Mayor De Blasio Makes A $70M Commitment Toward Universal Broadband In New York City

Posted in: Digital Divide at 05/05/2015 19:56

In what is one of the most prominent financial commitments that an American city government has made toward universal broadband, the De Blasio administration is committing $70 million to bring affordable high-speed Internet to city residents.

Even though cities like New York and San Francisco are at the epicenter of the country's burgeoning tech scenes, an astounding share of residents still lack access to the Internet. In New York, about one-fifth of the city's households have no Internet connection and among the poorest families, that number jumps to 36 percent. Similarly in San Francisco, about 100,000 of the city's roughly 850,000 residents don't have Internet and those disparities often fall along racial lines with African-Americans and Latinos having the poorest levels of access.

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