One in five has experienced image based abuse, Australian research finds

Posted in: Child Protection&Online Safety at 08/05/2017 20:11

Has someone shared a naked selfie of you without your permission? If you answered yes to that question, then you're not alone.

RMIT and Monash University have just finished Australia's first ever comprehensive look at the phenomenon known as "revenge porn". The researchers think that's a bad name, because there's more to the issue than just jilted exes trying to get the upper hand.

The study found one in five Australians have experienced what researchers are now calling 'image based abuse'.

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'Revenge porn': one in five report they have been victims in Australian survey
The first comprehensive research on so-called revenge porn has shed light on the “mass scale of victimisation” across Australia and its sometimes devastating impact.

A survey of nearly 4,300 people led by RMIT University and Monash University has found that far more people – men and women – had had sexual or nude images taken or distributed without their consent, or otherwise used against them, than researchers had expected.

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