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12 July 2007

11 million .de domain names registered

Denic have announced there are now eleven million .de domain names according to some news reports. More information and confirmation as it comes to hand! But this comes a few days after Nominet announced they have six million domain registrations.

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11 July 2007

Domain Name Registration Transaction Fee Drops Again ICANN

ICANN have announced registrars and ICANN have negotiated a reduction in the transaction fees paid for each domain name registration. It is the second such reduction in two years, which means a drop from US$0.25 to US$0.20 cents.

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dotMobi to give away city domain names, but there's a catch!

DotMobi have announced they are giving away .mobi city domain names, but, there's a catch - registrants must spend €2,000 per year to promote the site and domain name. There are 650 domain names available in this promotion.

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07 July 2007

Google loses "" domain name

German courts have ruled that Google doesn't have the right to the domain name. Daniel Giersch holds the "gmail" trademark in Germany, and registered the domain name in April 2004. Heise quotes Daniel Giersch's lawyer Sebastian Eble stating, "The Hanseatic Upper Court felt that the law was so clear that it has not even allowed its ruling to be appealed to a higher court." Giersch operates physical and electronic postal services under the Gmail brand, predating Googles own Gmail.

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Nominet reaches six million domain registrations

Nominet have announced the six millionth .uk domain name has been registered. .uk is the second largest ccTLD worldwide. They've also taken advantage of this milestone to report on research carried out by YouGov demonstrating internet users were six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine.

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06 July 2007

Speculators ready for '.asia' web address rush The Times

The Times notes the impending launch of .asia and says, "Cyber-speculators and counterfeiters are preparing to hijack" .asia domain names going on past experiences, such as with .eu. The Times article wants to raise awareness of the new TLD's launch so British businesses that have a presence in Asia are prepared.

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05 July 2007

Apple acquires domain for US$1m

There are reports that Apple has finally acquired the domain name, and reportedly for around US$1m. Michael Kovatch registered the domain name way back in 1995 with the view that internet telephony would one day take off!

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04 July 2007

Time to let a thousand domains bloom? BBC

Tight control over domain names will damage the internet, says the BBC's Bill Thompson. Thompson writes while there are criticisms over ICANN, whatever these may be, “Icann is currently the lead authority on most of the technical aspects of the internet, so trying to engage with it and make it more effective is the only real option for those concerned with the net's future. It is therefore reassuring that much of the discussion in San Juan was related to transparency and accountability, looking at how the organisation can be improved.”

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Cold-War Fight Against Domaining Continues by Frank Schilling Circle ID

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!" quote by Gandhi pretty much summarizes the evolution of the domain name monetization and development business. I have watched this business come of age for more than half a decade... In the beginning nobody cared... then when people started talking about how great it was, 'smart people' and the "legitimate web" laughed. Then the trucks with money showed up... A significant double-digit percentage of global Internet traffic is now owned by domain holders with generic names. So the fight is on.

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Domaining & Subdomaining In The Local Space - Part 1 & 2 by Chris Silver Smith Search Engine Land

The practices of domaining and subdomaining have steadily grown into increasingly hot topics in the local search marketing space for the past few years. "Domaining" is the practice of buying domains mainly for their potential keyword value. Speculators purchase keyword domains with a view towards selling those properties at considerable markup, and/or using those domains to host relevant affiliate content links and/or contextual ads to derive profit from the traffic, clicks, and purchases resulting from the users who arrive at the sites by typing their URLs directly into browser address fields. Subdomaining is the practice of delivering sections of content on sites under third-level domain names.

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03 July 2007

Click Fraud Not Top PPC Concern Practical eCommerce

Click fraud has been a popular topic of discussion for a number of years, and it doesn't appear the issue will fade away anytime soon. The industry is full of various numbers thrown around putting the click fraud rate anywhere from .02 percent (claimed by Google) to 30 percent or more. Who should you believe about click fraud, and how much should you be worried?

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The End of the (IPv4) World is Nigher! by Geoff Huston Circle ID

Funny how some topics seem sit on a quiet back burner for years, and then all of a sudden become matters of relatively intense attention. Over the past few weeks we've seen a number of pronouncements on the imminent exhaustion of the IP version 4 address pools. Not only have some of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and some national registry bodies made public statements on the topic, we've now seen ICANN also make its pronouncement on this topic... Why the sudden uptake of interest in this topic? I suspect that a small part of this may be my fault!

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02 July 2007

Now you see us, now you don't: ICANN goes transparent The Register

The Wednesday ICANN-arama wrapped up with a session covering ICANN's ongoing efforts to improve its management and accountability practices: the "Accountability and transparency management operating principles" workshop.

