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02 August 2007

Domain names return hefty profits The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has an article this week on the "global, multibillion-dollar industry" of buying and selling domain names. The article notes with the growth in online advertising, by nearly a third each year for the past three years, domain names have become a hot investment. The article gives an overview of the industry for the layman, and is also republished in the International Herald Tribune.

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01 August 2007

InternetNZ Announces Election Results InternetNZ

InternetNZ announces official results in this year's InternetNZ Council elections. Peter Macaulay has been elected InternetNZ's new President, for a two-year term. Macaulay is a former InternetNZ Councillor and has served in the past as Executive Director.

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ICANN seeks to better protect domain name registrants IDG

ICANN is asking for the public's input as it revises its accreditation process for registrars, the companies that register and sell domain names. ICANN wants to improve oversight of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement to offer increased protection to people who register domain names, according to a statement.

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29 July 2007

ICANN Starts Consultation on How to Protect Registrants ICANN

Increased protection for those registering domain names is ICANN's goal as it launches consultations on its Registrar Accreditation Agreement and the accreditation process for companies who register domains.

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28 July 2007

Call for Domain Owner Code of Rights and Responsibilities by Robert A. Connor Circle ID

Robert A Connor’s article on Circle ID “discusses grassroots progress toward the development of a ‘Domain Registrant’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities.’” He says the “Code is an effort to create a balanced combination of the rights that domain name registrants should enjoy and the responsibilities that domain name registrants should fulfill.” Further, he says there’s a demand for such a code going by surveys on domain-related forums that “show far greater grassroots consensus than one might think between what might be called the “domainer” and “intellectual property” communities.” Such a code would improve the internet for everyone. While there are limits, such a Code “should say that registrants should not infringe trademarks by cybersquatting domains and trademark holders should not try to hijack domains by over-reaching trademarks.”

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27 July 2007

WIPO rules The Simpsons can go home to Fox

The Simpson's have won their domain name back, or rather WIPO ruled must be handed to News Corp.'s Twentieth Century Fox, which owns the rights to the film and TV series.

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26 July 2007

Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse to combat cybersquatting

The Washington-based non-profit The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse aims to confront cybersquatting. Media reports note cybersquatters should beware with Coca-Cola, Yahoo, Dell, Marriott, Eli Lilly and Hilton, among others, who have joined the coalition to push for harsher penalties for cybersquatters. CNN runs a story from Investor's Business Daily who interviews Josh Bourne. When asked what loopholes cybersquatters use, Bourne claims, “There are relatively lax registrar accreditation requirements from ICANN” and he refers to the “grace period” available to registrants.

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25 July 2007

nz: UK internet defamation case resonates here National Business Review

A recent case in the UK has again raised the issue of who is responsible for information available on the internet - and its outcome could reach as far as New Zealand. London businessman Brian Retkin is bringing a claim against Google for defamation, alleging that Google is responsible for not removing links to defamatory information posted on the internet by anonymous sources. Mr Redkin has reportedly spent years trying to get Google to remove links to the defamatory content about his internet domain name business Dotworlds from its search results.

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Dot TK cleans up Tokelau's web domain ComputerWorld

Dot TK, the company managing the Tokelau internet domain, is cleaning up, after .tk was named the riskiest ccTLD in the world. Joost Zuurbier, the registry's chief executive, says the March report was very damaging. "We saw a decline of approximately 10% of new registrations in the countries where this report hit the press," says their chief executive.

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uk: Victory for witches in £350m shops fight The Daily Telegraph

"A coven of elderly witches has claimed victory in a bizarre battle to have the name of a £350 million shopping centre changed" reports The Daily Telegraph. The objection was that a shopping centre developer had named a huge addition to Leicester's Shires mall Highcross Quarter. "That is the name given by witches to the four most important periods in the "wicca" calendar. Once the name was announced, the witches, wizards and gnomes immediately registered several internet domain names using the term. Then they set up a website that they have used to discuss their beliefs." Hammerson then took action, first through a request, and then through a complaint to WIPO, to get the domain names back. But it appears they've given up, saying the redevelopment name has "evolved" to Highcross Leicester.

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24 July 2007

The Web: Are You Truly Master of Your Domain? by David Kelly

The Internet provides an important marketing and sales tool for many businesses. Companies large and small contract out to vendors various services relating to their lnternet presence, including Web site design and hosting and domain-name registration. It's not unusual for these vendors to register, in their own names, domain names containing business trademarks. In most cases, the vendors' ownership of the domain names poses no problems, for the parties have a good working relationship. But when the relationship sours or ends, the vendor's ownership and control of valuable domain names, associated e-mail addresses, and possibly even Web site content become an important issue, frequently leading to costly litigation.

