Available Tools Making Dent in WannaCry Encryption

Posted in: Legal & Security at 21/05/2017 22:52

Tools are beginning to emerge that can be used to start the process of recovering files encrypted by WannaCry on some Windows systems.

This takes on extra urgency because today marks one week from the initial outbreak, and files encrypted during that first wave are on the clock and close to being lost forever.

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French researchers find way to unlock WannaCry without ransom
French researchers said on Friday they had found a last-chance way for technicians to save Windows files encrypted by WannaCry, racing against a deadline as the ransomware threatens to start locking up victims' computers first infected a week ago.

WannaCry, which started to sweep round the globe last Friday and has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations, threatens to lock out victims who have not paid a sum of $300 to $600 within one week of infection.

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