Germany Says Hackers Infiltrated Main Government Network

Posted in: Legal & Security at 02/03/2018 22:03

Hackers using highly sophisticated software penetrated the German government’s main data network, a system that was supposed to be particularly secure and is used by the chancellor’s office, ministries and the Parliament, government officials have said.

German news outlets, citing security sources, have widely blamed a Russian hacking group backed by the Russian government — either one called Snake, or another known as APT28, or Fancy Bear. But Berlin has not publicly said who was behind the attack.

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German government intranet under 'ongoing attack'
Germany’s government is dealing with an ongoing security crisis after hackers managed to access its intranet and collect confidential information, a senior lawmaker said on Thursday.

Following an emergency meeting between government officials and the Bundestag’s parliamentary control committee, CDU politician Armin Schuster confirmed reports of a “a real cyber-attack on part of the government system”, which was being treated as “an ongoing process, an ongoing attack”.

German government under cyber attack, shores up defences
Germany's government was marshalling its defences on Thursday against a powerful cyber attack that lawmakers said had breached the foreign ministry's computer network and whose origins officials admitted were still unclear.

Hack on German government network was 'technically sophisticated': minister
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Thursday that a hack on the government's computer network was technically sophisticated and planned long in advance, adding that security measures to track the origin of the attack were still ongoing.

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