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12 June 2008

us: Anti-Child-Porn Tactic Criticized: Thwarting Payments Makes Users Hard to Track, Report Says Washington Post

The decision yesterday by three Internet service providers to block access to online child pornography is the latest in a series of steps by companies and government officials to curb the distribution of such materials. But a report to be published later this month questions whether such actions are making it more difficult to track users.

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11 June 2008

Aust Federal police anti-porn operations cut by razor gang Computerworld

The Rudd government's razor gang has cut funding from the Australian Federal Police anti-child porn operations, including its online capability.

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us: 3 ISPs Will Block Sites With Child Sex New York Times

Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have agreed to block access to Internet bulletin boards and Web sites nationwide that disseminate child pornography.

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10 June 2008

Online child abuse: First a look, then a touch too far Sydney Morning Herald

Is the internet encouraging child porn viewers to take their perversity a step further? It's a question that has troubled investigators and psychologists grappling with the explosion of web-enabled sexual crimes against children.

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09 June 2008

us: A rallying cry against cyberbullying CNet

Lawmakers and Internet executives are perking up to the growing problem of kid bully fights on the Web.

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08 June 2008

More charges laid over Australian child porn bust ABC

Queensland police have charged another two men overnight as part of Operation Centurion, a major national child pornography investigation.

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07 June 2008

uk: Time taken to shut child abuse sites criticised The Guardian

UK child protection experts have called for greater efforts to patrol child abuse websites after a study revealed that it takes a month on average to take them down from the internet.

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06 June 2008

Child sex abuse: Operation Centurion's shocking fact file Sydney Morning Herald

More than one million child exploitation images have been seized by federal and state police forces in co-ordinated raids around the country that have uncovered 90 alleged offenders, AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty said this morning.

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05 June 2008

70 arrested in Australian, 55 in Spain, in 2 child porn busts ABC

Seventy people have been arrested in a nation-wide child pornography bust dubbed Operation Centurion.

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02 June 2008

Fighting the Web Bullying That Led to a Suicide New York Times

When Tina Meier's 13-year-old daughter, Megan, committed suicide in October 2006 after being bullied on the Internet, her grief was so encompassing that she said she felt at times she could not breathe. Ms. Meier said she had trouble being around loved ones who reminded her of her child. Even today, recollections of those first holidays after Megan's death are foggy at best.

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29 May 2008

uk: Computer generated child abuse 'banned' BBC

Drawings and computer-generated images of child sex abuse would be made illegal in the UK under proposals announced by Justice Minister Maria Eagle.

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23 May 2008

uk: Net downloads to get age ratings BBC

Age ratings for downloaded video content and video games are to be introduced in the UK. Overseen by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the scheme will see certificates appear on websites, via set-top boxes and portable players.

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21 May 2008

US Supreme Court Upholds Child Pornography Law New York Times

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the latest Congressional effort to curb the spread of child pornography on the Internet, a 2003 law that makes it a crime to offer or solicit sexually explicit images of children.

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18 May 2008

Missouri lawmakers pass bill against cyber-harassment after MySpace suicide case Los Angeles Times

Responding to the suicide of a Missouri teenager who was teased over the Internet, state lawmakers Friday gave final approval to a bill making cyber-harassment illegal.

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US Senators OK $1 billion for online child porn fight CNet

A U.S. Senate panel has unanimously approved a bill that would encourage federal, state, and local police to use and create special software designed to nab child pornography swappers on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

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Japanese bill takes aim at child porn holders Japan Times

The ruling coalition has compiled a bill to stiffen the law against child prostitution and child pornography by criminalizing the possession of such pornographic material for personal use, sources said Friday.

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17 May 2008

Missouri Woman Accused of Driving Girl to Suicide Is Indicted in California New York Times

In a highly unusual use of a federal law generally employed in computer fraud cases, a federal grand jury here on Thursday indicted a Missouri woman accused of using a phony online identity to trick and taunt a 13-year-old girl, who committed suicide in response to the cyberbaiting.

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15 May 2008

Australian budget tackles online safety Australian IT

The Rudd Government has committed $49 million to cracking down on child sexual exploitation on the internet as part of new budget measures announced yesterday.

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12 May 2008

Cyber bullying an issue for Australian youth, poll finds The Age

Cyber bullying is affecting more than one in five young Australians, a youth survey has found.

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10 May 2008

US arrests paedophile suspect after global manhunt ABC

US immigration agents arrested a suspected paedophile just two days after Interpol launched a global hunt for a man who abused South-East Asian boys, the police agency said.

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us: Facebook agrees child safety plan BBC

Facebook is to add a slew of new safeguards to protect young users from sexual predators and cyber bullies.

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09 May 2008

Call for joint effort to combat online child pornography : EU EurActiv

The fight against child abuse over the Internet is often hampered by data protection rules, but a joint effort between privacy authorities, financial institutions and Internet services providers can ensure significant results in line with national laws, according to a new report.

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NZ cartoon policeman and dolphin to warn UK children about online paedophiles The Times

Child abuse experts are targeting children as young as five for the first time to teach them about the dangers of online paedophiles. Pupils in primary schools across the country will be introduced to Hector's World, a series of five animated characters including Hector the dolphin and PC Jim, who will explore how to use the internet safely.

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07 May 2008

Public asked to aid INTERPOL hunt for suspected paedophile The Guardian

INTERPOL has released a series of images in a worldwide appeal to identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys, after a two-year investigation failed to determine either his identity or his whereabouts.

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04 May 2008

au: Pornography, abuse blamed for sexually problematic children ABC

A sexual assault support service for children in Hobart has embarked on a project to tackle what is considered a growing social problem.

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