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02 February 2008

ICANN announces successful evaluations of .test IDN TLDs ICANN

In October 2006, ICANN engaged Autonomica AB of Stockholm, Sweden, to develop, conduct, and report on the results of laboratory testing of internationalized top-level domains in a setting corresponding to the public root. On 7 March 2007 the result of the laboratory tests were reported successfully. The laboratory technical test was one of the prerequisites to eventual insert internationalized top level labels in the root zone, which subsequently were done and the associated test facility was launched.

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Domaining in the New York Times: Coins in the New Realm New York Times

EuroDNS's Xavier Buck is featured in a New York Times/International Herald Tribune story on the growth of the trading of domain names. The EuroDNS spent US$150,000 on domain names at the DomainFest conference in Hollywood last week, a 50 per cent premium on what he intended to spend. "These names will pay for themselves within two years," Mr. Buck said, as he sat in the ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel with a business partner who wore an identical gray suit and shirt with the company logo. "The world is only now beginning to discover how important it is to have these assets."

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01 February 2008

CADNA Releases Study on Domain Name Drop-Catching

The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) is announcing the release of a study on drop-catching. Drop-catching is an enabler for other domain abuses such as tasting, kiting and typosquatting. Large registrars and others that have the means to test domains on a large scale have harnessed this technique and built a business around taking advantage of ICANN's Add Drop Grace Period (AGP).

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31 January 2008

ICANN acts to end domain tasting

Following the recent announcement from Google that they will no longer allow monetising of domain names less than five days old, ICANN have taken their own steps to end the practice. ICANN are looking at a proposal to start charging the annual ICANN fee on registrar domain registrations. "Domain tasting has been an issue for the Internet community and ICANN is offering this proposal as a way to stop tasting," said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN's President and CEO. "Charging the ICANN fee as soon as a domain name is registered would close the loophole used by tasters to test a domain name's profitability for free."

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DNS celebrates 25th birthday

This week sees the Domain Name System (DNS) celebrating its 25th birthday. When it was established 25 years ago, and eight years before the World Wide Web, there were only a few hundred machines connected compared to around 130 million today.

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30 January 2008

The Internet Is Your Business: ICANN Seeks Volunteers ICANN

The Nominating Committee for ICANN is looking for volunteers to help it with the global task of coordinating the Internet's unique identifiers.

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Domain king's rivers of gold The Age

The Sydney Morning Herald and Age (Melbourne) newspapers profile Rick Schwartz giving publicity to domaining. The article gives a lot of prominence to the few hours of work Rick actually does for his "millions of dollars in annual income from his 6000-odd properties." Rick says he is shocked more people have not got into buying and selling domain names, or the rivers of gold flowing through domaining. "I have a great lifestyle because the dollars come in the same whether I work or not," Schwartz told the newspapers in an email interview that came about after selling to CNN for $US750,000 this month.

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29 January 2008

Google takes aim at domain tasting profiteers

Google has taken aim at domain tasters even though the move could cost it millions of dollars. Google will stop monetising any domain names less than five days old by the end of February. Domain tasters take advantage of the five day grace period between registering a domain name and paying for the said domain name, and this period is used to test the potential advertising revenue.

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ICANN issues plea for liberty from US government

ICANN has asked the US government to be freed from official control according to a report prepared by ICANN and sent to the Department of Commerce. The report addresses the objectives set by the US government that had to before it could become independent. These included that ICANN "has put in place means of being accountable to parties with an interest in the internet, including other governments, and that the process should now be completed" according to The Times.

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Are domain names recession-proof? Fortune Magazine

Writing in Fortune magazine, Paul Sloan has an interesting article titled "Are domain names recession-proof?" With the continuing growth in domain name sales, Sloan writes of Oak Hill Capital, a Silicon Valley private equity firm, investing $150 million investment in Oversee. The article notes it's "the first time Oversee, with 2007 revenues of more than $200 million, has taken any outside money, and the bet shows huge confidence in the oft-misunderstood domain name industry."

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25 January 2008

Sedo report on growth of secondary domain name market in 2007

Sedo has released its latest report, "Sedo's Secondary Domain Market Study for 2007," on the secondary domain name market. In 2007 Sedo, through its online marketplace, sold 27,270 domains with a value of £37,048,960, a 60 per cent increase on 2006. The most expensive of these was for US$1,100,000 followed by for $500,000.

