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12 September 2007

You Say Hulu. I Say Lulu. Let’s Take the Thing to Court. New York Times

The article in part says: In the lawsuit, Lulu's founder, Bob Young, accused the media giants of unfair competition and cyberpiracy. "Widespread consumer confusion will occur and Lulu will be irreparably harmed," Mr. Young said in the complaint. Robert Thompson, a professor of media and popular culture at Syracuse University, is not so sure consumers will be confused by the two names. He is sure that he does not like the name Hulu, saying, "The communication revolution is finally here and its name is Hulu? Seriously?

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ICANN September magazine is out ICANN

Kieren McCarthy writes the September issue of the ICANN magazine is out. This month it includes interviews with ALAC chair Jacqueline Morris, as well as CEO Paul Twomey. Recent Board meeting are covered, and the policy issues reviewed are: IDNs, Registry and Registrar contracts, and IPv6. Also, covered - what has been happening in the past month on the blog and the public participation site, give a rundown of recent public comment periods, and upcoming outreach programmes. And a small piece on the freeing up of the IP address block bring a bit of Net history to life. Plus plenty more.

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More than eleven million .de domains moving DENIC

More than 11 million .de domains are getting a new home. On 11 September 2007, DENIC officially puts into operation the first of two new computer centres, from where .de domains will be administered in the future. The change-over to the new computer centre is the first essential step within the scope of a comprehensive infrastructure project, which is designed to adapt the complete network and computer centre structure of the German domain registry to the growing demands of the coming years. The domain holder will not notice anything of the change-over. All .de domains can be fully used throughout the whole procedure.

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Mehr als elf Millionen .de Domains ziehen um DENIC

Die mehr als 11 Millionen .de-Domains bekommen ein neues Zuhause. Am 11. September 2007 nimmt die DENIC eG offiziell das erste von zwei neuen Rechenzentren in Betrieb, von denen in Zukunft aus die Verwaltung der .de-Domains erfolgt. Das Umschalten auf das neue Rechenzentrum ist der erste große Teilschritt innerhalb eines umfassenden Infrastrukturprojektes, mit dem die komplette Netzwerk- und Rechenzentrumsstruktur der deutschen Domainregistrierungsstelle an die wachsenden Anforderungen der kommenden Jahre angepasst wird. Für die Domaininhaber vollzieht sich der Wechsel unbemerkt. Alle .de-Domains können uneingeschränkt genutzt werden.

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NZ Disputes Resolution Conference 19-21 Sept Scoop

Dispute resolution in .com industries is just one of many topics to be debated at Te Papa next week during the 9th International Dispute Resolution Conference. Domain Names Commissioner Debbie Monaghan will join key speakers from the UK and US to discuss mediation in cyberspace with an audience from around the Asia Pacific.

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11 September 2007

The Punt VL fallacy by Patrick Vande Walle Patrick Vande Walle blog

Patrick Vande Walle, on his blog, suggests there is a parallel that can be drawn between the current dispute on .EH and the .VL application. Patrick says, "In both cases, the process is being used for political purposes to serve a goal for autonomy or independence." Patrick feels that as he has 20 years spent in Flanders, it gives him enough of a background to comment. And he believes, "It is clear here that this is about political visibility and not about spreading a culture, like .CAT does." Patrick's advice to the ICANN community is that if .VL is approved, "to be aware of the fact they would actually be used to serve a political agenda, rather than a cultural one."

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10,000 .eu names suspended amid cybersquatter allegation Out-Law

Eurid has suspended 10,000 domain names registered by Zheng Qingyin, a Chinese woman, who it accuses of cybersquatting, according to Out-Law. EURid wants to have a court strip Qingyin of the addresses with the case expected to take around a year EURid's legal manager Herman Sobrie told Out-Law. In response, "Qingyin has filed a separate suit objecting to the blocking of the domains in the Court of First Instance in Brussels. This is a fast-track case whose result should be known in a month, Sobrie" told Out-Law.

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08 September 2007

Filipino action to remove porn site domain name

In the Philippines, a fight against online pornography has developed, started by Catanduanes Rep. Joseph Santiago, chairman of the House committee on information and communications technology, is supporting Sen. Loren Legarda in the war on computer pornography. The fight against pornography involves the National Bureau of Investigation, according to Santiago, finding ways to remove the domain name of the Philippine's top online portal with the help of Network Solutions according to a report in Balita from the Philippines.

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Nevada man charged with impersonating attorney to gain control of domains with threats of lawsuits

A Las Vegas man was charged in federal court with wire fraud for impersonating an intellectual property lawyer and threatening lawsuits against the owners of domain names. David Dominic Scali, 28, agreed to plead guilty to the wire fraud charge in a plea agreement also filed today in United States District Court in Los Angeles. Scali is charged with registering an e-mail account under an alias and then sending emails in which he claimed to be the intellectual property lawyer.

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Lulu sues Hulu in domain dispute

A dispute has between the holders of the and websites. Lulu Enterprises has filed a lawsuit against Hulu, a division of N-F Newsite, itself a joint venture between News Corp and NBC. The lawsuit alleges trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices and federal cyberpiracy. Lulu claims that Hulu, which is set to officially launch in October, has intentionally tried to create confusion in the marketplace with its similar name and domain name.

