pacific internet audience soars to 318 million vnunet

Some 318 million people in Asia Pacific visited internet sites in April 2008, an increase of 14 per cent from 280 million in the same month one year earlier, according to a new survey.

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