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01 September 2007

Dot-com names get dottier Los Angeles Times

Start-up companies are trying to be clever with their choice of name, attempting to stand out from the myriad of new online firms. So, as the Los Angeles Times reports in a recent article, they are choosing names from Abazab to Xoopit. Apart from attempting to stand out, they also need domain names. Earlier examples of online companies using this method would have to include the companies they are often trying to compete against - Google, Yahoo and EBay.

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China sale spurs domain name boom CBC

An aggressive price promotion in China of website domain names with the ".cn" top-level domain helped spur a fivefold increase in the number of websites using the suffix, according to VeriSign's 2007 Domain Name Industry Brief. The price promotion led to a 402 per cent growth in domain names registered with ".cn" from the previous year.

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31 August 2007

Latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief Underscores Growth of Internet Internationally

The number of domain names registered globally now totals more than 138 million, according to the second quarter 2007 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign. The largest TLDs in terms of total base of registrations are .com, .de, .net, .uk, .cn and .org. A factor in the expansion of domain name registrations in the second quarter was strong growth in ccTLD registrations, such as .cn, .ru and .kr. ccTLDs grew to about 51.5 million by the end of the second quarter, approximately 13 percent more than the first quarter of 2007, and 36 percent more than the same quarter of last year. Other gTLDs saw growth as well, including .com and .net, which grew to 73 million domain name registrations."

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Top domain sales last week - the biggest, LI.COM for $500,000

In his weekly wrap of the previous week's domain name sales, Ron Jackson reports LI.COM was the biggest seller last week, selling for US$500,000. Other six-figure sales were ($125,000) and ($100,000). Ron also notes Sedo was responsible for "27 of the 50 highest sales including the top two and seven of the first ten." In the ccTLD sales, sold for £38,000 while sold for €47,234 and for $50,000. An interesting sale was for €21,000, the 20th biggest sale for the week.

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Markenrechtsverletzung und Domainnamen

Das Markenrecht in Deutschland ist kompliziert und nicht einfach zu verstehen. Unternehmer sollten für den Internetauftritt ihres Unternehmens unbedingt einen Juristen zu Rate ziehen, rät Rechtsanwalt Sören Siebert, Spezialist für Internetrecht.

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30 August 2007

All of world's biggest firms hit by typosquatting

The world's 500 biggest companies have all fallen victim to typosquatting. OUT-LAW research has found that the fast-growing trend of making ad money from web domains similar to famous brands affects all the world's biggest firms.

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ICANN Whois reforms stalled

"A working group set up by [ICANN] to thrash out differences over proposed privacy changes to the WHOIS database stopped work last week with little real agreement on how or even whether to implement the reforms" reports ComputerWorld. The lack of agreement centres around the "group's failure to come up with a proposal that could have been accepted by ICANN continues a long-standing stalemate on proposed reforms to the way WHOIS data is handled."

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Switzerland's one-millionth domain name: SWITCH

At the end of last week, Mr. Laurent Schütz of the City of Lucerne's fire brigade registered the one-millionth domain name with the ending .ch

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29 August 2007

Now more than 2.5 million .eu registrations

Eighteen months after its official launch, there are now more than 2.5 million .eu domain names. While most registrants continue to use their gTLD or ccTLD address as their default domain name, there are a number of companies and organisations using their .eu domain, most multinational or pan-European companies still use the .com or .org address as the default.

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.cat - 24,000 registrations in first year

There will be more than 24,000 .cat registrations after its first year in operation according to reports in Currently there are over 23,600 registrations. The executive director of Punt.Cat, Jordi Iparaguirre, describes this as a 'notable' achievement.

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28 August 2007

nz: Victoria Uni tech leads internet attack study ComputerWorld

The international Honeynet Project has used honeypot technology developed at Victoria University to track web-based security attacks. Even seemingly safe web addresses are rife with attack code aiming at vulnerable clients, according to the Honeynet Project study based on the technology. The authors say that methods such as blacklists can be surprisingly successful in stopping client-side attacks.

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26 August 2007

.nz Newsletter - August 2007 Domain Name Commissioner

The August 2007 .nz newsletter is available from the Domain Name Commissioner, and includes the number of active .nz domain names (increased from 286,539 to 291,817), a breakdown of registrations for all .nz 2LDs (249,984 of the domains registered are domains), the wholesale domain name fee was dropped from NZ$1.75 to $1.50 outages and a job vacancy.

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Indian Govt expects users to migrate to IPV6 in 3 years Indian Television

The government of India is proactively pushing for users of the Internet space to migrate towards the IPv6. The government users have been mandated to migrate and there should be major transition over the next two or three years.

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ICANN legt .test-Kriterien für Domain-Namen in nicht-lateinischen Schriften fest Heise

Wie angekündigt startet im September das Evaluierungsprogramm für TLDs in elf nicht-lateinischen Schriftsprachen, darunter Arabisch, Chinesisch und Hebräisch mittels IDNs. Nun hat die ICANN die abschließende Version des IDN-Evaluierungsplans als PDF-Datei veröffentlicht, der die Erfolgskriterien für den Test festzurrt.

