Twitter officially enables 280-character limit for all accounts, including brands

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Twitter is officially doubling its character count.

Less than two months after testing extending tweets’ maximum length to 280 characters, Twitter is enabling the new length for all users on Tuesday. The new maximum will apply to tweets in all languages except Chinese, Japanese and Korean, in which space is less of an issue.

Advertisers won’t yet be able to take advantage of the new length for ads created through Twitter’s self-serve platform, but they will be able to post 280-character-long organic tweets and run those as Promoted Tweets, said a Twitter spokesperson. Support for 280-character ads will roll out to Twitter’s self-serve platform sometime “in the coming months,” the spokesperson said.

Twitter is officially doubling the character limit to 280
It’s official. We’re going to 280. Now every Twitter user — from first-day users to President Trump — will have twice the room to share their thoughts.

Twitter confirmed Tuesday that it's doubling its well-known character count for good, after a month or so of tests trying out longer tweets.

Twitter to introduce expanded 280-character tweets for all its users
Twitter’s trial of a 280-character tweet limit is to be universally expanded, the social media network has announced.

The move comes after a limited experiment which began in September to see if a larger character count reduced “cramming” and led to users better expressing themselves.

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