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25 February 2017

China. The Next Big Growth Market For Domain Names: Domain Pulse

The Chinese domain name market is one of huge untapped potential Ray Zheng of the Shanghai Racent Internet Group said at the recent Domain Pulse conference in Vienna. There are only 40 million domain names registered in the country with a population of 1.355 billion. This point was also made by Kassey Lee of the Coreile Letter blog.

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23 February 2017

Domain Pulse: African, Least Developed Countries, Need More Input In ICANN

There were calls for the world’s Least Developed Countries, particularly those in Africa, to be given more access to input into ICANN’s policy making processes at the Domain Pulse conference in Vienna last Thursday.

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20 February 2017

Domain Registrations Face An Uncertain Future But Opportunities Are There: Domain Pulse Panel

Domain name registrations are in a state of flux around the world. While registrations in the more than 1,200 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) continue to grow strongly, registrations in the legacy gTLDs such as .com are declining and among country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) registrations are growing very slowly. And the trend is only likely to continue.

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01 February 2017

ICANN Board Issues Statement On Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

US President Donald Trump's travel ban that has temporarily stopped citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries, but none that Trump's businesses have dealings in, has had a number of repercussions. One of those is on how global organisations do business, conduct meetings and hold conferences.

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31 January 2017

Trump's Muslim Travel Ban Impacts Global Business and Meetings Held in US, Including ICANN

The new US President Donald Trump issued a ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations last week, but not those he does business with, and the ban has had severe consequences for tourists and businesses alike. And it will cost the US with conferences and meetings with participants from around the world to be moved to other countries.

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NGOs Getting Online With Two-Thirds Globally Using .ORG, But Wide Disparity Among Regional TLD Choices

Over two-thirds (68.3%) of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) around the world use a .org domain name to get online compared to the less than one in 10 (9.2%) that use a .com, according to the "2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report" published by the Public Interest Registry (PIR) this week. The report found 2.2% used the .ngo gTLD, 1.8% used .net and 18.5% used other TLDs, predominately ccTLDs.

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30 January 2017

New gTLDs Up, Legacy gTLDs Down, ccTLDs Up (Slightly) in Q4 2016: Centr Report

At the end of 2016 there were 309.4 million domain names registered around the world, an increase of around 1.03 million (0.3%) for the quarter, a comparatively small increase compared to previous quarters largely due to a decline in registration numbers among legacy gTLDs according to the latest Centr DomainWire Global TLD report.

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23 January 2017

Verisign To Increase .NET Registry Fee On 1 February

The registry fee, that is the fee charged by Verisign to registrars, for .net domain names is increasing on 1 February so if your domain names are expiring soon, you have a few days to renew for periods of up to 10 years to save some money.

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Domain Pulse 2017 Conference Comes To Vienna In February

There's less than a month to go until this year's Domain Pulse conference, this year to be held in the Austrian capital of Vienna, with plenty of networking, introductions to Austrian culture and even some discussions by day on challenges for the domain name industry, internet governance, data protection, cyberwar and cybercrime over the two days.

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19 January 2017

.RADIO Gears Up For Launch

The European Broadcasting Union is gearing up to launch the .radio new gTLD commencing with its launch of a Pioneers Programme commencing in February.

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12 January 2017

Australian Bank Finds Out The Hard Way It Should Have The .COM Too

One of Australia's big 4 banks has found out the hard way that it's a good idea for a large company to obtain its top level domain. Not just the country code Top Level Domain that the company operates in. The bank, NAB, formerly National Australia Bank, sent the account details of over 60,000 customers to instead of

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11 January 2017

Verisign Releases December Trending Keywords For .COM And .NET

Verisign have published their monthly top 10 trending .com and .net keywords for domain names registered in English for December 2016. The lists often reflect topical news events, or even anticipated trends, although a quick scan of the keywords for December doesn't seem to offer much in the way of reflecting events.

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09 January 2017

White House IP Protection Paper Looks At Curbing Abusive Domain Name Registration

The protection of intellectual property (IP) is a growing challenge for governments and business around the world that spend a lot of time and money to protect their branded goods, copyrighted material, patented inventions and trade secrets. Often the protections are done overly zealously.

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04 January 2017

ICANN Warns Against Scam Emails Purporting To Represent Them

ICANN is warning of fraudulent phishing emails where criminals use ICANN's branding and logos, or those of a registry or registrar or other business partner.

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02 January 2017

.SHOP And .SITE Get Chinese Government Approval

Following the Chinese government approval to allow .xyz, .club and .vip domain names to be hosted in China, two more new gTLDs have gained approval - .shop and .site. Currently .site has 602,000 registrations and .shop 112,000 making then the 8th and 27th largest by registration numbers.

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23 December 2016

ICANN Tries Again For San Juan In 2018 And Adds Barcelona

ICANN is having another attempt at holding a public meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after it aborted its previous attempt scheduled for last November due to concerns regarding the Zika virus.

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22 December 2016

EURid And Europol Doing Their Bit To Clean Up Internet

EURid and Europol have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to engage in joint efforts related to fighting cybercrime, to exchange statistical data and trends pertaining to cybercrime, and to commit to cooperate on projects designed to combat cybercrime.

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19 December 2016

DENIC Celebrates 20 Years As .DE Manager

Six weeks ago it was the 30th birthday for .de and last week it was the 20th anniversary of DENIC's management of .de.

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15 December 2016

American Private Equity Firm Acquires Neustar

Golden Gate Capital, an American private equity firm, has acquired Neustar in a transaction that values the firm at approximately $2.9 billion, including debt to be refinanced. Neustar shareholders will receive $33.50 per share in cash, a premium of 45%.

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08 December 2016

Austrian ccTLD Registry Releases Remainder Of Almost 5,000 Short .AT Domains

Following a Sunrise period and an auction where more than 1,000 domain names were sold, the Austrian registry, released the remainder of the 4,965 short domains it made available to the public on 6 December at standard registration fees.

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.IT Passes 3 Million Registrations After 30 Years

The Italian ccTLD passed the 3 millionth domain under management this week with the nominal title of the 3 millionth domain going to, registered by a company from Eboli in the province of Salerno. Today there are 3,002,800 domains registered only slightly behind the tenth largest ccTLD, .fr, with 3,003,803 registrations.

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06 December 2016

EURid Winning In Battle Against .EU Illegal Activity

There has been a significant decline in the number of .eu domain names EURid has suspended and deleted due to illegal activity when comparing 2015, a record year, and 2016.

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Chinese Government Approval For .CLUB, .VIP and .XYZ Means Further Big Growth Opportunities

The Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has given official approval for the .club, .vip and .xyz new gTLDs meaning they can now apply for relevant local licenses to be hosted within the country. Previously only .com and .net operated by Verisign had this official approval.

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30 November 2016

Final Short .AT Domain Auction Concludes With 1,000 Sales For Over $1 Million

The third and final of the short domain name auction for the Austrian ccTLD .at has concluded. In the final auction was the top sale, selling for € 8,877 followed by (€8,077) and (€7,877).

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Culture Gets A New gTLD With .ART

A new gTLD for artists and art-related institutions is now live and has over 60 founders as it gets ready to launch its Sunrise period.

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