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Whois-Datenschutz bleibt weiterhin ein Zankapfel Heise

Keine Chancen auf eine baldige Schlichtung des seit Jahren anhaltenden Streits um einen datenschutzfreundlicheren Umgang mit Whois-Daten sieht der Vertreter der Internet-Nutzer Milton Mueller. Dies verdeutlicht der an der Universität Syracuse im US-Bundesstaat lehrende Professor, zugleich Mitglied im Internet Governance Project (IGP), in seinem jüngsten IGP-Blog-Eintrag über die Patt-Situation bei der Durchsetzung widersprüchlicher Interessen.

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25 August 2007

The Hidden Wealth in Domain Names E-Commerce Times

When will the ad industry and its clients wake up to the value of domains? When asked that question at 1:30 a.m. on the Domain Roundtable Conference's first night, conference chair Jay Westerdal responded: "They're going to wake up when it's too late." Most of those interviewed at the conference confirmed his views.

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24 August 2007

.at domain renewal fraud

.at domain name owners have been finding emails asking them to renew their domain names that, so says the email, expires out soon. The sender of the email, a Belgian company called Domain Renewal. Several German-language media outlets are running the story that reports Domain Renewal will rectify the problem of the soon-to-expire domain name for $69, several times higher than the usual fee.

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What's in a name? Tell that to those arguing the toss over .xxx The Guardian

Concerns relating to ICANN's proposal for approving new gTLDs grab Seth Finkelstein's attention in The Guardian, and in particular "morality and public order" being used as reasons to deny new gTLDs. Finkelstein refers to the KTCN and then quotes Professor Jonathan Zittrain.

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Whois Privacy Stalemate...Again by Milton Mueller Internet Governance blog

Mueller has a 1,200 word "essay" on the ICANN Whois working group, saying that rather it having finished this week, it was "finished off". He notes that "trust and agreement among the parties broke down completely" meaning the working group "report has zero chance of gaining the 2/3 majority required to become an approved policy of the GNSO Council in its current form. It is unclear what the Board will make of it."

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at: Erneute Abzocke mit Domain-Betrügerei Der Standard

So mancher Domainbesitzer hat in den vergangenen Wochen E-Mails des belgischen Unternehmens Domain Renewal in seinem Postfach gefunden. In der elektronischen Post werden die Empfänger darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass ihre registrierte Domain bald ausläuft und sie sich um eine Verlängerung bemühen müssten. Passend dazu bietet Domain Renewal sofort an, dies zu erledigen. Nach Anklicken eines entsprechenden Links wird ein Angebot unterbreitet. Satte 69 Dollar kostet die Inanspruchnahme des Angebots - ein Vielfaches der sonst marktüblichen Kosten.

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'Cyberwar' and Estonia's Panic Attack Wired

Wired writer Joshua Davis examines the recent DDoS attacks against Estonia, and found "Estonia's computer emergency response team responded to the junk packets with technical aplomb and coolheaded professionalism, while Estonia's leadership ... well, didn't. Faced with DDoS and nationalistic, cross-border hacktivism -- nuisances that have plagued the rest of the wired world for the better part of a decade -- Estonia's leaders lost perspective."

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23 August 2007

A blast from the past on new gTLDs by Kieren McCarthy ICANN

As anyone reading this will hopefully be aware, starting next year there will be a more consistent and relaxed mechanism for adding new gTLDs to the Internet. Which leads to an inevitable and interesting question: what new generic top-level domains would be useful and/or successful as the Internet continues to evolve? I have been pondering this on and off for a few months and keep coming up with fairly obvious ones: .blog, .news, .coffee, .google and so on.

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Mattel sues porn site over use of Barbie name CNet

Mattel sued a small company on Tuesday for using the toymaker's famed Barbie trademark as part of the name for a pornographic Web site it owns. The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, said the Web site has used the Barbie trademark to capture the positive image Mattel has created through its Barbie products.

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Babies get domain names at birth

[TechNewsReview comment] Proving that children, and especially babies, where included make a story popular, Associated Press has a very widely reported story on babies leaving hospitals with domain names already registered. This story may well have been written by a registrar somewhere, or maybe one was heavily used for information given the mention one gets. I seem to remember a news release from this particular registrar on this topic not that long ago too. Hell, why didn't they suggest that if you know the sex of the child before birth, you can register the domain name months before the baby is born. Or maybe expectant parents can register two domain names given they are cheap as chips from most registrars.

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L'ICANN sonde les victimes du "domain tasting" DomainesInfo

Une consultation publique sur les conséquences du domain tasting est ouverte jusqu'au 15 septembre 2007 par l'ICANN. Objectif : trouver des mesures adaptées pour lutter contre cette pratique.

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