Hackers Put Porn In ISIS Propaganda

Posted in: Legal & Security at 28/11/2017 22:31

A group of young Iraqi hackers launched an online operation against the Islamic State this weekend by sticking pornography into the terrorist group’s propaganda.

The group called Daeshgram, a play on the word Instagram and the acronym many use for ISIS, is making ISIS supporters doubt whether they can trust the group's information channels by infiltrating messaging and media sites and spreading fake information. One of its main targets is pro-ISIS groups on the encrypted application Telegram, which is often used by ISIS supporters.

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Hackers putting porn on ISIS propaganda sites
A group of Iraqi computer hackers has launched a cyber operation against the Islamic State terror group by slipping pornographic images into its official communication channels, according to a report published this week.

Members of the hacker group, which calls itself Daeshgram (a play on an Arabic acronym many use to describe IS), told Newsweek that the goal is to show distrust among IS supporters about messages from the group’s leadership.

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