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20 August 2007

«Domain tasting» : la spéculation sur les noms de domaine alarme l'Icann ZDNet

L'Icann s'inquiète des conséquences de la pratique de «domain tasting». Elle consiste à déposer des noms de domaine, tous azimuts, afin de tester l'audience qu'ils sont susceptibles de générer naturellement, pendant la période de rétractation en vigueur, à savoir cinq jours. Juste avant l'expiration du délai, ne sont alors conservés que les plus probants, c'est-à-dire un infime pourcentage.

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Terror goes digital. With Canadian help Globe and Mail

Canada's Globe and Mail says the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, is a "pivotal battleground in the global jihad." This beautiful town of 7,000 people is home to a branch of And allows people to anonymously register a domain name for a few extra dollars says the Globe and Mail. Any of these anonymously registered domain names, says the paper, have "the same address and phone number in Yarmouth." Also includes a link to a reply by Michael Geist.

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Reviewing ICANN's GNSO report on introduction of new gTLDs

[TechNewsReview comment, with Dan Krimm response] In August 2007 ICANN launched a consultation paper on new top level domains and ICANN is encouraging input. There have been submissions in the development of this report that are well worth a read. There is also a call by Keep the Core Neutral for comments focussing on recommendation six, something that deserves further consideration and comment.

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19 August 2007

ICANN clarification regarding .KP ccTLD ICANN

ICANN have issued a clarification following media reports that ICANN is scheduled to approve .kp as the ccTLD for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) at its upcoming meeting in LA in October.

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Action Alert: Submit Your Comments to ICANN Keep the Core Neutral

Keep The Core Neutral - news release: ICANN announced that a 21-day comment period has opened for the public to submit comments regarding ICANN's proposed policy for approving new gTLDs on the Internet. The Keep The Core Neutral coalition (KTCN) has created a new Action Alert to guide supporters in submitting comments to ICANN. KTCN appeals to all supporters of free expression to participate in this public action.

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Paris to host June 08 ICANN meeting ICANN

As per previous news items, it's been confirmed the wonderful city of Paris (the French one) will be hosting ICANN's 32nd public meeting.

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17 August 2007

North Korea to connect to the internet

There is reporting in the Korean press, mostly in Korean, that North Korea is set to connect its internal internet to the global internet. In November, the Korea Times reports (in English) that ICANN is expected to approve North Korea's ccTLD of "kp".

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ICANN choses Paris for June 08 meeting, maybe

DomainesInfo is reporting that while it's not official, Paris is apparently ICANN's choice for its June 2008 meeting following an internal ICANN meeting this week.

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Does Success Hinge on a Domain Name? Business Week

An entrepreneur with a startup looking for a domain and business name will often play around "with sounds in hopes of hitting upon a unique combination of vowels and consonants that he could turn into a brand" according to this Business Week story, the story in itself an example of the importance of domain names today. Using this method, Business Week reports it's given us a range of start-ups with names like Bebo, Etsy, Lala, Lulu, Zlio, Zoho, Ning, and Zing. Business Week notes all but 20,000 of the available combinations of 4 letter domains have been taken. With such a scarcity of 4 letter domains, it's led to domainers getting in on the act. An example given is of one domainer who now owns several thousand 4 letter domains, selling 7 or 8 domains per month for an average of around US$1,000. Business Week notes less than 1% of domain sales break $100,000.

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ICANN Calls For Feedback On Domain Tasting

Last week's call for feedback on domain tasting from ICANN gained a reasonable amount of coverage. Thomas Claburn writing in Information Week, among others, suggested this raised the possibility that domain speculation might someday be curtailed. The rest of Claburn's article explains domain tasting and the history. Other articles seem to reproduce the ICANN announcement. Elsewhere, WebProNews also looks at the announcement and domain tasting, suggesting it "may have larger implications than just bulk domainers being clever enough to leverage a bureaucratic loophole.

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15 August 2007

Does Success Hinge on a Domain Name? And Finding Your Dream Domain Name

Business Week has a couple of stories on finding the right domain name, what to do when you've found that domain name but someone else owns it. And that maybe choose your company name before you choose your domain name.

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14 August 2007

Editorial: ICANN's WHOIS Policy Shift Would Be Criminal Negligence ComputerWorld

ComputerWorld's editorial is critical of changes to Whois they believe are likely to happen and begins, "There's a move afoot to help criminals obscure their illegal online activities." How? ComputerWorld claims it's because "ICANN is considering making it possible for anyone to avoid putting Web site ownership and contact information into the Internet's WHOIS database." ComputerWorld blames this on "an unholy alliance of privacy ideologues, primarily in the European Union, and greedy ISPs." ComputerWorld says Whois is "one small tool available to identify the ISP serving a bogus Web site and force it to shut the site down" and is one tool in helping to track down phishers or typosquatters.

