Facebook is worried about users sharing less – but it only has itself to blame

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 19/04/2016 22:16

Facebook is worried that its more than one billion daily users are sharing less with one another.

It's not that we are sharing less overall; we're still sharing lots of links to news articles and commentary, cat pictures, and hilarious Vines. But instead, a dedicated team at Facebook is trying to work out why we are sharing less about ourselves.

After more than a decade of picking up "friends" - everyone from your BFF to your grandmother to that guy who lived down the hall in your dorm way back in your first year of college (what's his name again?) - we've decided that maybe we're not 100% comfortable sharing intimate details of our lives with such random and disparate groups of people. Or, maybe we're just all on Snapchat now - another major anxiety of Facebook's.

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