Why it's so hard to kill the Pirate Bay

Posted in: Online TV/Music at 16/12/2014 18:41

The notorious file sharing search site Pirate Bay has been offline since it was raided by Swedish police last week. But a limited archive of the site's content has already reappeared as "oldpiratebay.org," a site created by fans who had previously revived a version of a similar site, isoHunt.

It many ways, it seems like law enforcement is playing a futile game of whack-a-mole with file sharing sites, which often have fervent online followings even as they are accused of assisting in large-scale consumer piracy of copyrighted works: Taking one site down just causes new imitators to crop up around the Web. But to understand the hydra-like nature of this particular kind of site, things can get a little technical.

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The Pirate Bay crew has broken its silence for the first time since the site was knocked down hard by a raid in Sweden last week. The people behind the site are still considering their options and have no concrete comeback plans yet. Nevertheless, they encourage the public to keep the Kopimi spirit alive.

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