Dallas Buyers Club: plan to ask suspected Australian pirates to reveal incomes

Posted in: Online TV/Music at 19/06/2015 12:01

Almost 5,000 Australians accused of illegally downloading the movie Dallas Buyers Club would be asked to reveal their incomes under a Hollywood producer's plan to seek compensation for piracy.

Voltage Pictures, which won a federal court order in April forcing six Australian internet service providers to hand over details of 4,726 customers who allegedly downloaded the film, has also proposed asking what other films they have shared online.

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Dallas Buyers Club pirates to be asked about income, disabilities
The letter to be sent to alleged pirates of the film Dallas Buyers Club has been leaked, and includes questions around the pirates' income and what other titles they have downloaded.

The letter, obtained by Mashable Australia, follows a Federal Court victory by Dallas Buyers Club LLC -- the rights holders to the film of the same name -- which won a case in April against several ISPs including iiNet to obtain the details of 4,726 alleged film pirates.

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