UK and Sweden may investigate 'misleading' iPad 4G advertisements

Posted in: Mobile & Wireless at 29/03/2012 15:14

Apple may be facing legal challenges in a growing number of countries for touting the "4G" capability of its new iPad. Both Sweden and the UK indicated that they have received numerous consumer complaints about the iPad, which is advertised as a 4G tablet in both countries despite not working on LTE in either.

"One may rightfully ask if the marketing of the new iPad is misleading," said Marek Andersson of the Swedish Consumer Agency, which is considering launching an investigation over whether the ads run afoul of consumer protection laws. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority, meanwhile, has told Pocket-lint that it is currently assessing complaints from consumers to "establish whether or not there is a problem under the [Advertising] Code."

To read this report in The Verge, and a similar one with more detail in the Washington Post, see:

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Sweden May Investigate Apple iPad Marketing
The Swedish Consumer Agency is considering launching an investigation into whether Apple's marketing of its new iPad is misleading.

Marek Andersson, a lawyer at the authority whose task is to safeguard consumer interests in Sweden, said the consumer agency has received several complaints from consumers over marketing which touts the new iPad as having 4G connectivity.

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