Net access: EU survey shows geographic divisions

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Almost a quarter of the European Union's citizens have never used the internet, according to official research.

The survey of 16- to 74-year olds by statistics agency Eurostat suggests 24% have never gone online.

It said that was an improvement on the 42% figure reported in 2006.

Romania topped the list, with 54% of its inhabitants classed as net-holdhouts. At the other end of the scale, Sweden's proportion was 5%.

The UK ranked sixth out of 27 states with an 11% figure.

The data suggests an internet gulf is growing between the web-friendly north and the poorer south and east.

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Report reveals Internet divide across EU
A new European Union report, which was published on Wednesday, found that 24 percent - over a 100 million people - have never gone online.

The study, was conducted by Eurostat, the EU's statistical agency, surveyed 16-to-74-year-olds and their Internet usage across the 27-nation bloc.,,15607128,00.html

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