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23 July 2007

Cyber squatters ride on Sochi's Olympic success Russia Today

With Sochi nominated to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, a wealth of websites containing the name of the Black Sea resort have been created, including the website which was bought for for less than €100 and is now on sale for €3m.

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21 July 2007

Web of confusion between domain names and trademarks The Age

The Age explains the rules for registering .au domain names - such as do the holders of registered trademarks or business names have a better entitlement to a domain name.

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Is IT losing the battle against DNS attacks? Network World

Few things can strike fear into the heart of the IT department like an attack on a company's Domain Name System servers. That may explain why companies are spending so much time to deploy myriad, complex security measures to keep their DNS protected from malicious attackers.

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ICANN: Independent Evaluator Seeks Public Input to Nominating Committee Review & Updated IDN .test Evaluation Plan

Two ICANN announcements. One is the "Interisle Consulting Group was selected by ICANN's Board of Directors to conduct an independent review of the Nominating Committee or NomCom", while the other announces ICANN has updated "the IDN .test Evaluation Plan based on comment to the previously posted version of the plan for the insertion of evaluation IDN TLDs in the root zone."

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The Most Expensive Web Addresses Forbes

Following the recent Moniker auction, Forbes looks at the biggest sales of domain names. At the Moniker auction, sold for US$3 million and for $1.8 million. In total, 218 domain names were bid for, and $10.8 million exchanged hands. Part of this is supply and demand – it’s now extraordinarily difficult to get a memorable domain name in the .com name space. Forbes says, "During the tech boom, top-selling domains were based on brand appeal. Now it's all about searchable keywords that are both generic and descriptive." And the reason – well, a big reason is with "online ad spending increasing at a rate of 30% a year, owning domain names has become a business in itself. Entrepreneurs can flip them, like Miami condominiums, or they can sit on them and collect rent."

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Highest reported .info domain sale by Sedo

Sedo have reportedly brokered the sale of the highest value .info domain name, selling selling for US$116,000.

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20 July 2007

DNS Security Problems Widespread and Poorly Understood: Study Information Week

Nearly half of IT and business professionals surveyed by Mazerov Research reported a security compromise of their Domain Name System servers, despite spending money on overlapping security products.

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19 July 2007

India TV wins domain name dispute

The Delhi High Court has issued a restraining order against the US-based India Broadcast Live from using a website using the domain name to broadcast Indian TV programmes in their original form. In its petition, India TV alleged the domain name,, used by India Broadcast Live, was similar to its trademark and that the plaintiffs had no legitimate right over the domain name.

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Making money in India - domain names and farmlands The India Daily

Investing money in domain names, along with farmland, are The India Daily's recommendations for additions to investment portfolios. With the internet economy continually growing, domain names is one area for making money.

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18 July 2007

Australia should lead way on IPv6 by Philip Argy Australian IT

Philip Argy says he has often commented on the need for Australia to identify and develop expertise in technologies or areas that offer the potential for us to create competitive advantage or innovative products and services that the rest of the world will need or want.

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Scarcity of IPv4 Addresses by Patrik Fältström Circle ID

Patrik Fältström writes, "My friend Kurtis writes in his blog some points he has been thinking of while discussing 'when we run out of IPv4 addresses'. In reality, as he points out so well, we will not run out. It will be harder to get addresses. It is also the case that unfortunately people that push for IPv6 claim IPv6 will solve all different kinds of problem. Possibly also the starvation problems in the world."

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DoC seeks manager and operator of .us Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce is seeking to procure the services of a Contractor to manage, maintain, and operate the usTLD under NTIA's supervision. The DoC is seeking to acquire centralised management and coordination of the registry, registrar, database, and information services for the usTLD. The usTLD provides a locus for registering domain names and serving the Internet community in the United States. As such, the DoC intends the usTLD be available to a wide range of registrants. The DoC is seeking proposals to achieve a number of objectives which are outlined on their "synopsis".

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DOT TK - a new approach to make a whole TLD free of illicit content DotTK

Dot TK - the Internet registry for .TK domain names, announced the launch of the latest version of WatchDot, the content filtering system used to check newly registered websites for illicit content, such as adult entertainment, messages of hate and other websites that do no comply with Dot TK's content policy.

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17 July 2007

EURid takes down .EU fake registry

Eurid have taken action against a fake EU registry calling itself 'EU ID' using the "" domain. The spam has been attempting to get companies register .eu domains. According to Domaines Info, Eurid has "revoked the domain name in question, but also a number of other domain names owned by the same registrar," said Herman Sobrie, EURid's Legal Manager.

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