Google’s 21st-Century Empire: Countries don’t control the internet. Companies do. By Emily Taylor

Posted in: Governance at 22/11/2016 16:19

Omnes cives Googlani sumus. We are all Google citizens now. Google has colonized more countries than the Ancient Romans. In 95 percent of countries, either Google or YouTube (which, of course, is owned by Google) is the most popular website. But instead of taking hundreds of years, Google has done it in a couple of decades without firing a single shot. We were lulled into submission by the digital equivalent of "bread and circuses": cat videos and PewDiePie.

How did this happen? How can we be sure that Google and other big tech companies will safeguard our rights and freedoms like the cheerful buddies they present themselves as? What can be done to hold big tech to account?

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