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23 January 2008

EU Official: IP Is Personal Sydney Morning Herald

IP addresses should generally be regarded as personal information, the head of the European Union's group of data privacy regulators said Monday according to an AP story. Germany's data protection commissioner, Peter Scharr, leads the EU group preparing a report on how well the privacy policies of Internet search engines operated by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others comply with EU privacy law.

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20 January 2008

ICANN: Possible 'Next Steps' in Dispute Resolution ICANN

Following the posting of the Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency, ICANN published a document that countenances some possible additional improvements in dispute resolution mechanisms.

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ICANN Seeks Expressions of Interest from Auction Design Experts ICANN

ICANN is seeking expressions of interest from entities experienced in developing and managing auction processes. ICANN has identified several areas where auctions might be an appropriate tool, such as the efficient disposition of data from terminated registrars and registries, the allocation of single-character second-level domain names, and perhaps, resolution of contention between competing commercial applicants for identical strings in the application process for new generic Top Level Domains.

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ICANN: New-Look Meeting Participation Website Goes Live in Conjunction with New Delhi Schedule of Events ICANN

For those unable to make it to ICANN's meeting in Delhi next month, ICANN have announced through the news release below they have a new improved website.

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19 January 2008

Nominet establishes charitable foundation

Nominet, the .uk registry, announced it is creating the Nominet Foundation, a charitable organisation that will fund education, research and development initiatives in the UK Internet industry. The initial funding in year one for the foundation will be five million pounds. The foundation intends to launch in the summer of 2008.

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NITDA, NiRA Sign MoU on .ng ccTLD This Day

The Nigerian newspaper This Day reports the National Information Technology Development Agency and the Nigerian Internet Registration Association signed a memorandum of understanding for management of the .ng ccTLD in Abuja on Wednesday. The MoU gives NiRA the sole authority to administer .ng.

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18 January 2008

Report reveals two thirds top online retailers cybersquatted

Top US retailers are leaving themselves at major risk of brand damage online because of poor domain registration practices, the American E-commerce Brands report from NetNames reveals. The report reveals more than two thirds of leading online retailers in the US currently have at least one domain suffix related to their brand name that is held by a cybersquatter.

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Domain Name Law and Regulation: Seminar & Book Launch

There will be a seminar on domain name law and regulation, and launch of the book "International Domain Name Law: ICANN and the UDRP", in Melbourne on Wednesday 20 February for my Australian readers.

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17 January 2008

Do you believe in Transition? by Paul Levins ICANN

With the ICANN blog one year old, Paul Levins from ICANN writes: What better way to celebrate that fact than by telling you about ICANN's latest report card. Usually you get a report card when you transition from one grade or semester to another. This report card is all about transition too.

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Possible 'Next Steps' in Dispute Resolution ICANN

Following the posting of the Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency, ICANN has published a document that countenances some possible additional improvements in dispute resolution mechanisms.

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'Dashboard' Allows Window into ICANN Performance ICANN

ICANN released the first version of a new 'Dashboard' that will offer measurements of ICANN's performance in numerous areas across the organization. "At this stage the 'Dashboard' has reports from Finance, IANA, and IETF request queue. We are looking for community feedback on this tool and will expand the reports available over time," said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN's President and CEO.

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16 January 2008

Was Network Solutions front running, or just bad PR?

Now that the dust is settling on the domain name front running story, what is the true story away from the hyperbole? Well, to me it seems that, for whatever reason, Network Solutions deemed it a fabulous idea to reserve for a set period of time domain names people search for on their registration site. However it turned out to be a PR disaster.

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14 January 2008

Domain Name Disputes at an All-Time High Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a detailed look at the growing number of domain disputes over the years, from one in 1999 to 2,156 in 2007. They suggest that if there are any securitisation lawyers out there looking for work, they suggest litigating domain name disputes!

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13 January 2008

Chairman of cyberspace has right stuff New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald has a profile of ICANN's new chair Peter Dengate Thrush this weekend. The article begins "Wellington lawyer Peter Dengate Thrush might seem an unlikely choice to head an international internet governance body." However the article delves into Peter's background, and asks "how did a New Zealand patent attorney and trial lawyer with a BSc in zoology and geology end up heading the body sometimes described as the UN of cyberspace?"

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