Facebook Says It's Policing Fake Accounts. But They're Still Easy to Spot.

Posted in: Government & Policy at 04/11/2017 21:28

Executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google pledged to Congress this week to do more to prevent the fakery that has polluted their sites. “We understand that the people you represent expect authentic experiences when they come to our platform,” Colin Stretch, the general counsel of Facebook, told the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said the company was doubling its review staff to 20,000 and using artificial intelligence to find more “bad actors.”

Mr. Stretch, meet Keven S. Eversley. Mr. Eversley’s Facebook profile informs us that he is from Minneapolis. But a glance at the web address for his profile reveals a different name for its creator: Aleksandar Teovski. And nearly all of his Facebook friends, his family photographs, his alma mater and even his employer are in Macedonia, a center for internet fakery.

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