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Apple misses out on another domain - Domain Name Wire

Apple has missed out on another domain name, failing to register according to a report in DomainNameWire. The report notes the domain is registered by a Canadian in 2005.

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ICANN Completes Renewal of Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel ICANN

ICANN is pleased to announce that 23 members of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP) have agreed to serve for an additional year. On 30 August 2006, ICANN announced the original members of the RSTEP, the panel of technical experts created to provide guidance to ICANN on security and stability issues during the review of registry services proposals under the Registry Services Evaluation Policy.

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ICANN Solicits Candidates to Develop Request for Proposals for New gTLDs ICANN

ICANN is posting this statement of work as part of its anticipated program for delegation of new generic top-level domains. ICANN is seeking to engage a provider to develop in detail important portions of the new gTLD evaluation process. That is, the selected provider will develop the new gTLD request for proposals (RFP) process and document. This will become the process that applicants for new gTLDs will follow and that will describe the evaluation process of those applications.

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ICANN Posts Communication from Universal Postal Union Regarding Sponsorship of the .POST TLD ICANN

The communication (linked from ICANN posting) from the UPU describes aspects of its intended sponsorship of the .POST sponsored top-level domain. ICANN and the UPU have entered into negotiations intended to result in the delegation of the .POST registry. This outreach by the UPU is intended to inform the community about proposed aspects of the UPU’s business model and requested contractual agreement.

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07 September 2007

Kenya wants ICANN Africa 2008 DomainesInfo

The Kenyan government is bidding to host next year’s November ICANN meeting, to be held in Africa, reports DomainesInfo. The announcement was made during KENIC’s AGM on 31 August.

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Sedo sold for US$360,000 last week, by far the largest sale according to Ron Jackson's Domain Name Journal. This sale easily outdid the next largest sale, (sold by Afternic/BuyDomains), which sold for $80,000, closely followed by ( and (Moniker/ T.R.A.F.F.I.C.), selling for $77K and $71K respectively.

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.ASIA Sunrise Policies - Registry Policies Document

DotAsia logoDotAsia have released a document that sets out the Sunrise policies and process for the launch of the .ASIA Registry. The aim of the policies and process are to ensure an orderly and equitable allocation of domains to qualified parties before the Registry is opened for general registrations.

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auDA Panel releases draft recommendations for public consultation

auDA's 2007 Names Policy Panel is currently reviewing the policy framework for .au domain names, including: whether .au should be opened up to direct registrations (eg. and whether the policy rules for domain names should be changed; whether registrants should be allowed to sell their .au domain names.

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Invisible arms race: The internet balance of power The Independent

Claims that China has been hacking into the West's military computers have led to concern that future global conflicts may be fought in cyberspace. ... One internet commentator points out how the US controls the domain name system, and could do a lot of damage to China by simply removing the "cn" domain.

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06 September 2007

Australian Businesses Expected to Welcome Crackdown on 'Domain Tasting': Intellectual Property Expert Hunt & Hunt

Hunt & Hunt says the investigation by ICANN into the practice of ‘domain tasting’ will be welcomed by Australian businesses. Domain tasting is the controversial process by which users register domain names to test their effectiveness in collecting additional traffic and then cancel registration before fees become due. The call for the investigation follows the discovery that less than one per cent of .org domain names end up being registered.

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World's Biggest Domain Name and Internet Traffic Conference Announces T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2007

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. announced T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2007, October 9-13, 2007 in Hollywood, Florida. Presented by the World Association of Domain Name Developers, the conferences, held at three different locations annually, bring together domain owners, search engine companies, leading registrars, pay-per-click aggregators, sponsors, Wall Street investors, the financial and advertising communities as well as analysts and experts on targeted Internet traffic for stimulating discussions of strategies, best practices, trends and networking.

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05 September 2007

.eh dispute - Morocco or Frente Polisario? ICANN to decide

A debate over whether Western Sahara is part of Morocco or is independent in its own right is somewhat contentious geographically, but in the world of ccTLDs it's also significant according to an article in DomainesInfo. The country code for .eh has been left unassigned, one of the very few in this situation. Quoting Wikipedia, DomainesInfo notes, "This 'territory of northwestern Africa, bordered by Morocco to the north, Algeria in the northeast, Mauritania to the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west is one of the most sparsely populated territories in the world, mainly consisting of desert flatlands."

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04 September 2007

Inside Views: Acting To Protect Freedom of Expression At ICANN by Dan Krimm

Dan Krimm writes on what he describes as “The continuing saga at ICANN about policy for approving new gTLDs is entering what may be its final stages this summer.” Dan gives an analysis of recommendations six and 20 gives reasons why KTCN opposes them.

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Malicious Web: Not just porn sites - The New Zealand Honeynet Project ComputerWorld

The New Zealand Honeynet Project, which produced Capture-HPC, also produced an excellent white paper about using Capture-HPC to identify malicious Web servers. On the group's Web site, you'll find that paper, the captured data, and the tools for anyone to inspect and replicate.

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03 September 2007

auDA reviews community geographic domain names policy auDA

Community geographic domain names are domain names registered within the eight Australian state and territory 2LDs:,,,,,,,

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