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23 July 2013

David Cameron's internet pornography fight muddles two separate issues The Guardian

The Daily Mail's preening claim to have "won" the battle against internet pornography had an appropriate sidebar beside it online, showing multiple celebrities wearing teeny bikinis and flaunting their curves. Such is the contradiction of David Cameron's "war" on porn on the web.

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22 July 2013

UK government to 'drain the market' of online child sex abuse The Guardian

The British government plans to "drain the market" of child sexual abuse images online by launching a major campaign with the police and internet companies to pursue both the publishers and those who access the material, David Cameron has said.

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David Cameron cracks down on violent internet porn The Independent

Possessing pornography that depicts simulated rape is to become a criminal offence in England and Wales, David Cameron will announce today, as he pledges to make Britain a place where there is a "sense of right and wrong".

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21 July 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron to press Google over 'complicity' in porn Independent on Sunday

David Cameron will tomorrow step up the pressure on Google, Facebook and other internet companies over online porn, suggesting they are complicit in allowing indecent images to be hosted and accessed.

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20 July 2013

Child sex abuse online: the people who watch it to remove it The Guardian

Behind the locked doors in a side office at the Internet Watch Foundation, half a dozen analysts are finishing lunch at their desks. Emma Thomas scrapes from a bowl the last of her tomato and pasta soup, sitting in front of her computer, where she has spent the morning watching 30 videos of child sexual abuse.

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19 July 2013

Most porn-on-demand services are beyond UK regulation, warns watchdog The Independent

Most porn on demand services available to British internet users are operated from outside the UK putting them beyond UK regulation, a regulator has warned.

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16 July 2013

'Active Choice ' vs 'Default On': Revealed, how Cameron's crackdown on internet pornography became an exercise in rebranding The Independent

Internet providers have been secretly asked by the Government to make it appear they are offering greater protection against children accessing internet pornography purely for political benefit, according to a leaked letter.

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02 July 2013

Number of UK paedophiles 'live-streaming' abuse films soars, warns CEOP The Independent

British paedophiles are paying to watch the live streaming of child sex abuse after conducting overseas "fact-finding" trips to identify the vulnerable, protection experts said on Monday.

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Modified online children's privacy rules take effect in US CIO

Some websites and mobile app developers are confused about how to comply with revised rules governing the online collection of personal information from children that took effect in the U.S. Monday, critics said.

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01 July 2013

Web porn: Just how much is there? BBC News

Many things in porn are exaggerated, including the statistics regularly quoted to show how much pornography is on the web.

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30 June 2013

Will Facebook's Robot Censors Know Porn When They See It? Businessweek

The old trope about pornography is that you'll know it when you see it. Facebook is betting that not only will it know it, but that the social network will be able to train its computers to do the same.

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Porn: do we really want internet providers to be our censors? The Observer

Dearly beloved: our subject this morning is online pornography and what to do about it. The fact that there is a good deal of erotic material on the net is beyond dispute, though the precise amount is unclear. Let us assume that X % of websites contain porn, where X is a number between 5 and 15. What does that tell us? Answer: an awful lot of people seem to be interested in pornography. If there wasn't a demand, then presumably there wouldn't be such an abundant supply.

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19 June 2013

Google, BT and Yahoo! agree plan to tackle child porn on the web The Independent

Computer experts are to track down and block online child abuse images in an attempt to reverse the spread of sites used by paedophile groups, the Government announced today.

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16 June 2013

Google spends $5m to rid web of child porn Independent on Sunday

Google is to spend $5m (£3.1m) fighting child pornography and abuse, the company will announce today, after criticism that it is not doing enough to prevent the spread of harmful online imagery.

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13 June 2013

Google gives £1m to IWF charity that polices child abuse online The Independent

Google has donated £1 million to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a charity that aims to remove "potentially criminal" content from the internet, following criticism from the Government for failing to adequately censor online material.

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12 June 2013

Schoolchildren at risk of online activity being tracked The Guardian

Schoolchildren are at risk of having their online activity tracked and monitored for targeted advertising by internet firms through free cloud based education services.

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01 June 2013

Why technology must be the solution to child abuse material online The Guardian

Mark Bridger spent a significant amount of time on the internet on the day April Jones died. Just after midday, he had browsed his carefully organised collection of child abuse images, child murder victims and photos of local girls.

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Google donates just 90 seconds' profit to UK charity policing child abuse The Guardian

Google donated little more than £20,000 last year to the charity responsible for policing child abuse images online - the equivalent of 90 seconds' profit for the internet firm.

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Google must take more action to police explicit content, says Vince Cable The Guardian

The business secretary, Vince Cable, has become the first cabinet minister to intervene over the "shocking" availability of illegal child abuse images online, urging Google to take more action to police explicit material.

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31 May 2013

Editorial: Internet pornography: never again - David Cameron has taken a keen interest in protecting children from exposure to internet porn but seems reluctant to lead The Guardian

Internet pornography is usually abusive and often violent. Mark Bridger, convicted yesterday of the murder of April Jones, had compiled a store of it. Pornography is easily and freely accessible, and at most requires only a credit card. The link between such material and violence, most commonly against women and children, is not quite beyond dispute - occasional studies claim there is, as one headline had it, a sunny side to smut. But there is strong evidence that at the very least it is addictive, can normalise violence, and at the same time diminishes sympathy for its victims. It is a kind of incitement to hate. It should be banned. But that is easier to say than to do.

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25 May 2013

We need to talk to children about porn The Guardian

Parents are worried about what their children view online, but we should talk to young people about that as part of sex education

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24 May 2013

Children raised 'on diet of porn' more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour, warns UK report The Independent

Children who access pornography are more likely to have sex at a younger age and engage in "risky behaviours", a report by the Office of the Children's Commissioner has warned.

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21 May 2013

Warnings over gambling apps targeting Australian youth market ABC News

Researchers warn a new wave of simulated gambling applications are aiming to hit the jackpot with a new generation of younger gamers.

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18 May 2013

Call for transparency after Australian corporate regulator accidentally blocks 1,000 websites ABC News

There are calls for greater oversight and transparency after the corporate regulator accidentally blocked more than 1,000 websites.

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17 May 2013

Fears rise over Australian government web censorship Australian Financial Review

Greens senator Scott Ludlam says the federal government has revived internet censorship concerns with revelations its agencies are using legislative powers to block Australian users from accessing suspect websites more widely than first thought.

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