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17 January 2008

Do you believe in Transition? by Paul Levins ICANN

With the ICANN blog one year old, Paul Levins from ICANN writes: What better way to celebrate that fact than by telling you about ICANN's latest report card. Usually you get a report card when you transition from one grade or semester to another. This report card is all about transition too.

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Possible 'Next Steps' in Dispute Resolution ICANN

Following the posting of the Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency, ICANN has published a document that countenances some possible additional improvements in dispute resolution mechanisms.

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'Dashboard' Allows Window into ICANN Performance ICANN

ICANN released the first version of a new 'Dashboard' that will offer measurements of ICANN's performance in numerous areas across the organization. "At this stage the 'Dashboard' has reports from Finance, IANA, and IETF request queue. We are looking for community feedback on this tool and will expand the reports available over time," said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN's President and CEO.

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16 January 2008

Was Network Solutions front running, or just bad PR?

Now that the dust is settling on the domain name front running story, what is the true story away from the hyperbole? Well, to me it seems that, for whatever reason, Network Solutions deemed it a fabulous idea to reserve for a set period of time domain names people search for on their registration site. However it turned out to be a PR disaster.

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14 January 2008

Domain Name Disputes at an All-Time High Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a detailed look at the growing number of domain disputes over the years, from one in 1999 to 2,156 in 2007. They suggest that if there are any securitisation lawyers out there looking for work, they suggest litigating domain name disputes!

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13 January 2008

Chairman of cyberspace has right stuff New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald has a profile of ICANN's new chair Peter Dengate Thrush this weekend. The article begins "Wellington lawyer Peter Dengate Thrush might seem an unlikely choice to head an international internet governance body." However the article delves into Peter's background, and asks "how did a New Zealand patent attorney and trial lawyer with a BSc in zoology and geology end up heading the body sometimes described as the UN of cyberspace?"

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One million .fr domain names

France is the latest of the ccTLDs to reach the one million .fr registrations. The milestone was reached on January 11. Given the population of France, it has taken a while to reach this mark compared to other ccTLDs. For example, .de will reach their twelve millionth domain registration this year, and even smaller countries such as Australia with around a third of the population and similarly restrictive/protective, depending on who you ask, registration rules, passed the mark late last year. Switzerland (.ch) also reached the one million mark in 2007. A large part of the success of .de registrations has been the less restrictive rules.

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12 January 2008

Alberta premier may not win domain name dispute

The recent story on the Alberta premier's decision to send a letter to a young cybersquatter, David Cournoyer, in Canada to get the domain name,, back may backfire according to Canadian internet legal expert Michael Geist.

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ICANN Accountability and Transparency Document Released ICANN

ICANN released a final draft of a key accountability document that has been amended to incorporate additional community input, including that of the Governmental Advisory Committee. The Frameworks and Principles on Accountability and Transparency document has been in development since late 2006.

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11 January 2008

Australian cricket captain in domain name dispute ComputerWorld

The sublime game of cricket has made it to a domain dispute, with the captain of the Australian cricket team filing a claim in the Australian Federal Court seeking to have an unauthorised website shut down and damages against the domain name's owner. According to ComputerWorld, lawyers for Mr Ponting "filed the claim on Christmas Eve and the website, which claimed to be 'the official Ricky Ponting site', has already been taken down."

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ICANN Releases Its Submission to the Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement ICANN

ICANN made its formal submission to the Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between ICANN and the United States Department of Commerce. The submission's main point is that the conclusion of the JPA would be a further step in the transition envisioned since ICANN was established -- one of moving the Domain Name System to private-sector co-ordination.

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10 January 2008

ICANN GNSO Council Invites Recommendations for Future Studies on WHOIS

ICANN has announced public comments are invited on future studies of Whois until 15 February on recommendations for future studies on the WHOIS system.

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ICANN announces lower hotel rates for Delhi meeting

Following unease over the costs of hotels for the upcoming ICANN meeting in Delhi, ICANN have announced they and the meeting local hosts have worked to achieve lower rates for participants. 'This negotiation has taken some time, but we are now holding rooms at negotiated rates. These rates are still high, ranging from US$354 to over US$400, but they are cheaper than the published rates' he said.