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01 July 2007

ICANN in Puerto Rico - Day Five Wrap

Day five, the final day of ICANN's meeting in San Juan, and the news reports give coverage of ICANN's moving towards implementing new top level domains and internationalised domain names.

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The Most Expensive Domain Names - the booming domain name sales market Forbes

The bidding started at $300,000 and blasted through the seven-figure mark before settling at $1.8 million. No, this wasn't Sotheby's--nor was the object d'art a Picasso. This battle was for the URL

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ICANN faces major transition with Cerf's departure ComputerWorld

Since its founding in 1998, the controversial ICANN has weathered violent political turbulence and survived volatile technical controversies. However, in a few months, the non-profit ICANN may face one of its toughest challenges ever when its long-time board Chairman Vint Cerf steps down.

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30 June 2007

New IANA website - comments wanted

The IANA website has got a much needed revamp and they want your comments. The new site, currently in beta mode, has been more or less designed from scratch. Kim Davies writes on the ICANN Blog that all web pages were rewritten, and their place on the website rethought. They are also working towards a site that is complies with all standards, and displays properly many different browsers.

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ICANN in Puerto Rico - Day Four Wrap

Not much coverage of Day three - Wednesday - of ICANN's San Juan meeting. It comes down to The Register again, with Burke Hansen writing an article titled "American trademark attorneys to consume own young", then "New breed raised in intellectual cages and fed raw meat".

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uk: Google sued over defamatory postings found on web search The Independent

Google is being sued by a London businessman in a landmark legal action that could hold the US-based company liable for the publication of inaccurate, malicious or damaging material on the internet.

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dotAsia domain applications to begin in October PC World

Applications for domain names under the new ".asia" TLD will begin to be accepted from October, the nonprofit organization running the domain said Thursday.

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Speculators grab iPhone domain names Sydney Morning Herald

Visit and you'll see ads for various cell phones that play music - but Apple Inc.'s much-hyped iPhone isn't one of them. The domain name was grabbed long before Jan. 9, when Apple announced its gadget combining a cell phone, an iPod media player and a wireless Internet device. Since then, speculators and entrepreneurs have registered thousands of iPhone-related Internet addresses.

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29 June 2007

TLD Or Not TLD For Cities? Berlin Senate Wants Out Intellectual Property Watch

A fight has begun over the virtual existence of Germany's capital: Does a .berlin address space have a right to exist beside the old standby The outcome of the fight could have a broader effect on the future of city names on the Internet. So reports Intellectual Property Watch.

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ICANN in Puerto Rico - Day Three Wrap

Day three of the ICANN meeting in San Juan, and Burke Hansen in The Register reports on discussions of the expansion of the TLDs available, or as he notes, "two distinct kinds of TLDs - one for information about cities or purely geographic regions, and another for linguistic and cultural preservation". Meanwhile, at, Adam Strong comments "after reading the transcript of the 'tutorial' on domain tasting, [he] was pretty disappointed by what's going on. It's pretty clear at least one presenter got things off track. Representing the Business Constituency (BC), Maryiln Cade focused on what she called 'the harmful aspect, the dark side, ... a scheme that is involving the abusive registration and exploitation of the rights of others.'"

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What Is Cybersquatting and What Can Be Done About It? ACPA or UDRP? Domain Informer

Have you ever had a third party register a domain name that is either exactly the same or very similar to your trademark? If so, it may be a Cybersquatting issue. Cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with a bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. To address this issue, Congress enacted what is known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ("ACPA"). The ACPA amended the Lanham Act by providing trademark owners with a civil remedy against cybersquatting.

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28 June 2007

ICANN in Puerto Rico - Day Two Wrap

On day two of the ICANN meeting in San Juan, Burke Hansen in The Register wrote of the RAA that has, he says, "forced ICANN into a bout of soul-searching, and the potential reform" with "wide-ranging debate about ICANN's purpose and the rights of registrants to their domains" along with how to deal with the failure of a registry. Hansen wonders if it's fair that most registrants treat their domain name as some form of property and "is it a correct reflection of intellectual property for no other reason than ICANN's convenience"? Data escrow, registrar audits and enforcement of RAAs are also briefly covered. IDG also covered the RAA noting one of the issues is how to protect the privacy of data and data escrow. On the RAA, "Beau Brendler, director of Consumer Reports Webwatch, suggested that ICANN provide more information about registrars, including ratings, so that consumers can make better informed decisions when choosing one." Stacy Burnette is quoted saying starting next month her team will publish a report twice a year with results from their registrar audits.

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