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What Zittrain Doesn't Get by Milton Mueller Internet Governance blog

Milton Mueller is exercised following comments by Professor Jonathan Zittrain and links this to a paper by Dawn Nunziato. Nunziato, as Mueller notes, challenges "the prevailing idea that ICANN's governance of the Internet's infrastructure does not threaten free speech."

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12 August 2007

ICANN Launches Latest Consultation on New TLDs ICANN

ICANN is taking another step towards its goal of bringing new generic gTLDs online with today's launch of a public consultation on a key report from ICANN's GNSO.

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ICANN Request for Information on Domain Tasting ICANN

In view of the increase in domain tasting (definitions below), the GNSO Council recently considered an Issues Report on Domain Tasting and resolved to form an ad hoc group for further fact-finding on the effects of this practice. The ad hoc group has prepared these questions to assist in gathering facts and opinions, while inviting both qualitative and quantitative input. The group would especially appreciate statistical and other empirical evidence to support your responses, or references to potential sources of information.

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11 August 2007

2,500,000 .nl domain names registered

On 8 August, the 2,500,000th .nl domain name was registered.

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nz: Third consultation on RMC Policy Review NZ Domain Name Commissioner

InternetNZ, through the Domain Name Commission (DNC), is currently reviewing the Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names policy. An initial call for comments on the policy review resulted in four submissions being received.

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The Return of the IPv4 Shortage eWeek

Are we running out of IPv4 addresses? Larry Seltzer wonders if we are, or if it's an urban legend (I'd call it an 'urban myth'!) Larry notes there are many who predict IPv4 addresses will run out around 2009/2010 - not very far away when one has to start planning for these things. So what happens then?

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.ru approaches 1 million registrations

The .ru ccTLD has passed 950,000 registrations and should reach one million registrations in September according to a recent article from CNews. By passing one million registrations, the .ru ccTLD will be the eighth largest, behind .de, .uk, .cn, .eu, .nl, .it and .us with .ca and .dk close behind.

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Public input into ICANN made easier with one-stop comment page ICANN

ICANN is making it easier for the community to review all of the issues in the consultation phase and to provide their comments with a new public comment page on the ICANN website. "This new webpage aims to provide a quick and simple entry point for people to read up and comment on ICANN's ongoing processes, and thereby enhance and increase participation from the Internet community," said Paul Levins, ICANN's Executive Officer and Vice President, Corporate Affairs. "Like the recent launch of the ICANN Monthly Magazine, the page should also help people understand what issues are being discussed at ICANN, and how interested stakeholders can contribute."

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10 August 2007

us: Cybersquatting bill by Sen. Little will become law

Coming soon to New York state, and taking aim at cybersquatters, nobody in the state "will be able to register a domain name that is similar to or the same as another living person or business." In her announcement, Senator Little says "It's wrong, in my opinion, to buy up domain names reflecting the names of existing people or businesses with the intention of selling the names for a profit back to those persons or businesses."

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ICANN spreads love, opens bosom to all The Register

Is Burke Hansen falling love with ICANN? Writing in The Register he writes of ICANN's continued ongoing outreach efforts following "two announcements: the establishment of an ICANN online magazine and the expansion of a pilot fellowship program." Hansen writes "Any move by ICANN to make the organization more comprehensible to the average internet user is welcome, and the magazine is written in a casual, colloquial style to further that end."

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CitizenHawk TypoAlert: Cybersquatting on Celebrity Names is Big Busines CitizenHawk

Cybersquatters are fraudulently using celebrity names to generate advertising revenue announces CitizenHawk in its latest news release. The news release list the most frequently cybersquatted celebrities, the top 3 being Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyonce.

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09 August 2007

Phishers Now Targeting Domain Registrars by Edward Falk Circle ID

This is an issue of some concern and should be watched carefully: phishers are now trying to get passwords of domain registrants (domain owners). Currently, correspondents inform me that GoDaddy is the target, but there's no reason to think the phishers won't expand to other registrars. Normally, phishers go after bank accounts or other financial information, or sometimes the online accounts of users so that they may send spam.

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Cybersquatters target Kevin07

Down here in paradise (aka Australia) there's an election looming and the web is becoming an important part of political campaigning, although not to the same extent as in the USA. So yesterday the Australian Labor Party launched the website While they registered the .com and names, they didn't register a range of variants. So guess who has got in on the act. Ahhh, cybersquatters, man's best friend! Not!

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