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ca: Ed Stelmach, Alberta premier, takes on cybersquatter

The Premier of the Canadian state of Alberta, Ed Stelmach, has taken on a young blogger and university student who bought the domain name alleging the domain name was registered in bad faith. Dave Cournoyer, who hosts the popular website 'daveberta' bought the domain name in April 2007, around four months after Mr Stelmach became premier.

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Network Solutions denies domain name front running

Following accusations of domain name front running, Network Solutions have denied any involvement in a statement released on Tuesday. Front running is the practice whereby an individual or a company registers a domain name immediately after a prospective buyer has conducted a Whois search to see if it is available. In their statement, Network Solutions claim the practice that triggered the accusation is an attempt to counteract front running.

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09 January 2008

Phishing at the Top Level by Larry Seltzer eWeek

Larry Seltzer has an opinion piece in eWeek that is summarised as "ICANN and overbearing governments are gearing up for a major expansion of the attack surface of the DNS."

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ICANN GNSO Initial Report on Domain Tasting ICANN

The "GNSO Initial Report on Domain Tasting" has been posted for comment. The comment period will be from 8 January 2008 to 28 January 2008.

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07 January 2008

Top Domain Name Sales for 2007

The largest reported domain name sales for 2007 have been compiled by Domain Name Journal. The highest reported sale was PORN.COM, selling for US$9,500,000. Other one million dollar plus sales were COMPUTER.COM ($2,100,000), SENIORS.COM ($1,800,000), TANDBERG.COM ($1,500,000), VISTA.COM ($1,250,000), SCORES.COM ($1,180,000), CHINESE.COM (€810,001/~$1,120,008), GUY.COM and TOPIX.COM (both for $1,000,000).

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Netcraft December 2007 web server survey sees ongoing record growth Netcraft

In Netcraft's December 2007 survey they received responses from 155,230,051 sites. This was an increase of 5.4 million sites since November, continuing the very strong growth seen during this year. Netcraft point out the web has grown by nearly 50 million sites since December 2006.

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How to Protect Yourself from Domain Hijacking by James Koole

The Tucows Blog has a posting relating to a story we previously reported over the Christmas/new year period when David Airey had his domain name,, stolen. To recap, "a domain thief gained access to a domain holder's email account (in this case, a Google GMail account) and then used that account to gain control of the domain name and transfer it to himself."

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06 January 2008

Bob Marley's "WAILERS" Win Cybersquatting Lawsuit Traverse Legal

Traverse Legal has a posting about a domain dispute between Bob Marley's Wailers, who eventually became known simply as the "Wailers" after Bob Marley's death, successfully argued for dismissal of this cybersquatting and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by band members of another Wailers musical group who started using the band name 10 years before Bob Marley named his group in 1969. The only evidence which could potentially have saved Plaintiff's claims against Bob's protégées would have been that the band used the mark the "Wailers" and registered in bad faith. No evidence of bad faith was introduced by plaintiffs.

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Who Is Really Monitoring Your Domain Searches? Daily Domainer

This question was recently asked on the Daily Domainer blog where an associate "was bulk-checking 200 generic typo domains through a software that shall remain unnamed for now. All of the domains were available. But less than 2 minutes later, more than 50 of the domains had been registered by a number of different offshore companies from the Bahamas."

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05 January 2008

Chairman Welcomes ICANN Community to a Celebration of Exciting Ten Years of Working Together ICANN

The Chairman of the ICANN welcomed the beginning of its tenth year of operations. "Happy New Year to all those involved in the work that ICANN does," said Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the Board of ICANN. "I extend my personal best wishes to you all, and thank you in advance for the contributions I know you will be making to ICANN's mission in 2008."

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Premium Domain Values Increase By 59%, Only 31% Actually Developed Daily Domainer

An interesting posting on Daily Domainer. Daily Domainer has analysed Domain Name Journal's top 100 reported sales in 2007 and 2006 and found the median price for sales has increased from $124,000 in 2006 to $197,500 in 2007. This is an increase of 59.27%, which, as they say, is a pretty good representation of this year's bull market in premium domains.

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01 January 2008

What are IDNs for? by Tina Dam ICANN blog

The question as to what are Internationalised Domain Names, or IDNs, for, is a question Tina Dam says she is asked regularly. In a post called "Internationalisation and Localisation" on the ICANN blog, Tina says the questions put to her are in the context of internationalising versus localising the domain name space.

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