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05 February 2016

Reds Under the Beds! Ted Cruz Afraid of Fadi Chehadé Going to China!

China is not a beacon of free speech and its World Internet Conference isn't either. It is, according to Time Magazine "one of the world's most restrictive -- girded by a complex system of self-censorship, outright filtering and blocking of major Western tech companies." But it is also very well attended with the December 2015 conference "expected to draw participants from 120 nations and regions."

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This robot keyboard will catapult Microsoft into the artificial intelligence race (Washington Post)

The humble keyboard hasn't changed much since it was first invented. Even the jump from physical keyboards to the digital ones you use on your smartphone still look virtually identical -- save for the new emoji keys we've grown accustomed to punching into a text message or tweet.

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Europe's top court mulls legality of hyperlinks to copyrighted content (Ars Technica)

Europe's highest court is considering whether every hyperlink in a Web page should be checked for potentially linking to material that infringes copyright, before it can be used. Such a legal requirement would place an unreasonable burden on anyone who uses hyperlinks, thereby destroying the Web we know and love.

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Blocking all offensive websites is impossible, says Pakistan Telecommunication Auhtority (Express Tribune)

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has finally admitted that it is virtually impossible to block all offensive websites as hundreds of sites emerge every day and even if blocked these may be accessed through proxy sites.

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04 February 2016

ICANN Controversially Rejects .GAY Community Application Again

ICANN has rejected the community application for .gay by dotgay LLC again because it wasn't deemed to be community enough. The application has been through the Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) and reconsideration processes twice.

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Melbourne man used dark web to advise paedophiles on kidnap, rape and torture, court hears (ABC News)

A Melbourne man described by the FBI as one of the world's worst paedophiles encouraged a Russian man to kidnap, rape, torture and murder a five-year-old girl, the Victorian County Court has heard.

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European Privacy Regulators Want Details on ‘Safe Harbor’ Data Deal (New York Times)

Europe's national privacy agencies demanded more details on Wednesday about whether the European Union's new data transfer agreement with the United States would adequately protect individuals' personal information.

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03 February 2016

AusRegistry: Latest Behind The Dot Examines .AU Security And Global Cyber Threats

With internet security becoming an ever growing threat and ever more important issue, the latest issue of the quarterly Behind the Dot: State of the .au Domain from AusRegistry examines these issues with a focus on .au.

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US Pharmacy Association Extends List of Not Recommended Websites, Pushes Use of .PHARMACY

The US National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) issued a report this week discussing the continued need to fight against illegal online drug sellers, as they contribute to the America's prescription opioid epidemic.

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The massive new privacy deal between U.S. and Europe, explained (Washington Post)

U.S. and European regulators have agreed to a tentative deal, officials say, that would allow thousands of U.S. companies to continue moving the personal information of ordinary Europeans across the Atlantic. The new "E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield" deal will replace the original "Safe Harbor" pact -- an agreement was struck down by Europe's top court about three months ago, sending regulators on both sides scrambling to fashion a new arrangement that could withstand a legal challenge.

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Google to divert extremist searches to anti-radicalisation websites (The Guardian)

Users of Google who put extremist-related entries into the search engine are to be directed towards anti-radicalisation links under a pilot programme, MPs have been told by an executive for the company. The initiative, aimed at countering the online influence of groups such as Islamic State, is running alongside another pilot scheme designed to make videos posted by extremists easier to identify.

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02 February 2016

Google overtakes Apple as world's most valuable listed company (The Guardian)

Google has become the world's most valuable listed company after announcing that its global revenues rose 13% to $75bn (£52bn) last year, and the group's tax rate fell to just 17%.

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WhatsApp reaches a billion monthly users (BBC News)

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now used by a billion people every month, Facebook has reported.

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01 February 2016

Microsoft Plumbs Ocean’s Depths to Test Underwater Data Center (New York Times)

Taking a page from Jules Verne, researchers at Microsoft believe the future of data centers may be under the sea. Microsoft has tested a prototype of a self-contained data center that can operate hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean, eliminating one of the technology industry's most expensive problems: the air-conditioning bill.

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New Technologies Give Government Ample Means to Track Suspects, Study Finds (New York Times)

For more than two years the F.B.I. and intelligence agencies have warned that encrypted communications are creating a "going dark" crisis that will keep them from tracking terrorists and kidnappers.

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How Europe is fighting to change tech companies' 'wrecking ball' ethics (The Observer)

Facebook, Google, Amazon and other internet behemoths are involved in a form of technological innovation that is acting as a "wrecking ball", the president of the European parliament declared in Brussels this week.

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30 January 2016

India, Egypt say no thanks to free Internet from Facebook (Washington Post)

Connecting people to the Internet is not easy in this impoverished farming district of wheat and millet fields, where working camels can be glimpsed along roads that curve through the low-slung Aravalli Hills.

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29 January 2016

YouTube wins German appeal over artists' fees (Reuters)

A German court has handed Google another legal victory over German performing rights organisation Gema, which had sought to make the company's video-sharing service YouTube pay each time users watch music videos by artists it represents.

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EU could force Google to pay more UK tax (The Guardian)

Google could be forced to pay more UK tax by the EU after officials confirmed they will look into complaints from the SNP and Labour that the tech giant's £130m settlement amounted to special treatment.

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GMO Outlays A Massive $41.5m For .SHOP

An auction for the .shop new gTLD this week ended up with GMO Registry outlaying a massive $41,501,000 to beat another six applicants including Google, Amazon and the Chinese e-commerce company Beijing Jingdong.

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InternetNZ and auDA Reveal New Look For ANZIA Awards For 2016

For the Australian and New Zealand readers, the 2016 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs) have opened for entries with what the organisers are describing as "an exciting transformation - new categories, new judges and a new look and feel."

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28 January 2016

What is the dark net, and how will it shape the future of the digital age? (ABC News)

The dark net has continued to make headlines over the last decade as a mysterious part of the internet where criminals lurk and engage in illegal activities, all from the privacy of home computers.

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27 January 2016

Google expected to reveal growth of offshore cash funds to $43bn (The Guardian)

Google is poised to confirm next week that controversial tax structures in Ireland, the Netherlands and Bermuda have boosted its offshore cash mountain to more than $43bn, figures from financial analysts suggest.

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26 January 2016

The heavy price we pay for 'free' Wi-Fi (The Conversation)

For many years, New York City has been developing a "free" public Wi-Fi project. Called LinkNYC, it is an ambitious effort to bring wireless Internet access to all of the city's residents.

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Europe's Top Digital-Privacy Watchdog Zeros In on U.S. Tech Giants (New York Times)

The latest standoff between Europe and American tech companies runs through a quiet street just north of the Louvre Museum, past chic cafes and part of the French national library, to the ornate office of Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin.

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