UK's net providers to begin sending 'pirate' emails

Posted in: Online TV/Music at 12/01/2017 14:11

UK ISPs are to start sending "educational letters" to customers identified as downloading copyright material without paying for it.

It is part of the UK government's attempt to crack down on piracy.

BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky have agreed to send the missives, which will be emailed rather than posted.

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UK 'Piracy Warnings' Are Coming This Month; Here's How it Works
This month UK Internet providers will start their long-awaited piracy alerts campaign. With help from copyright holders and support from the Government, ISPs will send email notifications to subscribers whose connections are allegedly being used to pirate content. Today we take a look at what's in store.

In an effort to curb online piracy, the movie and music industries reached an agreement with the UK's leading ISPs to send "educational alerts" to alleged copyright infringers.

The piracy alerts program is part of the larger Creative Content UK (CCUK) initiative which already introduced several anti-piracy PR campaigns, targeted at the general public as well as the classroom.

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