Group files FTC complaint against Google for privacy changes

Posted in: Legal & Security at 23/02/2012 16:52

[IDG] The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should force Google to halt its plan to consolidate user identities across its services and fine the company for violating an October privacy settlement with the agency, privacy group the Center for Digital Democracy said in a complaint filed Wednesday.

Google is not making the changes to its privacy policy to provide convenience to users, as it claims, but to better track them and deliver targeted advertising, the CDD complaint said. "Google has communicated its real plans to expand data targeting throughout all it services, and to better compete against Facebook, to its advertising customers," said Jeffrey Chester, CDD's executive director. "They have failed to tell the truth to consumers."

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Scrutiny Over Google Privacy Changes Shifts to States
Three dozen state attorneys general are demanding that Google CEO Larry Page meet with them to find a way to allay their concerns over the company's proposed privacy changes, which also have prompted scrutiny from Congress.

Google said last month that it would be consolidating many of its privacy policies and would track and gather data about users when they move from one Google service to another.

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