Facebook personal data use and privacy settings ruled illegal by German court

Posted in: Surveillance & Privacy at 13/02/2018 08:57

Facebook’s default privacy settings and use of personal data are against German consumer law, according to a judgement handed down by a Berlin regional court.

The court found that Facebook collects and uses personal data without providing enough information to its members for them to render meaningful consent. The federation of German consumer organisations (VZBV), which brought the suit, argued that Facebook opted users in to features which it should not have.

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Facebook broke German privacy laws, court rules
Privacy rights campaigners are claiming victory over Facebook in a German legal battle.

It follows a regional court ruling that found some of the social network's data consent policies to be invalid.

The Vzbv consumer group successfully argued that five of the app's services were switched on by default, with the relevant privacy settings "hidden".

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